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Published on October 14th, 2015 | by Nicole Jekich


GeekGirlCon 2015 Recap

Favorite Convention in Seattle

geek girl con 2015

This is Luke and my third GeekGirlCon but our first time as contributors and exhibitors. This year we got to help contribute by bringing our experience as new game designers and game community organizers and playtesters to the playtestNW booth. In just two days, playtestNW saw:
– Over 75 hours of playtesting
– 13 prototypes tested by 12 different designers
– 200 feedback forms and raffle tickets handed out
24 prizes were given away to the playtesters!

It was so great to talk to all the GGC attendees and share unpublished games with them and encourage them to bring their games to playtest or find us at more events in Seattle.

geek girl con 2015

Lady Planeswalkers’ Society Teaching Magic the Gathering

A Welcoming Space

GeekGirlCon is a convention that celebrates women in media, tech, math, science and art. It is a con focused on creating a safe space where all are welcome. It is also a great con to experience and learn new games, listen to great panels and connect with people that share your same passions like games, comics and strong female characters.

Lady Planeswalkers’ Society had tables behind our booth dedicated to teaching and playing Magic the Gathering to whoever came up to their table-moms, dads, kids and teens were all playing this game all weekend. We also saw 100 Swords, Game Company No. 3, Mind the Gap Studios and Titans Tactics demoing in the gaming area. GeekGirlCon definitely loves tabletop games and the larger gaming space was full the entire weekend.

geek girl con 2015

With GGC’s focus on a friendly and accepting environment, this con is great for kids and families. Many of our playtesters were parents and their kids looking for games to play. This gave many designers to have their games playtested by younger people and received feedback and suggestions from a group of very energetic, creative, young gamers. It was a new and amazing experience!

geek girl con 2015

Panelist Achievement Unlocked!

A new experience for me this year at GGC was participating as a panelist. “Anyone Can Make Board Games (And You Should Too!)” was the title of our panel. Myself, Jon Gill (Skulldug!), Matthew Moore (Bring Your Own Book) and Tap Pribbenow (Grow) shared our experiences creating games and the different steps new designers can take to build their own game. We shared information we wish we knew before going into our projects and encouraged budding designers and hopefuls to take the next step, build their game and start testing it!

I wanted our panel to be a way to show people that you can make your game. There are many ways out there to get it done. It isn’t easy. It won’t make you a lot of money, but for those that love to create and want to make games, there is little barrier to entry.

If you want to see our presentation slides with information and links, you’ll find the slides here on GoogleDrive.

The Future of Our Hobby:

With the large presence of kids and people new to games, GeekGirlCon feels like an investment in the future of our gaming and nerdy hobbies. So many tables, panels and activities are focused on building the community and sharing passions with others in an accepting environment. I’m looking forward to being part of GeekGirlCon for many more years to come.

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