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Published on April 14th, 2014 | by Nicole Jekich


April Kickstarter Updates Part Two!

Welcome to our second set of April Kickstarters! There are a lot of new and interesting themes and gameplay in this bunch so we hope that you will look at all of them!

clash age of steam kickstarter

CLASH! Dawn of Steam:

I’m glad that the first Kickstarter I opened up for this month is a high-fantasy world that does not boast elves, orcs and dwarves as part of its world. While the specifics of the setting are vague all the supporting art and characters look fantastic. Players will battle over the fate of the world and can choose to either defend it or destroy it. Part magic, steampunk, monsters, western druids and more- the setting itself is worth investing in.

conquest of speros kickstarter

Conquest of Speros:

The newly-established world of Speros was created by four fantasy races: dwarves, merfolk, elves and undead. The new world is inhabited by some unsavory characters and resources are scarce. Conquest of Speros is a quick, fantasy card game for 2-4 players. Players will be treated to a faction-control and hand management game condensed into the length of a card game. Speros also has endorsement from some of the most respected designers in the industry like Jamey Stegmaier (Euphoria, Viticulture) and Jason Maxwell (Agents of SMERSH, Till Dawn).


aetherium kickstarter


Do you enjoy virtual reality, hyperspace, quantum nodes and The Matrix? Aetherium hits all the cyberpunk buttons when a population created an alternative, virtual world that comes with many conflicts. There are corrupted enterprises looking to harness and control the people; heavily-armed, frightening police force and the tech-skilled, violent rebels. The game is a miniatures-based game where players represent different factions of the world aligned with their own ambitious plan to deal with Aetherium. The futuristic art and detailed story leaves me in awe.

minion kickstarter


If you were at PAX East this past weekend, you could have been some of the lucky con-goers to playtest Minion as its Kickstarter is currently funding. An indie game designer and amazing artist have come together to create a humorous strategy card game with the heart of a CCG without the bank-breaking business model. Each player has a deck that is made from the choice of 120 cards and potentially more from future expansions. You are the minion lord looking to amass your forces and defeat your opponent. Be careful as your opponent attempts will attempt to do the same! In addition to minion creatures players will have access to spells and quirky items as well.

heavy steam kickstarter

Heavy Steam:

Combat and fighting steam robot titans living and fightining in an alternative and conflict-ridden, Victorian past. Each player commands a faction and giant steam robot from the late 19th century in a literal steampunk universe. Players work to customize their robot and destroy the other factions. Heavy Steam is what I would call a mini minis war game where the focus is upgrading and protecting one large robot and some support troops as opposed to controlling an entire army of soldiers. For those that enjoy steam-powered robots and British caricatures, Heavy Steam is sure to please.

Unknown kickstarter


Anytime I see the word ‘unknown’ I’m reminded of people who hadn’t named their paintings before they died or the actual title was lost to history and never remembered again. If you want people to remember your game then make a title that is memorable. Not a word that means “forgotten about”. Beyond those first impressions, Unknowns is set in a post-apocalyptic world that, thankfully, does not include zombies. Players are part of a cooperative team that will  to explore a tile-based map that is revealed the further a player explores. What looks great about this game is that players will have to deal with environmental hazards as well as monsters and enemies. Unique items, unique characters and a modular map makes Unknown a different experience each time.

among the stars kickstarter

Among the Stars:

The background from Among the Stars shares many similarities with the famous and well-loved story in Mass Effect; however in this world, the galactic alliance does not include humans. Different alien races must stop fighting each other and pool their resources to defend and defeat a technologically-superior enemy from beyond their galaxy. Among the Stars has an attractive lure because instead of players being the hero and soldier of the story, they instead take on the role of an ambassador overseeing construction of galactic space stations to link the different alien cultures together. Further inspection reveals that there is a card draft mechanic and gameplay that is reminiscent of 7 Wonders but will have space construction and politics for sci-fi lovers.

animalia kickstarter


This campaign only has a short amount of time left, so if you like adorable Final Fantasy-style creatures in frilly costumes, back Animalia now! This female team took a normal 54-card deck and added art that is professional and inspiring enough to be its own video game. Each suit will feature one creature and each card will have that creature in a different professions/class uniform. As someone who really enjoyed the class art in Final Fantasy Tactics and Ragnarok Online, Animalia lets me indulge in that nostalgia and adds lovable characters of its own. Also the box art and card backs were all hand designed and look amazing! I really do hope this turns into a game someday.

stormy weather kickstarter

Stormy Weather:

I love this scenario. As a recently retired mad scientist, you are looking to take up gardening as your new hobby unfortunately your equally-brilliant arch nemesis is doing the same! As competitive mad scientists you both fall back on old habits and a simple hobby of garden turns into a potentially catastrophic weather-altering battle to grow flowers! This is a two player game of card management and tile swapping along with the most interesting and fun weather machine creations. The gameplay is a fast-paced entertaining and entertaining competitive game great for friends and couples.

beastie bash kickstarter

Beastie Bash!:

Surprisingly, this is the first party game I ran into during my research for this second article. A children’s book illustrator created a simplistic matching party game of trick taking and body-snatching. Players compete by matching up heads and bodies to various creatures randomly distributed from the deck. Paired theme beasts will nab a player the most points but other combinations would gain points and a giggle and players can alter the gameplay slightly with card destruction and swapping mechanics. This game looks fun but even with the painterly, kid-friendly art-the random card draws and overly simplistic gameplay would not hold my interest for very long. Just like a children’s book, Beastie Bash would be best as a kids’ game.


Thank you for reviewing our second April Kickstarter list. If we missed any that you feel we should mention, please let us know in the comments, on Facebook or on Twitter. Happy Gaming!





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