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Published on April 1st, 2016 | by Nicole Jekich


Fund It Friday! April 1st: No Fooling!

Happy Fund It Friday and welcome to spring time! You may have noticed that we didn’t have a FIF last Friday…that’s because we were running around Norwescon 39: a sci-fi and fantasy convention in the SeaTac district. We volunteered as part of the playtestNW entourage and we were also 1 of 13 game designers playtesting their prototype games. We had a great time showing off Food Truck Frenzy and play testing games from local designers. We’ll be doing it all again next week at Emerald City Comic Con.

So this week’s list might be longer than normal as we have 2 weeks worth of campaigns that caught our interest. Please take a look and share these great Kickstarter games looking for support:

KETTOU: The Samurai Reflex Card Game:

Why this game hasn’t taken off is boggling my mind. This dexterity-based, two player card game centers around a slap-jack-like mechanic and players represent one of eight well-known samurai of Japan. Your samurai characters have unique abilities and hit points that will aid you, but how well you do will also rely on your lightning-fast reflexes. Players will aim to slap one of the four named kendo moves in front of them depending on the named move that was randomly called (from another non-player person or using the pre-rendered audio files). The first player to hit the correct move, will deal damage to their opponent. If you like dexterity games and need a good one-on-one mock-combat game for a party or outdoor game, KETTOU would be a good choice. Just 9 days left on this campaign!

Sub Rosa: Spies for Hire:

Players are spy masters looking to hire spies for their vast skills of manipulation. In Sub Rosa players will bid with over 6 rounds by adding their tokens to the different spies. Players can place their tokens face-down, to hide their bid, or face-up to reveal a bribe and use that spies abilities to alter the tokens already on the cards. Players must rely on bluffing and cleverly using their bids and brides to shift the game in their favor. The player who outbids others and earns the most spies will be the winner! This is a $12 micro game of 5 cards and 28 tokens that is completely language independent and free global shipping, making Sub Rosa a game that anyone in the world could easily back and add to their collection. Funds for the Kickstarter will also help improve the final art and design. Please consider sharing and supporting this first Kickstarter game by Uncanny Carboard and helping a micro game with great replayability see printing!

Watchmen of Destiny:

If you’re a fan of cute, cuddly creatures dressed in fantasy clothes and weapons, check out Watchmen of Destiny. Players are leaders looking to build an army of creatures to protect the Tree of Destiny. This quick card game fits 2-5 players and each game with different numbers of players brings a slightly different experience. Using cards from a common deck, players will build tents and hire skilled fighters from. Each skilled fighter could be of a different clan of furry creature and have a different class with a special ability that will lend to the army’s larger strategy. As the leader you are also in charge with outfitting your army with equipment and supplies to help them on their quest. Just 11 days left to support a light card game with an adorable mage owl!

Meta Games II: Joke Games that are Serious Fun!

Last year, DiceHateMe games surprised everyone with a Kickstarter campaign (launched on April Fool’s 2015) for 2 meta games that were surprisingly not a joke. Deck Building the Deck Building game and Unpub the Unpublished card games were big hits for their self-referential gameplay and theme. This year, DiceHateMe and GreaterThanGames is back with three new meta games, two of which were finalists in their meta game design contest. Enjoy Time Management the Time Management Game, Traitor Mechanic the Traitor Mechanic and their in-house creation, Trick Taking the Trick-Taking game. These companies are known for showcasing innovative design and bringing thematically-driven games to the market. Since the base mechanics are pretty obvious, I would recommend delving into the campaign further to find out which one you would like best or just get them all for $37.

The Daedalus Sentence: Escape from Space Prison:

I am a big fan of combining sci-fi games with haunting Greek myths. This cleverly named cooperative game pits a group of players against the ever-evolving labyrinth prison and mutated “minotaurs” who are hunting the players down. Players will have to rely on their skills of memory, misdirection in order to escape the prison alive and intact. The modular board of The Daedalus Sentence is the most interesting features as the labyrinth can shift and move creating an endless combination of rooms and passageways. Just 4 days left on this campaign!

Deep Wars: Blood Reef:

It has been a while since I’ve been really excited for miniatures since I’m still swimming in my Reaper Minis, but Deep Wars: Blood Reef has a very unique, underwater selection. Blood Reef is a new setting for Deep Wars’ complex miniature skirmish combat and these new minis brings a host of new creatures to their line including some nightmarish angler fish, monstrous sharks and badass Nereids. Even if you don’t want to jump head first into the miniature game, backers can still jump in a buy just the different minis sets like the shark and Nereids (and also receive a helpful painting guide) but be warned that these minis are not cheap!

Inglorious Space:

Navigate 8-bit space in a semi-cooperative tabletop game! Inglorious Space is a tactical game where players. The art, mechanics and design are all call backs to 80s and 90s arcade shooter games with an emphasis on space operas. Players will work towards getting the most money as bounty hunters and pilot their fighters around space, shoot enemies and use their special character abilities to help themselves (and others if it’s worth it!). The attack and firing is represented by clear colored cubes and the different attacks are beautifully illustrated in the opening Kickstarter video with some stop motion animation. I am really digging Inglorious Space as it is an 8bit game that has gameplay and tactical elements that are great representations of the arcade genre–it isn’t just another thematic wash of pixel art.


The Goonies: Adventure Card Game:

Heeeey Yooou Guys! This officially licensed cooperative adventure game brings together your favorite would-be heroes of Astoria, Oregon. The Goonies: Adventure Card Games lets players play as their favorite characters of The Goonies squad, hunt for buried treasure and avoid or defeat all the obstacles along your way in order to save your homes from being demolished. Players don’t take turns but work together to use 4 actions each round to get them closer to discovering treasure and then hiding the treasure at different locations. The pull on the nostalgia heart strings is strong with this game!

Card Caddy: Double Decker:

Card Caddy is back on Kickstarter with a large, double-sized and even triple-sized version. Now gamers can even more easily store and transport their card games. These look especially attractive to Magic The Gathering players who could benefit from the triple-sized version to store a complete EDH deck. The coolest feature is definitely the sliding box cover that instantly converts to your discard tray. This product is solid, practical and affordable. Please share and support as this campaign needs to hit $32K in order to unlock the triple-sized Card Caddy.

I hope you enjoyed this list of tabletop games and products that we are currently obsessing over on Kickstarter. If you have a Kickstarter you think we should cover, please let us know in the comments or contact us on Facebook and Twitter. Please consider supporting or sharing these campaigns with friends to help these games meet their goal. We’ll be back with another Fund It Friday article next week!

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