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December 2015 Kickstarter Updates

Brrr, welcome to December everyone. As we enter into the last month of 2015, we are ecstatic for what the new year has in store. We are also interested to see Kickstarters that are active through this month that decided to boldly weather this financially competitive season. There are a lot of great projects here that you shouldn’t miss. Take a break, pour yourself a warm cup of coffee and enjoy these 10 Kickstarters that caught our eye.


Triple Ace Games are known for their lighthearted themes and gameplay set around a friendly competition of like-minded characters (Rocket Race, Halfling Feast). In Cadaver the players represent competing necromancers who have decided to pool their knowledge and reagents together to raise as many of the dead as possible. This dastardly deed requires ancient knowledge on scrolls and other items like potions. The player who raises the most bodies after the last round wins. Cadaver is a quick, set collection-style card game that plays in 15-20 mins, features beautiful painterly art and even has a demo digital version on the newly formed Tabletopia!

Roll Player:

Roll Player is an accessible fantasy adventure game where players building a roleplaying character by drafting dice for their stats, buy equipment and train to gain helpful skills to use throughout the game. The game brings over 70 dice to play with and reviewers are praising Roll Player’s ability to bring interesting and thematically-driven gameplay decisions in a compact dice game. Players are competing to gain the most reputation by the end of the game and do so by efficiently allotting dice to accomplish certain premade backstories and moral alignment. The art is nearly finished and the play testing is done–all they need is more backers to hit their $35K goal in 8 days.

Breaker Blocks:

This 2 player game is a fast, abstract strategy game of building circuits and attempting to overwhelm your opponent. There are three circuits to start the game and each player has 4 inputs total. The strategy comes from using your power tiles to control a majority of the tiles by the game’s end. Players can use action tiles, rearrange outer tiles and look to outplay their opponent. This game is made entirely by one designer who has a love of making games and creating components using his laser cutter. All the Breaker Blocks’ will be handmade and distributed by a dedicated guy who wants to bring a simple, portable and durable strategy game to a larger audience of gamers.

Perdition’s Mouth: Abyssal Rift:

This dark and creepy dungeon crawler comes from dedicated board game designers who brought you Arkham Horror and Descent. These partners are looking to bring a new dungeon crawl experience with Perdition’s Mouth where gameplay features minimized luck-driven mechanics (no dice!) and interesting character ability choices on character rondel wheels. This game relies on intense cooperative gameplay between dedicated adventurers looking to fend off the ruthless insectoid creatures as they delve deeper and deeper into the dungeon. Players can expect a lot of replayability with the variety of monsters, treasures, maps, characters and scenarios available to customize your experience. If you’re looking for a gritty dungeon delve experience with immersive and tactical decisions, Perdition’s Mouth is one to add to your collection.

Secret Hitler:

The latest game from Max Temkin (Cards Against Humanity, Slap .45) and his team of designers is a clever, engaging and politically-themed social deduction game. Secret Hitler is a competitive game of hidden roles where the group of 5-10 players is divided into the facists and the liberals. If you are familiar with The Resistance, Werewolf-type games, Secret Hitler is an improved experience with political humor and rhetoric at the center of its theme. Facists and Liberals are looking to elect representatives and pass laws to support their side; however, everyone is working in secret and players will work to find out who is on what side. Secret Hitler features quicker gameplay, limits player elimination and IMO a creates a more clear and thematic goal that the different teams can easily understand. Many players and game designers are supporting this game and praise how great Secret Hitler is at improving this genre of party game.

Arcadia Quest: Inferno:

This stand alone miniatures game is a follow up to the widely successful Arcadia Quest. New heroes, minis, campaigns, monsters and loot fill this new game set in the bowels of a lava-bubbling inferno. As players work together to descend the infernal dungeon they will collect magical items, weapons, and followers which characters can use in combination with their unique abilities and hopefully bring their guild to victory. There are a lot of fun elements to this game that gives players the ability to build their character and campaign. Players can free the trapped angels and add them to their party or bring additional firepower by dabbling in the Damnation power which will have consequences for dealing with forbidden arts. This game is compatible with the other Arcadia games and further expands on the beautiful world and highly detailed chibi minis of this franchise.

The Banner Saga Warbands:

Banner Saga Warbands is a licensed game based on the successful, previously-Kickstarted tactical video game. Now the creators are bringing their beautiful setting of war, tactics and the consequences to a tabletop format. The board game brings a short 10 minute tactical skirmish cooperative game for 2-4 players. Each player controls a warband and must lead them to victory and overcome thematic obstacles like events during the game. Backers can look forward to the Banner Saga’s unique characters in detail miniature sculpts and exclusive Kickstarter content. Just as in the digital game, players will experience the importance and necessity of working together and forming bonds in order to survive. Just 2 days left to support this campaign!


Players control a unique ant colony faction with the goal of preparing the harvest and colony before the winter season. Each ant colony has a different preparedness goal and each have specific strengths that will help them in different aspects of the game. With over 70 ant miniatures, BrilliAnts is a big game with a lot of pieces but has different tiers of rules’ complexity so that event kids can play this game. Players will need to harvest food, avoid predators, construct new tunnels and keep up with the everyday demands and unexpected surprises during the game. The food resources are scarce and players will be competing with the other colonies to come out on top and survive another season.


This is a gorgeously illustrated worker placement game allows players to compete with each other in capturing and breeding powerful dragons. There are a lot of customizable options in Simurgh allowing players a deep, strategic game where they can use unique dragon powers, use ancient magic and collect powerful allies in different combinations to strengthen their reputation and power as a Dragonlord. Thanks to their many backers, players can add a wizard to the game, a spell book and additional board and cards to further expand Simurgh’s immersive fantasy experience.

Cibola & Woodlands:

This Kickstarter campaign shares two, quick card games for 2-4 players in two very different colorful and engaging settings. Cibola is a race between players or teams of players to find the Seven Cities of Gold and unlock all their ancient statues with their respective keys before the other player(s) do the same. Woodlands is a competitive card game where woodland creatures are defending their burrow from invasion by other animals. Players will look to play out the battles between the creatures and hope to keep an allegiance to a winning clan in order to win the game.

I hope you enjoyed this list of tabletop games and products that we are currently obsessing over on Kickstarter. If I missed a campaign in this article that you feel is worth mentioning, please let me know in the comments, or contact us on Facebook and Twitter. Happy Gaming!

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