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February 2016 Kickstarter Updates part 2

We’re counting down the rest of February on Across the Board Games with a Kickstarter Update article every week. There are so many new Kickstarters popping up that 2 KS articles a month can’t contain all the great projects! Enjoy these new campaigns and consider throwing your support toward their game or share it with a friend.

Explorers of the North Sea:

This is the third game in the trilogy of games that take place in the North Sea world where Vikings rule. This Explorers game is all about traveling back and forth in your longboats to build coastal outposts, collect livestock, raid enemy villages and build up your clan’s claim to land. Every game brings a different set up-the land and waterways are built with modular tiles at the start of each game. This Kickstarter also brings an expansion for those fans that want to play all three games back to back into a single campaign game. This Runesaga expansion gives another objective, runes, that players are trying to earn and collect over the three North Sea Games.

Corrupted Kingdoms:

Artana is back with a mish-mash of fantasy and political humor in Corrupted Kingdoms. 2-6 players compete in an action selection game where the objective is to control the fantasy senate and subvert the political process in order to benefit your evil corporation’s agenda. Hmmm, this sounds like a very relatable and familiar problem. I find the theme and gameplay are very clever  and well meshed in Corrupted Kingdoms. Players fight over influencing senate members, enacting certain bills or amendments in to law and collect outlandish gifts to showcase their misuse of wealth and power. Did I mention the leaders of these corporations are vampires, orcs, witches and dragons? Oh and each has their own special ability to use against their opponents to mess with their plans. It is always fun to play the chaotic evil characters on occasion.

Battle Arena Show:

This MOBA-esque game brings the best fighters and aggressors from all of time and space into a single combat arena to duke it out for fame and power. Battle Arena Show is all about team combat with one leader, a handful of minions, special equipment and sponsorship deals. This is an action-packed game and the first to destroy their enemy’s base wins the game! You’ll have to fight through tough Spartans, lycanthropes, fire wizards, vikings and sometimes gods. This campaign still has 15 days left–that’s plenty of time to unlock more heroes, add additional terrain obstacles (like those three tiered turrets!) and more cards. Battle Arena Show is a minis games has a lot of customization and replayability and hits a perfect 2 hour long game sweet spot.

Moviebomb Game:

Now this Moviebomb Game is nothing new–I’ve played this game with my friends many times while standing in line for concerts or as a way to play a brief round of movie trivia while on smoke breaks. The basic premise is to pick a person to start the game by listing a movie–the following player must name and actor/actress in that movie and the next person after that must name a movie that actor/actress was in, etc. This is the entire game and players that are stumped get a letter-similar to playing HORSE and showing off your basketball tricks as a kid. Moviebomb gives you a nice little package of pre-written movies, actors and actresses to use if you don’t want to come up with ideas on the fly or want a more organized trivia game.

arsenal arena comat expansion

Arsenal: Arena Combat: Centauri Belle Expansion

If you missed our coverage and the previous campaign for Arsenal: Arena Combat, feat not! This campaign for the Centauri Belle Expansion gives everyone the opportunity to jump right into this hex and chit mech combat game without much wait. The cards, art and game design are all done and the cards will ship in April: a good deal for the impatient gamer and a great way to give fans of your game a quick addition to their recently received Kickstarter game. Players can also back at a pledge level to get the original game and from the screenshots on their page, this is the most detailed and beautiful mech art I’ve seen in a tabletop game.


Anglophiles, gather round and enjoy this adventure game set in 19th century London. Play as some of your favorite characters of Victorian literature and work together to save the Queen and country before the final hour chimes on Big Ben! This is a cooperative game where players search London for clues to uncover the conspiracy before it’s too late-play as Sherlock Holmes, Wilhelmina “Mina” Harker and some other great characters (though I would love to see even more options!). If you are drooling over the board and card design, you should thank Ian O’Toole: a graphic designer and artist that is on my watch list from his previously published work on Fool’s Gold and The Gallerist.

Villains & Henchmen:

You represent one of the most despicable and powerful villains in this universe. You and your team of bad guys are looking to bust out a fellow super villain from a maximum security prison. Villains & Henchmen is a game about working together to overcome obstacles, security guards, unpredictable events and those darn superheroes. The game features a modular setup where players choose a villain archetype and randomly select a facilities card with more details on the place where the super villain is being held; details on the win and lose conditions and each unique setup for that location. The turns go quickly as players play cards, abilities and take action to accomplish their goal in an escalating super villain jail break situation.

walking dead board game

The Walking Dead: All Out War:

Now that is a cool set up of minis and terrain! This miniatures game is a semi-cooperative survival game set in The Walking Dead universe, specifically the comic book version. All your favorite characters will get to team up and fight over limited resources while trying to stay alive during the encroaching zombie infestation. For collectors of modern miniatures, zombie apocalypse games and realistic terrain, The Walking Dead: All Out War has a lot of options and thematic goodies to throw you into The Walking Dead world. All you have to do is survive.

I hope you enjoyed this list of tabletop games and products that we are currently obsessing over on Kickstarter. If you have a Kickstarter you think we should cover, please let us know in the comments or contact us on Facebook and Twitter. Please consider supporting or sharing these campaigns with friends to help these games meet their goal. We’ll be back with another Kickstarter article next week!

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