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Published on February 2nd, 2015 | by Nicole Jekich


February 2015 Kickstarter Updates

Welcome to another month of Kickstarters including some familiar faces! We have a lot of casual card games on the list and all are worth your attention.

Wizard Dodgeball:

Wizard Dodgeball comes back to Kickstarter bringing with it an updated rule book, a quick start guide and some fantastic wizard character art from an artist who has previously worked on Disney concept art. This fantasy sports game for two players is a light tactics game  and is a perfect gateway game for those looking to start playing more tactics games. Mind the Gap Studios has been all over the US at multiple game conventions to demo Wizard Dodgeball and it could use your support and sharing to get this nostalgic game to your tabletop.

Schrödinger’s Cats

This is the casual cat card game that everyone should be talking about. The female design team behind Schrödinger’s Cats created a pseudo-scientific card game where feline physicist will test their theory and try to outdo their fellow physicists by correctly finding out the number of alive versus dead cats. Play as Albert Felinestein, Sally Prride, or Neil deGrasse Tabby in this humorous game of strategy, deduction and of course, cats!

Bring Your Own Book: A Game of Borrowed Phrases:

I briefly met Matthew during the Unpub mini event last July. I saw that he had a table of playtesters who were laughing and flipping through a variety of novels and books. Now I know that Bring Your Own Book is a game where following a card prompt, such as “the name of a good craft beer”, players will pull a line from their book and share with the other players. Just like party card games, the judge determines the winner and play progresses but not after passing books to the right. BYOB is a fantastic card game where players enjoy text out of context but also share their favorite books from their collection. I will definitely have to grab this game and put my books to use!

Goblin Breakfast:

Another favorite returns to Kickstarter! Eat the most breakfast while keeping food away from your goblin opponents in Goblin Breakfast. Collect your “weapons” to defend your food hoard like a Spork, Frying Pan or the smelly, Bad Eggs. I enjoy the basic food illustrations that feature meat that looks tough, beat up and a little gross. With fantasy goblins, your meal isn’t a fancy, time consuming meal. This family game is fast-paced scramble for resources and stealing from other players. This Kickstarter now offers additional cards with more food art and a ton of different mods to change up the gameplay.

Foodtown Throwdown:

Even more food-themed games are on this list with Foodtown Throwdown: a competitive food truck business card game. Build different foods for your truck using the 59 ingredients or create classic food truck fare like hoagies, tacos, etc. The intriguing feature of Foodtown Throwdown is how players can combine different ingredients together to create odd, fusion foods: duck meat hamburger with nacho sauce or a salad with jelly beans. These odd creations along with sabotaging and trying to outshine the competition will help rocket your food truck to fame.

Space Cadets: Away Missions:

Away Missions is the third game in the Space Cadets franchise and this game will feature intense and cooperative gameplay for brave rocketeers who wish to confront the encroaching green alien menace. The game comes with a handful of different missions and pre-built character sheets for the different rocketeers. Since this is a tactical combat miniatures game there a lots of figurines, dice and action reference charts. If you are looking for retro future art of the 50s and 60s like Buck Rodgers, Space Cadets: Away Missions features plenty of bubble helmets, alien saucers and rayguns for your liking.

Exploding Kittens:

I included Exploding Kittens in this article for those of your who like The Oatmeal and want to own a fast paced Russian Roulette card game featuring Matt Inman’s grotesque humor and odd characters. Paired with two game designers and a large fan base, Exploding Kittens is the most funded game on Kickstarter ever! Last I looked it had more than $5 million in funding and 130,000 backers. Luke recently wrote an opinion article responding to the many negative knee-jerks this campaign received from many board game enthusiasts: Why Your Kickstarter Didn’t Fund in 20 Minutes.

X-Terra Space Force vs Daemonic Kingdom:

This miniatures campaign is about helping build a 3D printing minis business that will feature an ever-growing product line of high-tech, armored space forces and an invading Daemonic army that resembles the creepy and horned designs out of a Guillermo del Toro movie. Backers are choosing reward tiers that purchase a stash of points that will later be used to purchase the different figures still in production. The sleek human space armor is something that my minis collection is missing and this company looks to be producing even large more impressive models like tanks, cannons and even exoskeleton winged models.

World of Darkness: Dark Ages:

This new source book for World of Darkness will flesh out the timelines of the different game lines during tumultuous times in history across the globe. If you have ever wanted to know what is was like for a Vampire in the Tudor era, or a Werewolf in the rising gang violence of 1970’s New York or a Demon during the separation of East and West Germany, now those stories will be told. As the campaign grows larger, backers will be able to vote on additional content and timelines for their favorite games. If you only want a couple of the settings they can be added a la carte instead of having to pitch in for the whole book.

Freak Show Shuffle:

Our last game on the list is none other than a quick card game that was inspired by card game classics like go fish and old maid. Players are competing to build the best carnival by providing plenty of freak attractions (bearded lady, sword swallower, etc), games, amusement and staff. Various attractions will add to your carnival’s reputation but players will need to avoid adding certain sideshows that will hurt their reputation. The art is reminiscent of my times at the local carnival and state fairs and features a unique thematic boost to old card games.

I hope you enjoyed this list of Kickstarter campaigns for February. If you see a Kickstarter we missed that you’d like to share with us, please post a comment below or share the Kickstarter with us on Facebook or Twitter. Thank you!

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  1. Unfortunately you missed my students game. The launched their Roarstack game on Kickstarter. Its now over 200% funded. It is a creative story telling game with novel game mechanics and abstract art inkblots. It will get your creative juices flowing.

    • Thank you for sharing RoarStack with us. This looks like a unique take on storytelling using Rorschach ink blots. I will share this game with our followers on Twitter to help spread the word. Congratulations on the 200% funding! I wish you and your student the best with the continuing campaign.

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