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Published on April 7th, 2017 | by Nicole Jekich


Fund It Friday! April 7th

Well, the April showers are here and I’m hoping we’ll get a break in the clouds in the next few weeks so I can take out my newly received Kickstarter games and break them in at our local game store. You may have noticed there are many high-profile Kickstarter campaigns launching now with hopes of a holiday or early 2018 release. Check out our favorite games on Kickstarter this week:

Bargain Quest!

Bargain Quest game puts you in the role of a shopkeeper in a fantasy town that is, unfortunately, under siege by orcs. The only people who stand between the orcs and destruction of your shop and the town are the classic fantasy heroes. Each hero is a class that prefers specific types of weapons and items. For example, wizards are looking for wands and magical items. Players will compete for the heroes’ money and attract them to their shop displaying their best item. These heroes are loaded with gold from previously adventures and looking to buy equipment and other helpful items to arm themselves against the orcs. The art is fantastic and I like the diverse characters and the personal charm in each of the shop designs.


The next game from Terra Nova Games brings players together over Russian nesting dolls. As an antique collector, each player is trying to own the most valuable collection by the end of the game, which takes place over multiple rounds. The dolls are placed in your personal tableau and arranged by size and set color. Matryoshka is a previously published game that is getting a reprint for a wider audience. It works well as an introductory game or ice breaker.

Lizard People: Lords of the Media:

Lizard People: Lords of the Media is a weird and funny casual card game. Prepare your wit and creativity as you will compete with your fellow players to create the most attention-grabbing headline. Players will use cards from their hand and cards from the Editor to create the headline and try to win over the approval of the Editor and a body part trophy. The first lizard person who collects a full collection of human body parts (torso, head, two arms, and the legs) wins the game!

Rise to Nobility:

This fantastic dice placement game received a lot of praise at last weekend’s Gamestorm convention. Rise to Nobility is the competitive worker placement game where peasants have a chance to become a noble. Players have different options to gain victory points from employing new settlers and going before the Stone Council to gain favor and prestige if you follow through with their demands. Rise to Nobility offers players many thematic choices to pair with their journey to victory. If you’re a fan of Cavern Tavern realm and the energetic art by The Mico, those are two more great reasons to support this Kickstarter.

Maximum Apocalypse:

Aliens, zombies, and marauders are just some of the threats that you will face while you explore and scavenge for supplies. The world is hostile and each player will be relying on their teammates to help everyone survive. Maximum Apocalypse is a rogue-like board game where players will scavenge for food and weapons; use characters with specialized abilities; and encounter multiple monsters along the way. The detailed and hardened style of the art definitely helps define Maximum Apocalypse as a challenging experience.

I hope you enjoyed this list of tabletop games and products that we are currently obsessing over on Kickstarter. If you have a Kickstarter you think we should cover, please let us know in the comments or contact us on Facebook and Twitter. Please consider supporting or sharing these campaigns with friends to help these games meet their goal. We’ll be back with another Kickstarter article next week!


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came from humble beginnings as a Boise suburbanite with a love of Cranium and Trivial Pursuit. She attended an open board game day three years ago and is now an avid gamer and fantasy artist. Her interests are primarily in Dungeons & Dragons, dice placement and Roman-themed tabletop games. Nicole is also a fan of playing games that let her release her inner barbarian. Her favorite game currently is Far Space Foundry.

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