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Published on August 19th, 2016 | by Nicole Jekich


Fund It Friday! August 19th

Hello hot days and hot nights! We have some Kickstarter campaigns that are on fire just like this August heat wave. Also if you like board game accessories, we have quite a few campaigns for game storage, shiny coins and meeples. Enjoy this week’s Fund It Friday selection:

Merchants of Araby:

If you and your friends love to haggle in games, Merchants of Araby is a game where the most conniving and opportunistic player will win. Players will represent the different princes and princesses who are competing to be the wealthiest merchant by the end of the game. Players gain wealth by sending resource-laden caravans of camels to different cities and markets across Araby. Players will establish trade relationships with merchants and allies and use virtues and magic to give them favor. Players will also need to beware of raiders which randomly attack one camel on each departing caravan. Merchants of Araby is a game where everything is negotiable: players can trade caravan space for coins, djinn magic for virtues and so on. A diverse list of characters and a magnetic box that unfolds to create the board gives this campaign even more great reasons to back it!

War Co:

War Co is a last-player-standing card game with beautiful, full-color sci fi spaceships that you and your friends use to destroy each other. 2-6 players command massive ships in the dystopian future of 2620 and wield different technologies that alter the gameplay. There are many paths to victory and players can choose whether they want to be more directly aggressive, force their opponents to lose all their cards or build up their defenses and wait out the conflict. Players can expand the game and change their strategy using the custom decks of ships and technologies. War Co has had a long journey from school yard game to Kickstarter campaign so be sure to share and support this campaign!

Fields of Green:

Leave the city life behind for greener pastures and manage your own farm in Fields of Green. In this early 20th century realistic farming setting, players draft additions for their farm like livestock, fields and facilities which builds their economic engine in game. Players will be managing their water for plants, grain for livestock and aiming to be the most efficient farmer by the end of the game. I love the art that captures all the options that players have to build their own farm. You can have a flock of geese, a field of garlic or even build a fertilizer shed.

Game of Energy:

Much like our current state of the world, Game of Energy revolves around the desperate need for building clean, green energy. Players are looking to be the most efficient with the land and minerals to produce the maximum amount of energy while keeping their impact on the environment low. This highly thematic game has players competing for a large UN contract for energy production and to win, must produce the most and cleanliest energy; however, all players are racing the clock as failure to solve the energy crisis within the allotted time will lead to drastic consequences for the earth. While theme-heavy, this tile placement game is just 45 minutes and is a challenging strategy game focused on a relevant issue.

Fantasy Coin: Legacy Gaming Coins:

Ah, the sound of victory. I’m with Fantasy Coins on this one- the immersion and satisfaction in board games is much better when playing with metal coins as opposed to cardboard disks and chits. I love the feel and look of antique-finished metal coins and as someone who collects old coins, I appreciate the stylistic differences between the many designs. This campaign funds a second printing of the 31 different coin sets!! You can get dwarf coins, historical coins and coins with dragons on them too. There are a variety of backer tiers so you can receive one set at a reasonable price or load up on all of them and receive some free goodies as you unlock more stretch goals.

Character Meeples:

Meeple Source is back with it’s seventh Kickstarter campaign to bring even more characters to their already impressive collection. Luke and I have often voiced our want for more diverse meeples and this set includes an Aztec meeple, the diverse cast of the Near and Far board game and even a pro-LGBT rainbow heart meeples. What I like about Meeple Source is there commitment to create meeples that there customers want to see – so if there is something that you really want to see on these custom pieces all you have to do is voice your opinion. There are a lot of additional treats in this campaign and desirable stretch goals to include even more meeples from your favorite games and genres.


My mind was blown watching just how many games you can fit into BITBOX’s standardized storage system. The BITBOX and BITBOX Mobile options will help gamers take the “air” or unused space out of their game boxes and easily store components and boards in a clean, segmented box designed for easy access to your favorite games without hauling around a mountain of boxes. BITBOX Mobile can carry up to 8 games while the larger BITBOX can hold up to 16 games!! BITBOX is made of cardboard which means this still doesn’t protect games well from the elements, however, the materials do make this organization system really affordable: under-$30-a-piece-affordable. This campaign has just 5 more days so make sure to support soon.

I hope you enjoyed this list of tabletop games and products that we are currently obsessing over on Kickstarter. If you have a Kickstarter you think we should cover, please let us know in the comments or contact us on Facebook and Twitter. Please consider supporting or sharing these campaigns with friends to help these games meet their goal. We’ll be back with another Fund It Friday article next week!

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