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Published on February 3rd, 2014 | by Nicole Jekich


February Kickstarter Updates

2014 is well under way and games are coming out on Kickstarter in droves! We have more than just ten recommendations this month as designers and games are becoming more creative. There are many new themes some of which are pretty unusual and we like that! Here are Kickstarters that are hot for February 2014:

livestock uprising kickstarter

Livestock Uprising:

This isn’t your average farm game! Forget those games of herding sheep and breeding cows–in Livestock Uprising the animals are in control! Players build up their farm animal armies and pit them against other factions for control of the farm. It is an interesting take on classic war and farm games that I’m sure players will love.

zombie 15 kickstarter

Zombie 15′:

Lovers of Kick Ass and zombie apocalypse movies will enjoy this fast-paced zombie-killing game played in real time. Players take on the role of a resourceful, aggressive teenager who has managed to stay alive after the zombies attacked. Together four players will have to stay alive by killing zombies, finding equipment and maneuvering around the ram-shackled city. The soundtrack serves as the 15 minute countdown for the game and offers three levels of difficulty for players.

brewhaha kickstarter


Double double, toil and trouble-BrewHaha is a game to bring out the witch in all of us. Players compete to be the most feared and witchiest of all witches by brewing potions to give them power in the form of warts. The card game is meant for 2-6 ‘weird sisters’ and is great for kids and adults and will play around 30-40 mins. Most of the art is still in development but looks to have plenty of cartoony, gross fun with ingredient cards like Newt’s Eye, Dragonscale and Cat Pee.

masters of the gridiron

Masters of the Gridiron:

Sports Mogul has brought a stats-heavy sports computer simulation to a card game format for those players who want to draft and play their own professional football team. Two players will draft and pit their team against each other. Their team will feature players and stats from the 2013 season of NFL. Since this is not a licensed game, the team names and affiliations are not present for the art or packaging but I assume most players won’t mind as the game relies more on the stats and strategy of players and teams.

tortuga kickstarter


If you’re looking for a dice game with swashbuckling adventure, then be sure to take a look at Tortuga by Queen Games. The publishers of Fresco bring you a dice game for 2-4 players who want to sail the open seas, take treasure and spend their riches in the rambunctious port of Tortuga. Defend against other players looking to take your riches or try and steal another’s booty in combat!

city of iron kickstarter

City of Iron: Experts and Engines:

This is the first expansion to the City of Iron board game that launched a while back on Kickstarter. Through this campaign, newcomers to this world will be able to get the base game and expansion through this Kickstarter. Anyone who loves Castle in the Sky, Jules Verne, Steamboy and The Iron Giant will love this game that dabbles around in a world with similar technology and tropes. Players prepare for war with their robots, engineers, military leaders and brash inventions. With this new expansion players can add War Zeppelins, Steambots and an Iron Colossus to their forces!

scoville kickstarter


Have a glass of water ready, this game is about to take farming to a whole different heat! Scoville is a Euro-style farming game where players are planting, cross-breeding, harvesting and fulfilling a need for varying degrees of hot peppers. From mild to the mind-numbing peppers, players compete to gain the the most points as determined by the successful number of orders completed. While Scoville definitely falls into the usual routine of worker placement games it definitely went out of its way to bring a new theme to the table. What I also found most interesting was the creator’s way of handling issues of colorblind gamers by making the cubes different sizes.

shadowrift archfiends kickstarter

Shadowrift: Archfiends:

The poor villagers of Haventown are at the mercy of the Archfiends who have come across their realms to destroy the world. The heroes of the town are the only defense against the hoards of creatures laying siege to Haventown. Shadowrift:Archfiends is a 60-90 minute game for the bravest friends to defend a city from a various collection of horrors: lust demons, elementals, dragons, undead and metal constructs could all descend upon the town and it is up to you to defend them and close the portals.

nika kickstarter


In NIKA there are four players divided into teams of two: the team of Sparta and Thebes and the team of Athens and Messene. The teams are both trying to move their troops across the battlefield and land a unit safely in their ally’s home territory. As the game starts, players take turns moving their troops and forming phalax and other battle formations in order to take on their enemies. NIKA lacks inspiring art or gameplay and instead focuses on the variation of moves in strategical games much like chess or checkers.

how to human kickstarter

How to Human:

How to Human is a micro card game for 3-4 players with just 15 cards. Players are monsters who are trying to assimilate into the earth culture and fool everyone into thinking they are human. The idea and art came out of a recent Global Game Jam which is an annual event for game designers and challenges groups to create a tabletop or digital game in 48 hours. Support these guys in a ‘pay what you want’ format to help them further develop their Game Jam idea!

terrene odyssey kickstarter

Terrene Odyssey: Battle Card Game:

Terrene Odyssey is a gorgeous multiplayer versus battle format where two players or a two teams of two players can select a character, customize a deck and have a good ol’ showdown battle like a roleplaying combat system.  Players are characters in a fantastical world who have come across a random encounter but instead of more monsters you come against another adventuring party! Chris Solis and his team have made a casual card game perfect for newcomers with the option to make is more challenging for veteran card players. I really enjoy the art on this game as it reminds me of anime-inspired character art in the Heroes of Might and Magic video game series.

zeppelin attack kickstarter

Zeppelin Attack!

Our friends at Evil Hat Productions, the same minds behind Spirit of the Century and Fate Core, have created a deckbuilder card game set in the pulpy fantasy retro future of zeppelins, ninja monkeys and ice force fields. You will play as one of the evil masterminds of Spirit of the Century and command a zeppelin fleet. You’ll have to defend your zeppelins, send minions to do your evil bidding and fight off enemy ships!

February is a great month filled with games that would make the perfect gift for that special gamer-someone. We’d love to hear if you have more Kickstarter campaigns that we should include. Please tell us in the comments, on twitter or Facebook. Don’t forget that this is the ‘games’ edition of the Kickstarter updates posts we publish here on Across The Board Games and the ‘game accessories’ Kickstarter post will come up later this month. Happy Gaming!

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