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Published on December 1st, 2014 | by Nicole Jekich


December 2014 Kickstarter Updates

Happy December friends and gamers! We are changing our approach to Kickstarter Update articles. We will still link to Kickstarters and share their campaign videos embedded in the article and give a brief explanation of the game and why we think it is worth checking out. If there is a detail whether it’s a reward level, interesting theme, gameplay or component that we feel is very unique, we will make sure to note that detail at the end of our blurb. We want to help showcase the unique elements that indie designers and companies are bringing to Kickstarter. Also if there is an issue or something that we find odd or lacking in the Kickstarter, game description, etc, we will make sure to mention that as well. We also aim to provide critical feedback as consumers and gamers ourselves for designers to help their game and Kickstarter be as clear and engaging as possible. Now, here are your unique list of Kickstarters for December:

Dragon Racer:

Players are one of the few who have mastered the technique of rider dragons. 2-4 riders compete in different tracks to be the fastest dragon racer on one of the 4 distinct dragon types. Each different dragon type features different abilities and strengths shown in their varying design. At this stage of the campaign stretch goals included at the $29 AUD level features more gorgeous dragon artwork, cards and even a free digital art book. Unique Features: Dragons fly faster if they have more cheering fans in the game which is a great non-violent motivator and is much different from the usual use of upgraded items in other racing games.

Captain’s Wager:

Bluffing and hand management gameplay galore in this competitive card game for the bravest sky captains. Each player represents one of the 5 pirate clans of New Britain, one of the many floating, magical cities in the sky. Treasure and glory await the most bold captain who needs to gather and unite hard-working orphans, opportunistic aristocrats and mechanical beasts under their clan’s banner. Captain’s Wager features a thoroughly-explored setting which is not usually seen in a casual card game. Most Unique Feature: The theme is a seamlessly blended combination of pirates and steampunk genres. The tech isn’t just gears stuck on items with Victorian clothing. I feel each character and class from the orphan deckhand and hired thief to the jewel-covered aristocrat to the steam-powered dragon monster are well executed and while they are drastically different characters, they were designed to fit well in one setting.

Raid & Trade:

There are just a couple days left on this Kickstarter campaign so if you want to support a gritty, cartoony post-apocalyptic adventure game, do it now! The Third World War left the entire world in shambles. Surviving humans pooled their resources into one city and walled it off from the rest of the world. This Golden City is the prize but to earn entry and to become a citizen. To do so, a character must work for the city and complete quests to earn their favor; become and expert by raising their skill in a certain area or become a noble. Players with differing skills are competing for citizenship with other wanting outcasts and each has a detailed motivation for wanting to enter (or not enter) the Golden City. Most Unique Features: There are no zombies or corrupted part members in this survival game. Characters find themselves in a much more believable conflict of fighting for resources in order to gain entry into a city and escape the poverty and threat of living outside the walls. Raid & Trade also gets two thumbs up from me for its art style and consistency. If you’re familiar with Zombie 15 or Zombicide, this game is a another great example of exaggerated proportions and color with all the bad-ass and gritty characteristics found in survival games: guns,  tattoos, and untied shoelaces.


The Demise of Dr. Frankenstein:

The villagers are scared and restless. They soon will be coming for you with the intention to destroy your lab and your life’s work. With little time to spare, players must cause as much havok as possible. Bribe villagers, put Igor to work and make sure your grave robber finds a suitable bodies for your experiments. Players are competing to leave the most grim and scientific legacy behind hoping to continue their experiments for as long as possible by cleverly diverting the mobs and ire of the townsfolk to your opponents. Most Unique Feature: Players will be literally piecing together Frankenstein-type monsters with thick jigsaw pieces. The pieces are not shaped like the art on the creature cards unfortunately but putting together arms, legs and torso or a creature does make me feel a lot more like the crazed Frankenstein scientist.

MIND: The Fall of Paradise:

The level of detail in MIND is astounding. The winding board illustrates the solar system where rebel fighters will be working against the MIND: an AI charged with keeping order in the system and District 15 by gathering resources, securing defenses and controlling robot influence. Up to three players will participate as the resistance who gather weapons, equipment and citizens to join their cause while also expanding outward to various moons, asteroids and planets to start up colonies to help the human population survive this conflict against MIND and the machines. So Many Unique Features: I don’t think I can find just one great thing to say about MIND. The gameplay looks rich and crunchy featuring macro and mico actions to affect the conflict. Rebel leaders are playing a different game focused on roleplaying, skills and gathering resources while the player control MIND worries about resource management and controlling key robots. The minis as shown on Kickstarter are highly-detailed science fiction pods and robots with a grandiose design. Want more opinions? MIND reached the #5 spot on the Hotness List on BGG.

Funemployed:Second Edition:

Going into its second printing Funemployed is the satirical job application party game. As someone who has had many different day jobs and has worked way too many retail jobs during the Christmas season, I enjoy a game willing take the unfun task of job hunting and spin it around into a creative and humorous bidding experience. Gameplay includes convincing the employer to hire your for their odd job by apply your wide range of bizarre skills not normally found on a resume. Unique Feature: Funemployed is proof that to be a funny party game aimed at poking fun at the real world, a game doesn’t have to be racy and taboo-breaking like Cards Against Humanity. The creativity of the game comes from your pitch: convincing the employer you’re the best person for their superhero position because of your British accent, Sad childhood, trust fund and even more hilarious qualifications.

Fireteam Zero:

“Uncle Sam sent us to destroy that cup and I’ll be damned if a dark hole full of monsters is going to stop us.” That’s a quote to help get you in the mood for the dangerous mission you will undertake in this game. You and the other players are a unique fighting force, Fireteam Zero, sent to uncover a dangerous artifact in an alternate World War II setting. You work for Division Zero: a top secret organization used to investigate these artifacts and occult and to keep anything that could be a dangerous weapon, out of the Axis forces. I couldn’t stop listening to the Kickstarter campaign video. I was so enthralled with the narration and the story laid out like a comic book. The setting has character and drama and the crustacean-like creatures are grotesque. As players on the Fireteam Zero, you must cooperate and combine your tactical knowledge to survive as a squad.  Unique Feature: The gameplay is divided into 3 Acts each with requirements players need to meet before moving onto the next.


Gather 2-6 of your friends for an epic battle against Loki and the coming Ragnarok. Choose your viking hero and gain a legendary artifacts and equally strong allies for the tough group battle ahead. Loki will send his minions and creatures but you are representing the Norse gods’ favor and support to beat back the Ragnarok a little bit longer. It is said that RUNECAST is a great introductory combat dice rolling games and features the same team-focused combat like Sentinels of the Multiverse. I enjoy true cooperative games and enjoy when more thematic varieties featuring a slightly different gameplay approach are on Kickstarter.


Did you see a Kickstarter campaign that you feel should be on this list? Please let us know in the comments, on Facebook or contact us on Twitter. Thank you!

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