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Published on December 2nd, 2013 | by Nicole Jekich

December Kickstarter Updates

Brrr, who wants to window shop outside or line up for early-bird sales when you can browse Kickstarter in your pajamas on your coach with a hot cup of coffee? Welcome to the Kickstarter update for December where the games are varied with boards, cards and even some papercraft elements. Christmas isn’t the only time for presents! Most of these games will be shipping after the new year and arriving just as the snow begins to melt.

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Roll Through the Ages Iron Age


Roll Through the Ages: Iron Age

One of my favorite board-game-turn-dice-game has now released a second stand-alone expansion called The Iron Age. The base dice game gains more updated infrastructures to build and the added Fate die, a bonus that lets players alter their die results. Looks like more of the same, which is great if you like the dice game and love Rome; but if you’re looking for something new and exciting, this game may disappoint.


The idea behind wands is pretty spectacular. The creator wanted to combine UNO, Magic the Gathering and LARPing to create a card game that is easy to learn with a fantasy theme which also appeals to gamers young and old. Art direction features a chibi-rendition of characters and allows a multiplayer card game (fits 2-5 players) to take a lot less time than Magic.


Machina Arcana Board Game Kickstarter

Machina Arcana:

A Cthluhu mythos inspired game, Machina Arcana is a cooperative horror game for Steampunk adventures. Take your players and venture into the frozen wastes on a journey exploring a trap and treasure filled dungeon full of monsters of great horror. If you’re obsessed with Steampunk, Machina Arcana is a great and well-fleshed out example of the genre.


A quick card game for 2-4 players, perfect to play over a cup of tea or at down timethat Pride and Prejudice marathon. Elevenses is an interactive card game for everyone’s inner high society socialite. Players are competing for points by serving the the best additions to the tea party, but only one card of each addition can be on the table at once. For example biscuits are a perfect compliment to the meal, but only one player can have the card active at a time. Scoring happens once tea is served aka the Elevenses cards is revealed. Timing is crucial in Elvenses but the game is quick and length of rounds is controlled by the players.


Viking Horde Kickstarter Board Papercraft GameViking Horde: A Paper-Craft Game:

And now for something completely different. Viking Horde is a war game battle featuring paper-craft viking ships, forces and rewards. The creators boast easy assembly without fumbling with staples and tape–also backers can gain access to the print and play files so both gamers and papercraft enthusiasts can make the assets whether for gameplay or to display. The colorful designs and simplistic gameplay is perfect for kids.


A fast-paced competitive card game where each player tries to be the last sane one left alive in a competition of horror and madness. One of my favorite horror games, Mansions of Madness, has a madness counter system where a player who loses all sanity begins to actively work for the Old Gods. I’m excited to see Bedlam take that idea and make a casual card game featuring 180 unique cards and scenarios.


Argent the Consortium Card Board Game Kickstarter

Argent: The Consortium:

Players compete is this high-fantasy-magic setting to win the nomination and position of Chancellor of the Consortium. Players take turns to figure out which criteria the judges are looking for and work towards meeting those qualifications by swaying the votes of the Consortium through spells and popularity; but the other players are trying to do the same! Argent: The Consortium is a Eurogame/Ameritrash mashup and should attract those looking for a lengthy game with highly competitive gameplay.


SOS Titanic Board Game Kickstarter

SOS Titanic:

Get those Celine Dion albums ready, this US Import from Game Salute has players rushing to save the passengers from the sinking Titanic. While the gameplay isn’t real-time there are stages of the game where certain levels of the ship become inaccessible so plan your rescue mission with your players carefully!

Lexicons of Dueling French Rapier:

The second card deck from The Lexicons of Dueling, this addition features moves, stances and more for the French Rapier (the classiest dueling weapon, in my opinion). The gameplay isn’t really explained in the Kickstarter but it seems to be a fast paced game and can be used against their first deck: the English Longsword. The cards are well-researched and use actual moves for dueling. What I enjoy most is their choice to feature a single new artist for each dueling deck to keep the style consistent for each weapon.


Pathfinder Dice Arena Board Game Kickstarter

 Pathfinder: Dice Arena:

Paizo follows up its highly-successful card game with a competitive dice game feature the iconic players of Pathfinder battling it out in winner-take-all arena battle. Each iconic character comes with unique powers and a deck of equipment and abilities to use in the gameplay. Attack and defend using custom dice and work towards becoming the last hero standing.

Krosmaster Arena: Frigost Expansion:

The first expansion to the widely-popular chibi turn-based dungeon crawl Krostmaster Arena comes to Kickstarter- winter is coming to these adorable characters. Are you ready? This game comes with new monsters, character rewards, bosses and 3D components. Their Kickstarter also lets you throw in for the base game, Frigost expansion, Duel Deck mini game and stretch goals for $145.

Dungeon Duelers:

Players have captured wild monsters known as Duelers using a Soul Stone and now seek glory and riches by competing in tournaments or adventuring into mysterious dungeons. Dungeon Duelers offers two different games to test your monster’s combat skills: the first is an arena and is a competitive game and the second is a dungeon where other players and their Duelers go exploring for riches. I love the idea to take a personalized character or creature and bring it across a couple different gaming experiences. I’m looking forward to see what Medieval Man Studio has in mind for more monsters or perhaps more gaming expansions.


Grab some more hot cocoa and climb back under the blankets. Donating to independent developers Kickstarter never felt so satisfying. If there are more games that you’d like to see in our Kickstarter update articles, please let us know in the comments, on Twitter or through our Facebook page. If you all bug me enough I’ll probably write a second Kickstarter update for December because, hey, this is the season for giving right?! If you have a Kickstarter game that you’d like us to review please email me at nicolejekich(at)yahoo(dot)com. Happy Holidays everyone!

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