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Published on May 6th, 2016 | by Nicole Jekich


Fund It Friday! May 6th

Hello again! We’re into May and are preparing ourselves for another month of Kickstarter love to all the indie board games out there. Here are more campaigns of immersive and interesting games that could use your shares and support!

Campaign Trail:

Campaign Trail got a big face lift and streamlined their board, graphics, candidates and more to be an even better board game simulating a presidential race. We reviewed Campaign Trail back in September when it made its first Kickstarter debut and we loved it! Campaign Trail is a well-designed game about electoral politics and it doesn’t get lost in or cheesy, political cartoon spoofs. “Though the politically savvy might have a leg up at first, Campaign Trail is actually easy to learn and pick up by those new to both politics and board games.” This is just one of the lines of praise Luke and I had to say about Campaign Trail. This game is exceptionally balanced and all the different modes of play, candidate abilities and card actions (cards are multi-use in game) make Campaign Trail a very replayable and enjoyable game. It is also a great tool that teaches players about the process of gaining electoral votes and it would make a great teaching experience in schools. And guess what, backers (at any level) can nominate a school to receive donated copies of Campaign Trail after the campaign.

Blend Off!

Blend your way to victory in a competitive, real-time dice game of smoothie creation. Players roll dice to collect the fruit they need to complete smoothie recipes for customers. There are plenty of opportunities to thwart the blending plans of the 2-4 players in the game. Blend Off! also has a slowed down, junior version of their game as a way to teach kids how to play without all the distraction and frantic plays in the real time games. Players are getting . Once again the beautiful smoothie and icon art is done by the creative, powerhouse duo of Mr. Cuddington.

Space Race:

Space Race is set during the tense and competitive time of space discovery in the 1980’s. Any players who have ever wanted to be an astronaut can step up to the challenge by building the best space agency over the course of 7 rounds. Players will build their space agency by hiring great astronauts, building their grand laboratories and logging positive breakthroughs of their sophisticated space program. With over 130 cards and 58 unique art pieces, Space Race is a gorgeous display of pop art mixed with the baffling detail of space technology, history and beauty from discovery what lies beyond the stars. Space Race is a perfect, quick card game that fits into your pocket and has tons of replayability due to the different strategies that can tie the cards together. Blast off with Space Race to build the most adventurous and prestigious space program.

Thin Ice:

For those that enjoy tactical, movement-centric survival games, Thin Ice is a must try! Thin Ice, not to be confused, with the silly marble “game” of the same name, is about being the last maple standing and able to move on an ice sheet that cracks, melts and floats away each time you move. Players take turns moving around the board but each move means the ice is going to crack a bit more a potentially reveal a predator, block your path or bring you face to face with a hungry polar bear. As a big fan of Survive! Thin Ice seems to be in the same realm of tense survival and it has three different levels of difficulty!

Arena: Fury of Hellas:

Build a team of heroes and monsters of Greek legend like Medusa and Perseus in this 15 minute tableau-building game. 2-4 players are trying to build an arena team of these monsters and heroes while trying to keep the balance between those characters. Too many monsters, and your heroes get eaten. Too many heroes and they will kill your monsters. Players take turns playing a card to their arena looking to gain points at the end of the wrong and mess with your opponent’s arena. Arena: Fury of Hellas is a quick, beer and pretzels kind of card game perfect for a competitive game with friends where the strategy grows with each play through.

Epic Resort:Villain’s Vacation:

This is the first expansion for the Epic Resort game by Floodgate Games and it introduces a bunch more workers, tourists and attractions to build the best resort for the villains of a fantasy world including vampires, mad alchemists, witches and more. Epic Resort is part deck-builder, part worker placement game for 2-4 players. Players will get to expand, build and prepare the resort for some of the most foul villains. Make sure everything is perfect and try out different strategies to attract the wealthy clientele you need to make your resort a success– just watch out for the Kraken that lingers by the docks!


This game “system” brings an innovative tabletop device that beautiful creates a board using light and shadow cast through a lantern. LARK LAMP is an “experiment in play” by a video game designer looking to create an immersive and long-lasting tabletop experience. The goal is to have LARKLAMP be the central design for games. The variety will come from the different, replaceable panels around the lantern which each create different series of shadows and shapes. Each year, the designer will come up with different games to use with LARKLAMP and each game will have a bit of luck, strategy and of course will be full of wonder. This design is absolutely fascinating and calls back to the interactive, visually-compelling toys we had as kids like kaleidoscopes and View Master toys.



The Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game:

Fans of Harry Dresden and The Dresden Files have lined up to back and support this cooperative game of magic, teamwork and getting rid of all those things that go bump in the night. I’ve always enjoyed Evil Hats games especially Zeppelin Attack so new backers should rest assured that this game will be highly thematic, strategic and a lot of fun. There is content for the biggest fans but it is also accessible to gamers who don’t follow The Dresden Files. Players take on the role of Harry and his allies as they work together to solve different scenarios and work together to defeat the common enemy in a final showdown all in just 30 minutes.

I hope you enjoyed this list of tabletop games and products that we are currently obsessing over on Kickstarter. If you have a Kickstarter you think we should cover, please let us know in the comments or contact us on Facebook and Twitter. Please consider supporting or sharing these campaigns with friends to help these games meet their goal. We’ll be back with another Fund It Friday article next week!

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