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Published on February 17th, 2014 | by Nicole Jekich


February Kickstarter Updates Part 2

Welcome to our second line up of Kickstarter debuts in February. The games in this list are varied and diverse but all promise a great deal of fun for your friends and family. Here are even more indie games for February:


uncorked kickstarter game


Gather your wine-o friends for this adult take on Apples to Apples. 2-8 players participate in a pompous competition which involves writing the wittiest answers to describe their best describe the taste of their wine. After the responses are read allowed the marked player tries to match the words to the player. It is easiest to think of Uncorked as the classy drinking game opposite of beer pong and is for those who want to make fun of the snobbery that surrounds wine culture.

kombat kittens kickstarter page

Kombat Kittens:

Okay, I thought this meme-centric kitten fest would be corny and outdated but I was wrong. Even the collage artwork of cat pictures and illustrated armor was too cute even for me to pass up! The four customary suits of the game have been replaced by different eras of warrior kittens including barbarian, mech and samurai suits. Prepare to duel with internet kittens with 3-5 of your friends.

city kickstarter game

Ryan Smith’s City:

City is a civilization building game where players are constructing a larger and larger city by using the neighboring resources. The board starts with a couple prospectors and can end up looking like an industrialized city with roads, skyscraper and transportation. Once the resources have all been exhausted, the game ends and the players tall their buildings, roads and people to determine the most successful builder of the great city.

Airlock Kickstarter Tile Game


This versatile tile matching game is a much needed sci-fi addition to the commonly castle building genre. 2-6 players are competing to make the most efficient and creative space station out of recycled station pieces. The game lasts 3 rounds where players draft additions to their station face-up for other players to see. Luckily, Airlock offers much replayability with its gameplay variations. For a full review of the game, check out my review of Airlock that launched earlier this month!

lagoon kickstarter game

Lagoon: Land of Druids:

Lagoon lets players run around in what looks like the night-elf grand city of Darnassus in Azeroth of in magical-infested lands of Zangarmarsh. You play as druids looking to shape the destiny of the land by searching for and locating places of mystical energy and influence. This game encourages exploration and winner is determined by the majority of the energy type as foreseen in the coming destiny.

draco magi kickstarter game

Draco Magi:

Who would’ve guessed it, this game is about becoming the Dragon King! The current king  has passed away leaving the throne open for one of the Dragon Apprentices to assume the position. Players must test their skill in summoning and tactical combat while also being able to control and demonstrate their power over dragons. The battles take place around the map in battle locations. You must defeat the other players in order to earn the title of Dragon King.

oddball aeronauts kickstarter

Oddball Aeronauts:

The two player card game now without the needs of a table! The game consists of two factions of a pre-made decks: Pendragon versus Pirates. The cards are played in order and hidden from the other player. Each round the starting player can initiate maneuvers, combat or attempt to board the other players ship ; however, the second player will have an opportunity to react. The game is short and sweet and can be played pretty much anywhere: on the bus, park bench, waiting for friends or on a place. Oddball Aeronauts is also a superb example of cohesive illustration work. The characters are all anthropomorphic animal captains and crew set in a Jule’s Verne-inspired age of sail.


lineage kickstarter game


Up to 2-6 players can compete on this stunningly beautiful and complex tile board in an Eastern Asian setting. Multiple players are masters trying to train their student in the different animal combat styles while one player circles the board as the emperor looking to win the game by controlling the board and uniting the kingdoms. Even with the multiple pieces, orientations and players the board and gameplay appears complex but balanced.

heroes wanted kickstarter page

Heroes Wanted:

Players compete to become the newest addition to the Champions of Zeta by defeating villains in Zeta City. Players uniquely build their character picking a random name and superhero. Answer your call to be the best and most memorable superhero of your time. This game unfortunately lacks an equal amount of female representation but if your like pectorals, this game art has you covered.

bigfoot kickstarter


This conflict between man and bigfoot is about to be solved if a clever Cryptozoologist can put his knowledge and gizmos for the hunt! This two player game is similar to Mr. Jack pocket where a one player is the detective and the other is try to stay hidden. As the Cryptozoologist, you have a few turns to find the locations of Bigfoot’s five campsites in order to prove your discovery and win the game! The clever and crafty Bigfoot player will try to do what they have always done and stay hidden and away from the public eye.

kingdom angelic war kickstarter

Kingdom: The Angelic War Card Game:

For those that liked and played in the old World of Darkness will probably like this game. It is a two-player competitive game where players are acting out the oldest battle between good and evil as devils versus angels. The combat resolution is diceless and instead relies on a rock-paper-scissor victory mechanic based on the three elements of power: earth, air and water. While the game looks and feels very complex, the designers have plenty of video demos to help the new gamer.

There was your second set of ten Kickstarters for February featuring card games, and even a wine game. Is there a Kickstarter game that deserves to be on this list? Let us know in the comments, on Facebook or twitter.

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