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Published on August 5th, 2013 | by Nicole Jekich

August 2013 Kickstarter Updates

Hold on to Your Wallets!

With the late summer conventions like PAXPrime, DragonCon and GenCon coming up, gamers are getting ready to spend some serious money. Here at Across the Board Games, we think that everyone should think about routing some of that convention spending money and invest in games by independent developers and newbie game designers. Check these 10 below and to learn more about the games, please click their header link.

Magnum Opus

From the people who brought you Alien Frontiers, comes Magnum Opus. Players are alchemists racing to produce the first Philosopher’s Stone, but their work and research must be thorough. Alchemy is not to be rushed and this game makes sure the process is complex and feels like a science. The art looks very clean and clinical. Based on the gameplay video, players will be collecting reagents and churning our experiments. These guys have made excellent games in the past and definitely have my support. Also, the full rules are available for download before you buy the game!


I know a few authors here on ATBG will love this game on sight with its colored meeples, segmented board map and promise of an hour or two of worker placement. Players are heads of houses looking to capture the throne and be the emperor of Byzantium, but must do so through deceit and stealth. I can’t think of many games I’ve played that don’t have a victory point counter or an obvious way to tell which player is in the lead. Byzantio looks like a game that favors secrecy and allows every player an equal chance to win and forgoes the “dogpile on the leading player” tactic that many games have.

Chaos and Alchemy

This looks like a future favorite game of mine. It seems like a quick and easy to learn alchemy game, the opposite of Magnum Opus. Players are alchemists competing to be the first to turn lead into gold and win the king’s favor. Gameplay is centered around experiments and accepting the success and failure that could result. The Renaissance era art and features are a welcome break from the dungeon, fantasy and medieval games that I have been playing. To save some money they also offer a $10 print-n-play version.

Pack of Heroes

For those tired of the common capes, Pack of Heroes presents a comic superhero card game with vintage, tongue-in-cheek characters. This is a 2 player game where each player controls a group of superheroes. Each group will have a leader and sidekicks in addition to his superheroes and will fight for a control of the city. Prone for expansions and deck customization, Pack of Heroes is perfect for those looking for casual two-player battle without the complexity of Magic the Gathering.

The King’s Armory

Of all the games on this list, these two creators were definitely the most enthusiastic. This couple is making a large, modular and complex tower defense board game, which allows an almost infinite amount of re-playability. For those looking for a tactics-heavy, light theme game, The King’s Armory seems to deliver. The art is all over the place, but hopefully will have more direction upon the Kickstarter’s finish.

Chad Sell RuPaul's Drag Race Dragball

Drag Ball: The Game!

Less than a month after I whined about licenses that deserve board games, a passionate gamer from New York put up a RuPaul-esque card game where players will need to work it to win a drag queen competition. This game has a lot of potential. The art style is thanks to well-known artist, Chad Sell (who does lots of colorful prints of well-known drag queens) and mixing board gameplay with physical competitions, similar to what Cranium offers. I am excited to see the development process and a gameplay video in the future.


The giant crossover fight for 2-4 players is just what you’ve always wanted. Enjoy throwing all kinds of characters from history, myths, pop culture and more. Nothing is off limits in this fight–expect to see amazons, ninjas, superheroes and dinosaurs. The cartoon style is great for kids, families, hardcore gamers, etc and the game is scalable. Incredibrawl also seems to be part of a growing trend towards party games. Watch for more of those!

Salt & Burn

This game is hitting all of my sweet spots: Salt & Burn is a modern, monster-hunter game made by a female artist from Washington. The art is incredible featuring a diverse group of player cards and unique decks with occult themed symbols and design. There is no question in my mind that this a game with a complete art theme; however with no gameplay demo and an artistic board that looks like a roll-n-move system, I am worried that I would be buying a fancy re-skin of Sorry! The game has already received funding but at the cost of $50 a game, I prefer to wait and see what stretch goals will make the investment worth the price.

Freedom The Underground Railroad

Finally! A game around the Civil War era that isn’t North versus South battle wank. Just as the title exclaims, the game is centered around the Underground Railroad. Players will play as famous abolitionists in American history like Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglass and will work on helping slaves escape to live free lives. I feel there should be more historical games like this. I know as a kid I would have much rather played a board game to learn about history than claw my way through a boring textbook.

Room Party

So, I heard you like parties? Room Party is a party game about making an awesome party. The 160 cards contain all the awesome and awful people-types, awkward events and awesome features often found at cons and public gaming events, which we can all relate to. This game can support a many players and each player takes a turn trying to create the most epic party ever by playing cards. Other players are trying to do the same while also trying to ruin everyone else’s party by introducing negative party elements. Cards include the Neck Beard, Most Awesome T-shirt and of course, Booze. The gameplay appears to be a simple draw-n-play game able to accommodate a group of drunk gamers or rowdy con-goers for an evening of fun.


After writing up this post, another handful of new board games were launched on Kickstarter and there were ones I failed to mention here. Watch for a mid-August post of more Kickstarter games! If there any that we’ve missed that are worthy of mentioning, please let us know in the comments, on Facebook or twitter.

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