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Published on May 13th, 2016 | by Nicole Jekich


Fund It Friday! May 13th

Hello Gamers! We hope that you have a weekend planned with games, friends and sunshine! Luke and I will be on the road for our first out-of-state gaming convention. We’ll be at PDX Age this Friday thru Sunday in Portland as part of playtestNW. Come say ‘hi’ and playtest some games with us including our prototype for Food Truck Champion (formerly Food Truck Frenzy).

Now enjoy these Kickstarter games that caught our attention this week including a number of gorgeously illustrated and thematic games. Please share and support these indie games before their campaign ends!


Miguel Coimbra is responsible for the gorgeous art showcasing humans in an urban apocalypse on Earth. Outlive is a worker displacement and survival game where players are fighting each other for limited resources while trying to survive the wrath of mother nature and the radiated super-creatures. Each day players will take members of their clan and scavenge for resources to take back to their underground bunker. Players will have to avoid the other players’ clans and defend their resources and territory from competitors, mutated rats and natural disasters. Best of luck!


This campaign brings a previously published game back to life with a complete artistic overhaul to make Vanuatu: Second Edition the vivid and colorful setting that lives up to this gorgeous South Pacific island. In this worker placement game, players are fishing, crafting and selling their wares to tourists while also further exploring the archipelago’s scattered islands and establishing trade with those inhabitants.

Army of Kurents:

Based on Slavic folklore, Kurents are part warriors and part animal. Wolf, Boar, Crow and Owl are the four Kurents who are battling restore their world to eternal spring and rid themselves of the eternal winter caused by the Winter Demon; however the Winter Demon is up to his usual trickery and has taken over the mind of one of the Kurents. One of the Kurents is a traitor who seeks to thwart the others’ plans and help his master. Army of Kurents features a simplistic battle system (like rock, paper, scissors) with unique character abilities and unit management. This game has almost all that it needs for its war, but Army of Kurents could definitely use some reviews and a gameplay video on its campaign page.

Dragon Hazard: The Saviors of Havinia:

Dragon Hazard is a popular Japanese cooperative miniatures board game where players are working together to defeat the large red dragon who is threatening to destroy Havinia. Players will form a team of characters, each with their own abilities and motivation for going after the dragon. The characters will travel around the country and pick up great weapons and items by raiding the dragon’s unguarded hoards and use these items in the final showdown. The game itself is already done an the funds are going to localizing the product in English. This campaign is a great way to get in on a game that currently isn’t available outside of Japan and to support and receive additional characters and expansion content.

The Golfing Dead:

Now this is the kind of zombie humor game I can support! The Golfing Dead is all about playing a final round of golf during the zombie apocalypse. Players have a 3×3 card grid of strokes that they will flip over during the course of the game. Players are trying to keep their score as low as possible to win the game, but their opponents can play action cards to mess with their strategy, take a peek at cards or even unleash a group of zombie gophers. The Golfing Dead is a silly, simple and a great re-theme of a classic abstract card game.

Ave Roma:

You are one of the many people vying for power and influence in a blossoming Roman Empire. Ave Roma has a few spins and  on the traditional worker placement game. For example the workers you place have a strength value which determines the resolution order. Players can play action cards that can influence their workers’ strength as well as build permanent bonuses for their group from their political maneuvering in the Senate. Players can enjoy over 100 cards which change the strategy each game. Play the political game, build your military strength or construct a complex economy to cement your control and influence in the golden age of Rome. I love the circle board and player boards which


Sumer is taking the strategy and innovation in board games today and applying it to video games to build a fast-paced, social and immersive strategy experience. Four Sumerian nobles compete for their goddess Inanna’s favor by collecting resources and advancing up a ziggurat to give these resources as offering to the goddess. This is a simple, digital worker placement game with competitive real-time strategies and auctions. Up to 4 players can compete in local co-op for Inanna’s favor and enjoy a highly strategic board game in 20-30 minutes. Sumer is also a great game that focuses on the little-known culture of Sumerians-the people responsible for great advances in beer making, literature and board games.

The Dangerous Sea:

If you’re looking for a new adventure, check out The Dangerous Sea: a viking-themed game of sailing and exploration. 2-4 players will manage a ship and sail the sea while managing supplies, battle enemies and forming alliances with their fellow players. The adventure game is organized in an action point system. Players will choose where to spend their actions and build a strategy around being the first to find and hold 5 runestones. Watch out for the stormy seas, ghost ships and plots from other players in The Dangerous Sea!

Mistfall: Heart of Mists:

Enter the Mists and battle the horrific monsters that await you on the other side! Mistfall: Heart of Mists is a stand alone expansion that can also be combined with the original Mistfall game (which is also available to reserve on this campaign!). Players can enjoy taking a role of a dark fantasy adventurer in this cooperative, card-based fantasy game. Even if you already have the base game, Heart of Mists is an expansion that ads more heroes, more enemies and new challenges in this world. There are a lot of great things in Mistfall that caught my attention like the variety of quests, creepy monsters and my favorite to “game feature” to champion: women characters in reasonable armor and clothing. Hurry-this campaign has just 14 days left!

I hope you enjoyed this list of tabletop games and products that we are currently obsessing over on Kickstarter. If you have a Kickstarter you think we should cover, please let us know in the comments or contact us on Facebook and Twitter. Please consider supporting or sharing these campaigns with friends to help these games meet their goal. We’ll be back with another Fund It Friday article next week!

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