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Published on July 22nd, 2016 | by Nicole Jekich


Fund It Friday! July 22nd

Hello sunshine! It’s another Friday which means another set of Kickstarter campaigns that you should check out and support!

Galactic Debate:

The galactic election year is upon us! An odd mix of opinionated alien species are fielding a candidate to be the next President of the Galaxy. Players will choose an alien leader to represent and will take turns debating randomly generated topics such as: “Death Rays are Causing Galactic Warming” or “Are Humans Intelligent Enough to be Granted Citizenship”. Two candidates are randomly chosen and represent the “For” or “Against” side of the issue in a quick debate. Pandering to the other alien leaders and using a silly voices are always encouraged. The alien leader with the most votes at the end of the game wins and becomes the new President of the Galaxy! This is a silly, party game variant of imaginary debate that’s sure to let out some current political tension without losing any friendships.


I have a soft spot for cute puppy art so PUPS immediately caught my attention! As for gameplay, PUPS is a re-imagined trick-taking game and the thematic twist will help anyone, including people like me who never grew up around these classic card games, how to more instinctively bet and keep score as a trick taking game. You are training dogs in a competition and are betting how well you think the dogs you have in your hand will perform. Simple. Easy to remember! There are also great additions to help alter the difficulty of the game: an exact bet is worth more points than a minimum bet so players can choose how risky they want to play. PUPS is also a great campaign to support because you can also add a copy of Trek the National Parks: a game that shows the beauty of our national parks and encourages travel to these parks. Trek is also a Mensa Select-winning game!

Cantankerous Cats:

Well if our viewers are more cat lovers, I haven’t forgotten about you! This game cat friendly card game is all about bestowing affection on your Hoomin servant and causing mischief as a cat. The objective is to be the first cat to cause 9 points of mischief. Players will also being building up affection “shields” to protect them from upsetting the Hoomin too much from their mischief. Cantankerous Cats is a light take-that game that encourages players to be mischievous as their pet cats in real life.

Near and Far: Storytelling Board Game:

Near and Far is the gorgeous sequel to Above and Below. This new game focuses on storytelling and building a character over a campaign. Players will choose a character to start and will upgrade their skills, collect artifacts, recruit adventurers and build their personal story in a search for the lost ruin. Each game will take place on one of eleven playable maps across the city, neatly organized in a spiral bound atlas. Like all Red Raven games, Near and Far is a masterpiece of immersion, story and compelling gameplay. Your destiny awaits.


High level tournament fighting gameplay is distilled down to a simple 2 player card game in ABXY. Each player picks a team of 4 creatures. Each creature has a passive ability and special ability. Players reveal 1 0f 4 buttons simultaneously which may have trigger the effect, trigger the creature’s special ability or may prevent their opponent from a specific action. Players don’t have to track health, stats or combos. ABXY has a simple mechanic where each creature can only take two damage instances. The first successful damage flips the creature to a black and white backside of the cards. Another successful damage and that creature is out of the game. The last player with a creature standing wins! Just 4 days left to back ABXY!


The race is on in the looping, narrow and surprise dead end canals of Venice. You as a player are an esteemed gondolier looking to become the canal racing champion! To win, you must be the first gondolier to pass 5 checkpoints in a race down the changing canal pathways. At the start of the game only 3 tiles of canals are revealed so players will be revealing additional pathways and laying these tiles as the race continues. Players will need to control their speed, watch the current and maneuver to squeeze through the narrow canals of Venice.

Fate of the Elder Gods:

Greater Than Games is back with an homage to Cthulhu with a cultist placement game of spells, summoning and secrecy. Despite Cthulhu games being a property that is WAY overdone, GTG is bringing a confident game with some very interesting gameplay design and a shift in protagonists.

Players represent a cult looking to summon their unique, worshiped elder god. Players visit different areas on the fate clock board and build their influence. Players may also attract the attention of investigators who will thwart their summoning and block their personal board with elder signs. Two different ways to end the game: 1) Summon your elder god which ensures your victory or 2) A player has their board complete covered in elder signs. The player who wins in this scenario is the cult with the least elder signs on their board. Each playthrough is a different story and each cult has specialized powers and spells dependent on which elder god they worship.

I hope you enjoyed this list of tabletop games and products that we are currently obsessing over on Kickstarter. If you have a Kickstarter you think we should cover, please let us know in the comments or contact us on Facebook and Twitter. Please consider supporting or sharing these campaigns with friends to help these games meet their goal. We’ll be back with another Fund It Friday article next week!

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