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Published on April 2nd, 2014 | by Nicole Jekich


April Kickstarter Updates

You’re no fool! You came to Across The Board Games to see our top ten Kickstarter suggestions. Click on the game headings to visit their Kickstarter campaign. Happy Gaming!

dicehateme 54 card pie factory

Big Games for Small Pockets: DiceHateMe’s 54-Card Rabbits:

Rabbits you say? Well rabbits are what DiceHateMe calls their smallest, compact game designs. They’ve expanded their line after having a card game contest that yielded 108 entries!! Now gamers can get their hands on six of the top games from that contest divided up into two different theme packs: Dinner, Drinks and Desserts or The Globetrotters. Each game features its own gameplay, gorgeous art and all the how-to-play videos are on the Kickstarter page. My recommendation- buy all six for $50. That’s less that $10 per game!

the ancient world kickstater

The Ancient World:

Players are trying to build a kingdom by rallying the tribes of The Ancient World to defeat the terrifying and large Titans and let the population live in peace again after centuries of war. The Ancient World is the fifth game created by Ryan Laukat. His other games are Eight-Minute Empire, Eight-Minute Empire: Legends, City of Iron, and Empires of the Void. All of those games have graced Kickstarter in the past and are uniquely illustrated and well-fleshed out worlds despite overly generic titles. The Ancient World will add to his robust portfolio and for those looking for gameplay that is heavily-themed, slightly Euro-style game. It’s worth checking out the gameplay video on the campaign page too.

robots on the line kickstarter

Robots on the Line:

Build practical, innovative and creative robots as the parts come down the assembly line. You are a factory worker trying to build and design robots for clients. Robots on the Line is the perfect middle-ground game for hardcore Euro-gamers and those newer gamers who like games like deckbuilders and Carcassone. It balances fun and creativity with strategy and competition.

pleasant dreams kickstarter

Pleasant Dreams:

Pleasant Dreams is a 1-2 player game that takes place in while you are asleep. Players can push their luck to try and explore further into the Dreaming but diving too far could lead to horrifying nightmares. Thought up by a psychologist, this tarot-sized card game is a quick and tense game meant to challenge your deduction skills and push your luck in 5-10 minutes of play.

pirate den kickstarter

Pirate Den:

It’s like playing poker except that you are an opportunistic pirate looking to cash-in by raiding trade ships. Pirate Den is a risk-management, betting gaming where players are renowned pirate lords during the Age of Sail. The Lords compete for the most booty in a 30 minute casual card game for 3-5 players. There are plenty of creative stretch goals available including promo cards of The Doubleclicks, League of STEAM and many more to be announced later.

till dawn kickstarter

Till Dawn:

It’s a vampire party in a coffin-shaped box for 4-12 players and vampire enthusiasts. Each player is a vampire looking to impress the vampire lords and gain their favor to become the next clan leader. To do so, players will compete by collecting blood from unsuspecting people in the night. Collect the most blood before sunrise and you will be the next clan leader, but winning isn’t that easy. A vampire will be competing against their peers and will need to be stealthy in order to avoid a run-in with the local vampire hunters or awaken the ferocious werewolf.

catacombs kickstarter


This Kickstarter is a re-imagining of the 2010 board game. The new artistic and cutesy makeover of the character art and monster art gives Catacombs a much more approachable game. It is a dungeon crawler in a catacombs with a lower barrier of entry as heroes are complicated, stated-up characters but instead cut-out disks for dexterity based play. Players can flick their way through Catacombs to defeat the catacomb lords and be victorious.

forgotten king kickstarter

Super Dungeon Explorer: Forgotten King:

Soda Pop Miniature’s adorable cast of dungeon explorers are back in an all new game with new heroes, villains, maps and lore with this stand-alone companion game. The Forgotten King even comes with a updated rules and a new cooperative ‘arcade mode’ for players. For those that enjoy Soda Pop Miniature’s products in the past are sure to enjoy even more chibi board gaming content from Forgotten King.

all bunnies eat carrots kickstarter

All Bunnies Eat Carrots:

It may not be the most impressive, highest production or strategy-heavy game on this list but we wanted to call attention to All Bunnies Eat Carrots because it is a genuine, cute and non-violent game about collecting bunnies. ABEC is a casual card game where players compete to gather the most cuddliest bunnies. Each bunny has their own requirements in order to keep it around and the other players will be trying to hinder your progress and steal your bunnies too. The game looks similar to party card games like Fluxx.

sentinel tactics kickstarter

Sentinel Tactics: The Flames of Freedom:

The designers of Sentinels of the Multiverse are introducing a new way to play your favorite superhero game with the use of minis and a hex-based tactics gameplay. Same great heroes and villains with a new look and new gameplay! The creators went a step further and offered the game and minis as separate purchases for those that just like minis or hexes. Don’t worry-if you want to collect all the SotM gear, you can buy them together too!

Spring has sprung and there are more games popping up than there are tulips! We hope you like these ten cherry-picked Kickstarter campaigns. If you think we’ve missed a campaign worth mentioning please let us know in the comments, Facebook or Twitter and we could include it in a future Kickstarter article. Happy Gaming!

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