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Published on January 27th, 2017 | by Nicole Jekich


Beardos and Beard-dos

Style Lumberjacks & Bears in Yukon Salon

You won’t find the usual array of fantasy, dungeons, Cthulhu or pirates in this card game. Yukon Salon has earned its place as one of the most odd and unique themes in a board game that I’ve ever come across.

David Fooden is the game designer and creative mind behind a game centered around styling grizzly bears and gruff lumberjacks. Yukon Salon is a quick and light 15 minute card game that is great for kids and families. The player with the most points from their styled clients by the end of the game wins.

Yukon Salon is currently looking for funding on Kickstarter. One copy of the game is $15 and Yukon Salon is so close to reaching its funding goal!

Give the Squeaky George the Jethro!

No, that isn’t a special Yukon wrestling move. Squeaky George is actually a name of one of the clients that you can seat in the game. There are two types of clients in game: the lumberjacks and grizzly bears. The lumberjacks are looking for beard styles and bears want the best hairstyles. Each Style card in game features a named style (The Jethro, The Beehive, The Kraken and more) and players can use each card as either a beard or hairstyle like so:

Yukon Salon

A turn is very simple in Yukon Salon. Players will have 2 actions on their turn which could include: a) Seat a Client or b) Style a seated Client or c) Draw a Style card. Players can use these actions in any combination, order and can do the same action twice in one turn. To style a client successfully players will seat a client in their tableau and attempt to style their client’s beard or hairstyle with one of their style cards. A player must roll the two dice and the result must be equal or greater than the combined style value of the client and the style card.

Players will be faced with a few stylist choices when playing Yukon Salon. Will you try a safe style with a low style value or try something outrageous on your client for the potential of more style points? Will you seat Shirley instead of Naughty Pierre because you’re trying to match all the red corsages for bonus style points? A player will also have to weigh the benefits of styling clients that have special abilities. Some of these abilities will allow players to seat additional clients, draw more cards or take an extra action.

yukon salon

Prototype components: not reflective of final product

Sell Your Style Recommendation!

In the moment where a player rolls the dice and does not get a number equal or greater to the combined style value, that player will have an opportunity to try their roll again…if they can come up with some good reasons for their client to give them a second chance! The player will have to come up with a number of claims on the spot to convince their client that this hair or beard style is the best for them. Maybe you state that this style “is the latest fashion in the Yukon” or it “makes the client look sexy like Gerard Butler”. The only rules for these claims is that each claim must be unique and the more ridiculous the claim, the better!

After successfully sharing your claims (equal in number to the value of the client card), a player can re-roll the dice and hope for a better result. To improve their chances of rolling a better number, a player can also discard style cards to add +1 to their roll for each discarded card. Making bold claims is my favorite part of Yukon Salon because of how ridiculous and silly the claims can be. I’ve heard from many kids (ages 8-12) who also enjoyed this part of the game that allows players to use their creativity and improvisation skills to help them in game.

A Bear-y Stylish Game

I’ve watched Yukon Salon go from a simple prototype copy to a stylish blend of black and white vintage portraits with a splash of color and retro barbershop. It is a great appetizer game that is quick and easy to learn. The theme is fun and connects with casual and hardcore gamers alike with its unique theme.

You have until February 24th to support Yukon Salon and reserve a copy for yourself! Higher tier pledges give you the opportunity to put your face in the game or to even have a custom set of Yukon Salon client cards!

Also for those at #PAXSouth this weekend, be sure to stop by the Indie Megabooth to play with the designer, David Fooden, dressed in character as a lumberjack!

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