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Published on February 16th, 2015 | by Nicole Jekich


February 2015 Kickstarter Updates part 2

Kickstarter is alive this week with many unique games and inspiring creator stories. Check out some more recommended Kickstarters for February 2015:

How to Serve Man:

The food…it’s PEOPLE! In this cosmic cooking game, players take on the roles of alien chefs who are competing in the Space Kitchen Arena. This is the first game by Gateway Games and as their company name suggests, How to Serve Man is a light worker placement game looking to bring more new gamers into the hobby. I really enjoyed seeing the event deck which is triggered once a player serves a dish to a judge-the events simulate the unpredictable issues that could occurs in competitive kitchens set in space.

Fujian Trader:

The inspiration for Fujian Trader came about after the designer came across the Selden map: a rare 17th century Chinese trading map which showcased more than 100 trade routes in Chine during the prosperous Ming Dynasty. The gorgeous map has been re-purposed and used as the centerpiece in a gateway strategy game about establishing trade and moving goods from across the globe. The game is centered around establishing a profitable trade and navigating around randomly drawn events and an invading army. For you history buffs and those looking for a trading-based game outside of Europe, Fujian Trader will be a great addition to your collection.

Aether Magic:

It’s the Festival of Aether and the best mages are in one place to showcase their talents of mastering the raw Aether energy. Mages compete with each other in a series of rounds pulling raw Aether from the Aether Portal to cast spells which will impress their audience at the Festival. This magical card game is great for 3-6 players and the featured art is from none other than colorful character illustrator, Jacqui Davis. This is Happy Mitten’s first game but this trio has been around for a couple years and have been engaging the board game community with their insighful podcast and blog.

Don’t Turn Your Back:

For anyone looking for a good, scary game, I recommend picking up this new card game by Eric Vogel based on the Don’t Rest Your Head RPG. The video and art definitely sends chills down my spine. This is a cutthroat survival game where players find themselves awake in the city of Nightmares. Combining worker placement with deck building gameplay features, players will visit the different horrific realms in an attempt to manipulate and betray their way back to the real world. Only one of you will be able to make it. We enjoyed Eric’s innovative take on the deck builder in Zeppelin Attack from the Spirited Century RPG, so we expect that this game will be true to the source material and a lot of fun to play!


Capture was designed by a gamer who enjoyed the classic family strategy games like Stratego and Risk. With the help of Game Salute, this game is coming to Kickstarter after 30 years. Two players or a team of two compete in this roll and move strategy game across a gigantic board. Players fight for treasures and control of the board by capturing players, and releasing your own allies from the opponent’s dungeon. The best part? There are working catapult figurines which players can used to attack their opponents with bolders!

Ghostbusters: The Board Game:

This game is making waves in the community and across my social media pages. I have an equal number of voices on both sides of the fence spewing words of distrust and praise. I can understand having excitement over a licensed franchise, but I’m doubting the actual value of this as a game. Cryptozoic is a well-established company who has made many games in the past most of which are not very exciting. There is a severe lack of information about how this game actually plays. Half of the video is spliced together Ghostbusters movie footage. The campaign and game looks very shiny on the surface but doesn’t reveal enough of the product to convince gamers that this is a worthy purchase…especially when your game is $80. At least have a ‘how to play’ video!

Resource & Character Meeple Upgrade Kits for Popular Games

Meeple Source is back with a campaign dedicated to upgrading cardboard or cubed components into dynamic-shaped meeples. There are a number of kits available and yes there is an option to buy all of them if you want. There are kits for Pandemic (player characters and germ strains), Power Grid, Lords of Waterdeep and more.  I’ve criticized the lack of female and people of color fantasy races meeples from Meeple Source in the past. The selection in this Kickstarter has improved from past campaigns as many more women are prominent among the figures. Still there is little representation of people of color.

Empires: Age of Discovery:

This is a reprinting of a game that has been hard to get for the last 7 years. This game on the Top 50 Strategy Games list on BGG, is all about colonial power seeking in the New World. This 4x game is pack full of pieces (over 500 pieces) and features complex strategy worth a whole day of fun. If you’re looking for a big box game Empires: Age of Discovery is well-liked and well-praised.

5th Land:

In a post-apocalyptic future, humans are surviving on the remnants of land. The year is 2099 and the polar ice caps have melted away long ago, rising the sea level of the Earth and flooding most available land. Humans are constantly struggling to maintain shelter on land, fighting for territory, food and other resources. They are organized into different modern clans named for Greek gods. Reviewers are saying 5th Land brings together combat, resource management and tactical position and planning in a complex experience with a ton of replayability. A harsh environment makes for strenuous alliances with your opponents.

I hope you enjoyed this second list of Kickstarter campaigns for February. If you see a Kickstarter we missed that you’d like to share with us, please post a comment below or share the Kickstarter with us on Facebook or Twitter. Thank you!

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