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Published on April 29th, 2017 | by Nicole Jekich


Fund It Saturday! Tabletop Day Edition!

Hello, friends! It’s the long-awaited International Tabletop Day and the internet and game stores are buzzing with tabletop games and events! Luke and I will be taking a break at home and might dig into some new Kickstarted games (like Sagrada!) later or we may tune into the Geek & Sundry live steam. What are your plans for Tabletop Day?

Enjoy our favorite Kickstarters of the week!

One Deck Dungeon: Forest of Shadows

This dungeon-exploring, simple card game is back with new character classes: Slayer, Druid, Hunter, and Warden. This all-lady team of characters will take on new monsters of the forest. Players have dice that serve as their different stats and each class has a different combination of stats. Together, 1-2 players can combine their dice and abilities to overcome the random enemies of the dungeon. The defeated enemy is used to upgrade stats or give your hero additional abilities. This is a standalone game and you can also add it to the original One Deck Dungeon. If you want to see the game in action, tune into Asmadi’s livestreams on Twitch on Mondays and Tuesdays during the campaign.

Trade & Troll:

There is a high competition among the merchants of the town to build the most profitable production line. Players will be building trade routes by connecting similar resources, stalls, and large markets tiles together and all for the purpose of getting the most coins. Other players will attempt to block the favorable routes by building their own tiles or worse, by bribing the bumbling troll of the village to interfer in your plans. Trade & Troll combines some of my favorite building mechanics like tile placement and chaining similar buildings together with multiple ways to gain victory points.
(EDIT: I just saw this campaign was canceled. I did see that the funding goal was pretty high, which is a hurdle for first-time creators, and there were some errors in shipping. Like many of their early backers, I hope they get the issues worked out and that I see this game on KS again soon. You can always follow the creator on Kickstarter to see when the campaign launches again)

Tesla vs Edison: Duel: 

This third game in the Tesla vs Edison game series is a 2 player version that takes the original game and creates an intense, dueling experience. You and a friend can finally decide one of the most electric rivalries in history. Tesla and Edison are competing in three locations (New York, New England, and Out West) to build the best electric company empire in just under an hour. You will recruit heroes, discover new technology, accept electric contracts and play to the stock market to win!

Take the Gold:

This is a simple, family-friendly take-that card game where players are trying to be the first person to collect 4 gold coins in their hand. Players will keep their hands hidden throughout the game and take turns playing cards to force their opponents to discard their hand. Take the Golf features silly and cute corgi officers, cat pirates, crocodile captains and yes, even a Kraken!


While I have plenty of minis to choose from, my collection in the 3D terrain and dungeon scenery is severely lacking. TerrainCrate is a more expensive buy-in at $75 but based on the number of pieces you will receive for the price, the pledge is worth it! The TerrainCrate features four different themed sets (Wizard’s Study, Abandoned Mine, Treasure Room, and Dungeon Debris with a handful of plastic, pre-colored minis. The bigger this campaign gets, the more miniatures backers unlock to include in the different kits. The 3d fantasy scenery in this campaign is very high-quality pieces with realistic bookshelves, bar tables, barrels, horses and everything in between.

I hope you enjoyed this list of tabletop games and products that we are currently obsessing over on Kickstarter. If you have a Kickstarter you think we should cover, please let us know in the comments or contact us on Facebook and Twitter. Please consider supporting or sharing these campaigns with friends to help these games meet their goal. We’ll be back with another Kickstarter article next week!


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came from humble beginnings as a Boise suburbanite with a love of Cranium and Trivial Pursuit. She attended an open board game day three years ago and is now an avid gamer and fantasy artist. Her interests are primarily in Dungeons & Dragons, dice placement and Roman-themed tabletop games. Nicole is also a fan of playing games that let her release her inner barbarian. Her favorite game currently is Far Space Foundry.

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