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Published on October 10th, 2014 | by Nicole Jekich


Follow Forward: Seattle Edition!

This October will officially mark my 8th year living in Seattle. I first came to this city as an aspiring artist to attend a commercial arts college and become part of the creative culture that Seattle is known for. At the moment, Seattle is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States according to the Census Bureau and small businesses, start up companies and indie developers are numerous in Seattle’s tech-centric environment. With this added attention, many of Seattle’s neighborhoods are starting to shift and change. Even with the growing pains of gentrification, the influx of wealthy tech nerds and the growing popularity of public gaming spaces and bars, the tabletop gaming and overall nerdy community in Seattle is thriving. If you’ve always wanted to live in Seattle or are planning on visiting the city for a convention or a weekend, we have some great places and sources to find gaming events and activities:

seattle weekly gaming 

Seattle Weekly:

This weekly publication covers all of the news, politics, culture and events going on around the Seattle metropolitan area. This most recent issue made me stop in my tracks on the way to work as the cover featured a martini glass filled with colorful dice and meeples. Inside, the cover story features a documented late-night excursion to two popular gaming bars: Raygun Lounge and Cafe Mox. Seeing this issue serves as both validation and more evidence showing that tabletop gaming is growing and becoming more popular than ever. Read the full article by Kelton Sears here.

Raygun Lounge, Gamma Ray Games and Ltd. Art Gallery:

These well known brands are celebrating their newly-renovated and combined space that features a gaming lounge, a retail games store and a rotating pop culture art gallery featuring everything from Lord of the Rings band posters to oil painting still lifes of Star Wars collectibles. We frequent this location to meet friends for games on a weekly basis and participate in one of the geekiest trivia nights ever on Thursdays. If you’re ever in Seattle, we’d be happy to game with you!

raygun ltd

2013 GeekGirlCon

Photo by KOMO News from GeekGirlCon 2013


This convention opens its 4th year tomorrow and it is by far my favorite convention in Seattle. GeekGirlCon is a weekend-long convention held every October in the Seattle Convention Center Annex to celebrate women in nerdy media, professions, games and more. It feels like a new breed of convention and doesn’t limit itself with a specific nerdy interest: there’s open tabletop gaming, indie developers demoing games, cosplay contests, small business vendors, hands on science and math labs, resume workshops, networking and inclusive, engaging panels. This isn’t a convention just for women- it is a celebration of women and if you’re a guy who is wants to support and enjoy the friendliest and one of the nerdiest conventions out there, I recommend you attend GeekGirlCon.

Mox Boarding House:

From the same owners as Card Kingdom and Cafe Mox you gamers in Bellevue and on the east side of Seattle will be getting your own dedicated gaming lounge. It’s going to be bigger and fancier than its Ballard cousin and will feature more, larger gaming tables and as always an impressive selection of mead. Originally the lounge was set to open in October but it will likely be delayed until November.

mox boarding



The most recent  adventure by myself and Luke is this event calendar which lists all events which avid nerds might want to check out. We list conventions, themed burlesque shows, large gaming events, cosplay, anime and cult favorite movies and theater. We are always updating the list and if there is ever an event that you’d like us to add to the calendar, please let us know via our contact page. Just a taste of the coming events in Seattle: The Music of John Williams (from Superman to Star Wars music); a six-episode screening of “Are You Afraid of the Dark?”; and in December, look out for a Game of Thrones Rave featuring Hodor as your dj!

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