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Published on March 9th, 2017 | by Nicole Jekich


Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble

Our Review of Cauldron Master Now on Kickstarter

Cauldron Master came to us from Alley Cat Games: the same team behind Lab Wars. Cauldron Master shares a similar mechanic with Lab Wars in that players rely on secretly selecting and revealing their action card each turn and using their action card to collect the desired cards from a line up. In this quick game, players will be collecting ingredients and distributing the ingredients into the three different cauldrons in their tableau. Each time a player completes a recipe as indicated by their cauldron, they discard those used cards and tally their spell points. The player with the most spell points at the end of the game wins!

The cards and images you see in our post is from a prototype copy, which does not represent final production quality. 

cauldron master

Brew Up Something Special

I feel swept into a dark realm of witchcraft and potion making when picking up Cauldron Master. While the gameplay is light and easy to pick up, each and every character, ingredient and steaming cauldron was created with the twisted and beautiful gothic art style of IrenHorrors that brings the game together in a unified theme.

Cauldron Master is a fast-paced collection game where players will secretly bid for ingredients by playing ranked witch cards. Each witch card (with a rank 1-5) want certain ingredients based on their “color” classification. These different colors represent that ingredient’s rarity. Green is common. Orange is Uncommon. Red is rare. The rarer the ingredient, the more points it will yield when you score your cauldron.

cauldron master

Players aren’t just throwing random bits of Spider Venom and Raven’s Heads into a pot. Each cauldron card is looking for a particular number and different colors of ingredients. Some cauldrons ask for 4 green cards. Some cauldrons ask for 1 green card, 1 orange card and any other card. In a 2 player game, Luke and I never felt the pressure of efficiently managing ingredients and cauldron recipes. We blocked each other from having higher point totals but were never left with ingredients we couldn’t use. I can see in a 3 or 4 player game that the competition for certain ingredients would be more difficult and players would be more inclined to fill the Wild Cauldrons. Wild Cauldrons are easier to fill as they have no ingredient color restriction however, a player will lose a point at the final tally.

cauldron master

The Favour of Hecate

Luke and I have an affinity towards occult games, worlds and related media and we were pleased to see the inclusiveness and varied magic references included in Cauldron Master. Each of the different witch cards (now known as Apprentice, Mage, Herbalist, Shaman and Goddess) comes from our different interpretations of a witch from the classic broom and pointy-hat witch to voodoo traditions and from herbalism to Wiccan and ritual based magic. Cauldron Master is a fun game that lets you enjoy 20 minutes of being a cackling witch of your choosing and serves up a competitive set collection game that is great for adults and kids too.

Cauldron Master is now on Kickstater and a copy of the game is just $15. Cauldron Master blasted through its initial funding goal and additional funding will go towards improving the game by adding higher quality paper, dividers for the game box and more cards.



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