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Published on February 18th, 2017 | by Nicole Jekich


Fund It Saturday! February 18th

Hurray! The flood of Kickstarter campaigns is here! I had an extensive list of some great campaigns featuring dragons, magic, monsters and even dogs! In addition, I have some great news: our own Kickstarter for Food Truck Champion launches NEXT WEEK! Look for the launch on Feb 22nd!

Now enjoy this list of Kickstarter campaigns!

Dragon Dodge:

Thanks to playtestNW, I’ve had the pleasure of playtesting Dragon Dodge in its earlier stages. This easy-to-learn, tile-based game is a challenge in keep-away from a couple of dragons! 2-4 players will control a team of two wizards that will move around the board and casting spells to alter the terrain by rotating and moving the different tiles. Each tile has four sides with one of four elemental types. Players discard the corresponding elemental cards to cross the tiles. Dragon Dodge is a fun, quick game of simple resource management and movement rules that makes it great for kids (or adult) of any age.


Ritual is a strategic tile-placement game for 2-5 players who will compete for magical dominance. The players represent wizards coming together to perform a magical ritual. As a zealous wizard confident in your skills, you will compete to dominate the magical board using a combination of tiles, runes and influence.

Campy Creatures:

Campy Creatures is a card management and secret bidding game with classic horror monsters. Each player starts the game with an identical deck of cards with an array of horror creatures looking to collect the most Mortals. A set of Mortals are drawn at the start of each turn and players will dedicate a monster face-down. Players simultaneously reveal and resolve the different monsters’ abilities which determines which Mortal they take to their score pile. Campy Creatures is a fun, quick game with gorgeous art of your favorite horror creatures: the Blob, the Mummy, Swamp Thing and many more.

Arkham Ritual:

Players take turns drawing and adding cards to their hands and passing cards to other players. In Arkham Ritual players display their hands facing outwards so other players can see each other’s hands but not their own. The game is played over a series of rounds where players try to hold onto unique, sane artifact cards (blue) and avoid having copies or red cards which reduce a player’s sanity. At the end of the game, players with sanity markers remaining survived the ritual, but it is the player with the most sanity left that wins!

Dogs Board Game:

I have been wanting a resource management game about dogs for a long time! For those that enjoy highly strategic and challenging gameplay, Dogs is a game with 3 phases that goes thru the trials of finding, treating and rescuing dogs around a city. Players will first travel around the city to pick up strays and administer treatment. Secondly players will visit different locations and play special cards to help their business and lastly, players will allocate money to their workers, food to their dogs and any other resources before preparing the board for the next round.


I hope you enjoyed this list of tabletop games and products that we are currently obsessing over on Kickstarter. If you have a Kickstarter you think we should cover, please let us know in the comments or contact us on Facebook and Twitter. Please consider supporting or sharing these campaigns with friends to help these games meet their goal. We’ll be back with another Kickstarter article next week!


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