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Published on August 17th, 2015 | by Nicole Jekich


August 2015 Kickstarter Updates part 2

Hello August! We’re already halfway through this month and are coming up on PAX next weekend! We have games on the brain would like to share 10 hot Kickstarter tabletop games worth supporting.

Last Front:

This WWII era card game features fast paced bidding gameplay. Players attempt to control different territories with their four different unit cards (troops, tanks, planes and defenses) and adapt to the different events and influential people that affect the units in the different territories. This is a game that calls back to a lot of the iconic WWII era propaganda art and even licensed historical photos to use in the game. Each tier also expands on your experience by adding bidding counters, a custom playmat, metal ammo game box and at the $1000 tier lets a backer add their WWII relative as an icon in the game!

D6 Shooter:

To prove you’re the best gun in the west, compete with your fellow bounty hunters to take down local criminals that are plaguing a wild west town. D6 Shooter gameplay is press-your-luck dice rolling and players are racing to take down as many criminals as possible and earn reputation points. These points will get you ever closer to the title of Marshal and will help you become the victor; however, your opponents can sabotage your plans. I hope you’re feelin’ lucky.

Lobotomy Board Game:

Players are a bunch of mental patients looking to escape and insane asylum riddled with monsters and terrors. The story in Lobotomy is left up to interpretation as the monsters, powerful items and attempts on the patients’ lives could all be delusions in the patients’ minds. Lobotomy is a cooperative horror adeventure game and the last patient standing who isn’t dead or crazy wins! Enjoy the story of a psychological thriller in the format of an adventure, dungeon crawling game.

Mint Tin Mini Apocalypse: 

This is probably the smallest game I’ve ever seen. Reviewerss rave on the Kickstarter campaign that Mint Tin Mini Apocalypse packs a lot of fun into a package the size of an Altoid minis tin. It’s a two player game that uses a bit of resource management, area control and survival. Each team is trying to get their meepls into their safety shelter (the tin) before a monster ravages the meeples. The best part about this game–it’s manufactured to be a durable game and even the rules are printed on paper that you can’t tear or get wet. This game could follow you even through an apocalypse.


Oni is a beautiful deception and memory game. A group of Oni are looking for a game of trickery and decide to play their tricks on the local festival goers. Whoever can trip up the most people and collect the most gold will be the winner; however the other Oni don’t play fair and players will also be defending their stash and playing more tricks on their competition to ruin their strategy. This game is a great party game as the chaos and deception only get more intense as more players join in.

Flee The Scene:

Just a day left on this campaign! Players are competing to steal the most antiques and valuables from museums along a the train tracks and hope to hop off the train without getting caught by the end of the game. Players will have to rely on strategic timing of stealing and dropping off the antiques at different locations but the gameplay isn’t too complex. It is great for families as Flee takes around 20-40 minutes and is very cartoony and colorful.

Button Shy Wallet Game Series:

This campaign is for 3 small card cards of 18 cards each that fit inside vinyl wallets. Each of these games are very portable, quick and are designed around different game styles. The first, Smoke & Mirrors, is a deduction game where 3-5 players use wit and misdirection to show off their magicial prowess. Fever Chill is a group of competing medical students looking to muck up their opponents projects with germs while staying healthy. North South East Quest is a storytelling game for those looking for a whimsical adventure. All games look great and backers can buy one for $8 or $21 to get all three.

star patrol

Star Patrol:

Star Patrol’s main draw is the ability to customize the 8 different ship options for your mini hex and chit game. 2 players will build ships with different weapons, tech and then will use them to duel their opponent in deep space. There are plenty of obstacles and options in Star Patrol that will keep the hex and chit crowd happy and the wonderful space ship art is sure to draw in new players to enjoy this complex game.

Hordes of Grimoor:

This two player game is a quick, combo driven card game where players represent a certain horde trying to claim the largest domain in Grimoor. Players draw from a common deck and play an entire game in just a few rounds and the game costs just $15.

All Fathomed Out:

The year is 1878 and you are part of a group of underwater explorers looking to find and catalog the different creatures of the deep. The feel of the game is very Jules Verne, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and diving helmets. If you like marine biology and classifying creatures, All Fathomed Out looks to be a great game about underwater exploration.

I hope you enjoyed the list of 10 tabletop games, accessories and products that we are currently obsessing over on Kickstarter. If I missed a campaign in this article that you feel is worth mentioning, please let me know in the comments, or contact us on Facebook and Twitter. Happy Gaming!

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