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Published on October 13th, 2014 | by Nicole Jekich


What Did We Play at GeekGirlCon?

Hello Everyone!

Luke and I had an amazing time at the 4th annual GeekGirlCon: a con dedicated to celebrating women in media, science, math and more! Just like all nerd conventions in Seattle, there was plenty of gaming going on and the freeplay area was always packed. Since we spent the majority of the weekend playing games, we have a ton of game reviews coming up in the following weeks including new titles, previews of Kickstarter games and some indie games as well!

Here are just a couple photos sure to whet your gaming appetite:

Seasons at Cafe Mox:


We took our friend Paul, a Florida transplant looking to explore all the nerdy events Seattle has to offer, to Cafe Mox and Card Kingdom for the first time. It was definitely the biggest tabletop gaming store he had ever been in and the first to have a cafe with such tasty foods and pumpkin beers on tap. We enjoyed a nice game of Seasons where I played this pumpkin-head character and survived the 3 years gathering energy and crystals.

We Almost Escaped the Monster Mansion:

monster mansion

Keeping our Kickstarter reviews coming, look out for our review of Monster Mansion this week. This is a real-time, semi-cooperative dungeon delving game. Our characters did not make a great escape from the monsters and trapped rooms but the challenge was a lot of fun. If you’re interested in checking out their Kickstarter before our review, please visit their campaign here.


Talk Like a Zombie:

We stopped by the indie games demo area at GeekGirlCon to find Pete of Mind the Gap Studios demoing Wizard Dodgeball and his latest game ZtoZ which will be live on Kickstarter later today  is on Kickstarter now. ZtoZ is a light-hearted zombie survival game for a party or large group and we recommended it as one of our favorite zombie games to play!

Love Letter

Did You Get My Letter?

We finally played Love Letter by AEG. It is a classic chance and trick-taking game about getting your love letter closests to the princess. We played with the re-skinned version featuring Legend of the Five Rings characters and theme but there will soon to be more options available like Adventure Time, The Hobbit and Downton Abbey from AEG and Cryptozoic.

My Lords and Ladies of the Ball:

belle of the ball

These are just a sampling of the guests of honor which you can invite to your fancy parties in Belle of the Ball designed by Daniel Solis and the team at Dice Hate Me Games. This was a Kickstarter game from last year and is a crowd pleaser. This game also has tons of bonus points in our book for having an ethnically diverse group of characters and featuring lots of ladies which drew attention from GeekGirlCon attendees.









We hope your weekend was full of games too! We can’t wait to share our thoughts on these games so look for a review on Wednesday and until then, Happy Gaming!

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