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Published on April 22nd, 2016 | by Nicole Jekich


Fund It Friday! April 22nd

Happy Arbor Day! Today we thank the trees that we use to turn into board games. Without your sacrifice we wouldn’t have the components, rulebooks and box of our favorite board games. Here are some budding Kickstarter campaigns that could use your sharing and support after you are done planting a tree:

Time Wars: Supreme Command:

This quirky, time-traveling card game features no combat and no economy but instead has players working to rewrite history by stacking their cards. This deck-stacking mechanic can use a player’s deck and their opponents in game and these card resolve and move along a sequential timeline. Players can assemble a task force of diverse characters, use powerful items and encounter time-breaking events along the way. Supreme Command is the first in a series of soon-to-come expansions for the Time Wars universe and players can use multiple copies to expand the game and include even more players.

Expedition: The Roleplaying Card Game:

This simple, black & white roleplaying game is paired with an interactive app to let groups of gamers quickly set up and jump into a cooperative roleplaying game. All the rules are printed on the cards so any rules questions are easy to answer. The app is a great tool that is a great option if you don’t have a DM or everyone wants to be a player character in a D&D-esque game. The app is the “guide” that helps players through the different phases of combat and clean up. This is a great example of unifying roleplaying games with tech to build a great, social gaming experience. There is still plenty of story involved as players can choose different story-driven options to follow which build upon the campaign and interacts with the cards on the table. Expedition has 12 days left in its campaign and has reached its initial funding but could use some help to unlock more content like a dungeon crawl mode and custom quests that you can create.

Town Squares:

This colorful building game looks simple but has a breadth of strategy. 2-4 players will be building a town on an imaginary grid and each player will be representing a single color faction. The territory control and strategy of Town Squares has to do with the different building types, like castles, neighborhoods and sentinels, shown just by a single picture. Each turn, a player will place the top card of their deck onto the grid, trying to maximize their points. The different types of buildings will earn a player points depending on their relationship to other buildings, including their opponents’, on the board. Just 6 days left and $100 more to help this campaign reach its goal. Additional funding will help unlock different, regional-themed variations of the illustrated squares.

Battle for Sularia: Blood, Profit and Glory:

Sularia is getting its first expansion with more cards to further build upon the bloody conflict between Jotune and Synthiens. This expansion adds more, brutal character cards including more for the Mercenaries (a faction that can be in a Jotune or Synthien deck) and additional strategy cards for the two warring factions. This MTG-style game really wasn’t our cup of tea because of its land-destruction strategy; however, if you’re a fan of highly-thematic, strategic card game and don’t mind destroying each other’s resources in a quest for faction domination you should check out this campaign. Late backers to this franchise can also pick up the base game in this campaign but better do it fast–this campaign closes in 10 days.


Enjoy zeppelin and airship combat above the clouds in this steampunk game by MAGE Company and Ninja Division. This game brings an asymmetrical experience to the players: one will control the large fleet of zeppelins of the royal Grand Compact while the other players will be sky pirates looking to take down the giant. This game has a lot of impressive bits to add to the complex and competing strategy of the different factions. Players will be traveling to cities, collecting resources, hiring crew and fighting each others’ ships–and tracking the damage and ship upgrades on unique dice. AetherCaptain’s campaign also includes the Fleet of Doom expansion which adds even more ships and other card options to the game.

Shenanigans: The Musical:

This hidden role deduction game was created as a way to connect more people to classical music. In Shenanigans: The Musical, all players are part of an orchestra and there is one person in the orchestra who cannot play their instrument. This discord must not stand and the manager and other musicians will work to eradicate the nuisance. This hidden nuisance, The Artiste, is trying not to get caught and is looking for someone else to fit the blame. The other players will represent orchestra members that also may have a hidden agenda–usually a harmless ploy to get noticed or sometimes a plot more sinister. This game has a lot of replayability as there are 50+ roles in the game all of which reference the different roles and musicians that make up an orchestra.

PARSEC: Age of Colonies:

PARSEC is a 4x space age game with all the complexity and strategy you want without the clutter of tons of pieces. In a traditional 4X game fashion, players have a lot of opportunities command their fleet, build diplomatic relationship with their opponents, manage resources and colonizing the planets in the galaxy. Players can choose one of twelve factions to control and can work towards a victory by either completely controlling the space economy, colonizing the most planets or eradicating opponents by destroying their fleet. All the tech, resources, events and more are represented by the cards in game and PARSEC can fit 2-6 players. Each playset is a unique map and fits 2 players and each of the three playsets can be combined to fit the maximum players.

Toxicity: I Am Zombie RPG:

I Am Zombie the RPG is back with their Toxicity setting which is an ode to the 1970’s NYC grind house era. This RPG aims to bring that ‘old school’, dungeon crawler feel to a streamlined system and unique setting for the zombie genre. If you want to play in a different kind of zombie setting or want to see what the 1970’s underworld of zombies has in store for you, check out Toxicity. There will be plenty of sleaze, slash, and horror galore in this campaign.

I hope you enjoyed this list of tabletop games and products that we are currently obsessing over on Kickstarter. If you have a Kickstarter you think we should cover, please let us know in the comments or contact us on Facebook and Twitter. Please consider supporting or sharing these campaigns with friends to help these games meet their goal. We’ll be back with another Fund It Friday article next week!

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