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Published on June 24th, 2016 | by Nicole Jekich


Fund it Friday! June 24th

Welcome (officially) to summer time. With these nice, sunny months coming up you can find me at the grill or inside enjoying board games and air conditioning. We have a varied list of Kickstarter games this week on Fund It Friday from warring nobles and trains to political power grabs and building ecosystems. Enjoy our list and please share and support these campaigns:

Mistborn: House War:

As one of the noble houses of Luthadel, it is your duty to outwit and look out for your prestigious house by gaining resources, cutting deals with other nobles and trying to solve the growing problems of the ash-covered Final Empire. To win Mistborn: House War, players will have to impress the Lord Ruler and ensure your house’s survival during the catastrophic downfall of the Final Empire. Mistborn: House War rewards the most cunning nobles and cautious diplomats. The stretch goals look great and offer more noble houses to play and lots of upgrades to the components.


Players take on the role of a presidential candidate looking to build their factions and gain the most supporters. Statecraft offers 10 different scenarios that players can play through which slightly alters the objective, length of the game, etc. Statecraft is a well-constructed game that looks to bring interesting strategy based on the real incentives which drive the decisions that everyday politicians make. Players can develop their candidate’s platform by enacting different policies which have two different options; attract supporters which can jump to your opponent’s side if they outperform you; and use actions to sabotage your competition. Different events and emergencies will come up during the game which will test your candidate’s strategies and your preparedness. I am happy to see someone make a game about political survival with a clean art style and focus on building a strategy rather than poking fun at real-life politicians and political disasters.

Far East War:

Far East War brings the conflict between China, Korea and Japan in 1592 into a 2-4 player war game where players have the potential to rewrite history and decide which force will become the victor. The war takes place in what is now Korea players are trying to be the one to control the most of the 16 territories by the end of the game. Far East War is a war game which means players can expect a lot of troop movement, tactical positioning, gathering resources and fighting opponents. What makes this game unique are the commanders and generals which add unique abilities to help your strategy. These commanders and generals are based on the real-life people who participated in this conflict which includes a number of women too!


Greater Than Games is partnering with Board&Dice to bring Exoplanets to North America. In Exoplanets players look to create, influence and evolve life on planets. Each player will be competing with each other to terraform planets in a certain way to generate the resources needed to create life. If you were a fan of SPORE back in the day or enjoy the building in Suburbia, Exoplanets would be a great game for you.

The Duchess:

FINALLY! This campaign is getting a lot of love for good reason. Until The Duchess came along, gaming tables were limited to the very expensive custom orders that ranged anywhere from $2,000-$10,000. So as much as friends or families wanted a table, a few thousand bucks is a lot. Now with this standardized table model and enough bulk orders on Kickstarter, gamers can get this great gaming and dining table for just $700!

Dungeon Dealer:

These cards are great aides for DMs and players alike. Dungeon Dealer features different constructed decks which randomly generate rooms of dungeons. Each card is unique in each Maze, Skull or Chamber deck and players roll a d20 to randomly determine the card’s orientation. As the creator demonstrated in the opening Kickstarter video, these cards can be used to create endless combinations of dungeon rooms with plenty of monsters, traps and even bosses to throw at the party. These cards a great to pair with a dry/wet erase board to physically build out the different dungeon layouts that players come up with using Dungeon Dealer.


Ktizo is a 30 minute, easy to learn game that’s great for families and gamers. Players are looking to build up a new ecosystem on a new planet after Earth becomes uninhabitable. Players will have a hand of cards, a deck to draw from and a tableau where they will place different species and connect different food chains to earn points. The first to 100 points wins! It’s a simple draw/play cards with a focus on nature and the beautiful diversity of species that we currently have on our own planet.


SUMMIT: Mountaineering Mayhem & Killer Karma:

Will you reach the Summit?! This game recreates the competitive and life-threatening obstacles of scaling a huge snow and ice covered peak. Players are racing to the top and the are many ways to possibly fail and only one way to win: be the first to reach the top and then make the trip back down again. The game has a lot of customizable options and clever mechanics like the triangle tiles which each have different paths a player can follow along their climb. Currently Summit is a highly competitive game but there is an expansion options which is cooperative and pits all the climbers as a team against the treacherous mountain.

I hope you enjoyed this list of tabletop games and products that we are currently obsessing over on Kickstarter. If you have a Kickstarter you think we should cover, please let us know in the comments or contact us on Facebook and Twitter. Please consider supporting or sharing these campaigns with friends to help these games meet their goal. We’ll be back with another Fund It Friday article next week!

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