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February 2016 Kickstarter Updates

We’re already eight days into February and we are in love with a quite few campaigns this month:

Villages of Valeria:

Villages of Valeria received my backer support immediately. Luke and I have worked with Daily Magic Games on their previous game Valeria: Card Kingdoms and we really enjoyed the competitive tableau-builder in a high-fantasy setting. We are excited to see this world continue in a new game! Villages of Valeria gives players a different tableau to build and players will build structures, produce resources, attract adventurers and compete with others to build the best capital city of Valeria. The gameplay reminds me of the resource generating and building of 7 Wonders except players in Villages can interact and use each others resources…assuming they have the gold to do it. There are stretch goals galore and backers are getting treated to a lot of upgrades. At just $17 for the base game this is a campaign worth jumping on right now.

Super PACS:

Speaking of tableau builders, Super PACS is your best choice on Kickstarter for a political card game for the 2016 election. Your favorite and most loathsome candidates are done up in political caricatures and you are responsible for bringing them into the executive seat by gaining the most votes, power and money from different voting groups. We received a preview copy so Click here to read the full review of Super PACS by Luke. There were some definite balance issues with the different candidate abilities but if you like take-that style card games and are looking for a ton of political cartoons, Super PACS is worth checking out. It will probably spark some great political debates during the game too as it did during our game.


Aether Captains:

This is the first game from the new partnership between MAGE Company and Ninja Division: two companies who have produced some high-quality games and components in their previous years. Aether Captains is a big box game of asymmetrical strategy: one player commands a large naval zeppelin and remaining players are cooperating sky pirates looking to take down the large vessel. The game comes with unique zeppelin and fleet minis and lots of cards and components with a steampunk theme. An interesting bit of gameplay comes down to different sets of dice which represent the different parts of the naval zeppelin that pirates can attack. Each side of the die represents the life and defense of that part of the ship, which gives players an easy way to track damage and represent the affects of combat on a large vehicle. Players will also be able to visit cities, collect resources and manage their ship and crew.

Nightmare Forest: Dead Run:

If you thought a R.O.U.S is the worst thing to run into in a creepy forest, think again. Nightmare Forest brings chilling zombie-fied creatures into a press your luck dice game of survival. Players take turns rolling dice and using their rolls to collect resources, fight off these ferocious creatures or sabotage their opponent to make them a more tempting prey. Each player will look to be the first one out to win the game. Only one person can make it back to the campsite alive in this nightmare-will it be you?



This competitive, tribe-building card game is back on Kickstarter and this time we’re going to see these orcs published! Tank is a game about collecting the largest and strongest tribe of orcs and goblins over 12 turns. Players compete each round to be the first to draft a new member to their tribe. After 12 rounds, the player with the most points wins and becomes the new Orc-Overlord. Simple, easy to learn gameplay that is great for kids and families. Tinku could definitely use some female orcs and goblins in its ranks.


Pugmire Fantasy Tabletop RPG:

Onyx Path is bringing another hit rpg to a full-color, hard cover book. Pugmire is a fantasy setting of a distant future where your characters are anthropomorphized dogs! Players can create complex characters in this streamlined rpg system and new gamers, including kids can enjoy the family-friendly content while learning about classic fantasy, conflict and adventure. Everyone including Luke and I are in love with all the different dog characters as they represent similar fantasy tropes but also bring familiar dog breeds to life in this setting. For those having difficulty wrapping their head around a fantasy rpg with dogs, the creators say, “Think Lord of the Rings meets Planet of the Apes, but with dogs.”

House Rules:

House Rules is a DIY party card game where all players are in a battle royale competition. The last person left standing will win. Besides that all other rules are made up by the players. Similar to Fluxx, players can change the rules over the course of the game to turn the game in their favor, but only 3 rules may be out at any time. Players can also create their own named weapons to attack other opponents and pierce through their defensive items. House Rules sounds like a fun game but looking over the campaign, most gamers can make this game themselves and are paying for a lot of blank materials and basic items. The big question I have is what experience are you offering that backers can’t just easily recreate with index cards and a sharpie?

Mythos Tales:

Mythos Tales combine Lovecraft with gameplay similar to the Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective and the result is a huge hit! Players work against each other or together as private investigators going after a serious case in Arkham. Players can delve into this open world by visiting and collecting information around the city by reading through constructed newspapers and using their skills to find clues to their case. This open-world style game is gaining a lot of popularity and I would love to try Mythos Tales in the future. The gameplay has a few “gamey” elements like tracking the amount of time spent on a case, but players can easily jump in and start solving crimes on the first turn.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shadows of the Past:

Cowabunga! Your favorite turtles are coming to a board game by IDW-which means lots of high-quality production has gone into this game. This is a cooperative adventure game for 2-5 players. Each player will get to be their favorite turtle (or April!) and fight their way through the Foot Clan to a final showdown with Shredder. If you’re a fan of TMNT this game will do the franchise justice, however there isn’t any reviewer feedback on the Kickstarter page. The game itself was designed by the same creator as Arkham Horror and Descent (two game I’m personally not a fan of). The standard game, stretch goals and Kickstarter exclusive April pack all start at $90–that’s a lot of pizza money.


I love seeing great artists’ work in board games and Dreamwell brings Tara McPherson’s work into a simple set collection game. In Dreamwell, players are trying to navigate the odd dreamscape environments to find a lost friend and two creature companions back. Each turn a player can try to change the field by rotating the tiles and navigating the maze to find their friend and creatures. The gameplay is very simple and players can easily jump into the game. I enjoy Dreamwell’s ability to communicate using illustrations and backgrounds with little to no text in the game.

I hope you enjoyed this list of tabletop games and products that we are currently obsessing over on Kickstarter. If I missed a campaign in this article that you feel is worth mentioning, please let me know in the comments, or contact us on Facebook and Twitter. Please consider supporting or sharing these campaigns with friends to help these games meet their goal.

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