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Published on December 8th, 2014 | by Nicole Jekich


Adventurer’s Quarter Kit

A Bi-Monthly Crate of Gaming Goodies

We recently received the first trial run of the Adventurer’s Quarter Kit, which is a bi-monthly crate of games, gaming accessories and sometimes promotional items. The product comes from Adventurer’s Quarter: a prominent game store in Denver, Colorado. The kit is available in limited quantities and customers can pick up the kit from the store or pay the shipping cost to have it delivered to their residence or local post office.

We received the kit in November and as far as we know, it is the first product of its kind. There are services such as LootCrate that do something similar, but the Adventure Kit is specifically made for board gamers. We approached their bundle as if we were reviewing a prototype game as this is Adventurer’s Quarter’s first run of the Adventure Kit.

adventurers quarter

Hand Picked Games For You

The idea behind this bundle is to give gamers an accessible variety of games and gaming accessories that are tailored to their interests. “You provide the friends. We provide the fun.” is their motto. Having tried a few months of LootCrate (a similar monthly service that sends a variety of nerdy toys, accessories and a shirt), I was very interested in trying a frequent delivery of games instead of random merchandise. In the local gaming scene in Seattle we like to support a local trivia night with prizes, play games and open game nights and offer prizes for gaming events like Unpub minis, Tabletop Day, etc.

AQ’s Kit sounds like a great way for us as reviewers to gain extra games to add to our library and offer as prizes or giveaways. At $40 for the kit this seems a bit pricey, however. The Adventure Kit does feature products chosen based on preferences I listed, which lessens that blow a bit.

I had confidence in the delivery and the price as the store owners were active gamers and designers as part of Terra Nova Games and previously Privateer Press. These guys have delivered great products in the past and I was excited to see what was in store for me in their kit.

After signing up I received a form requesting more information on my gaming preferences and general interests. Here are the questions with my answers following:

1) Favorite types of games: [x ] Board Games [ ] RPGs [ ] Minis [ ] CCGs
2) Favorite games: Suburbia, Chaos in the Old World, casual card games (like Belle of the Ball, Cryptozoic deck building games, etc) and complex worker placement games (Euphoria, Bora Bora, Yedo, etc)
3) TV show: 80’s-90’s dystopian future anime (like Dirty Pair, Bubblegum Crisis, Gundam Wing), Supernatural, Sailor Moon, 30 Rock, Star Wars: Clone Wars
4) Movie: Lord of the Rings trilogy, Guardians of the Galaxy, Wing Chun
5) Shirt size: Men’s Large

adventurers quarter kit

Now the whole world knows that I enjoy 80’s anime and am about 4 years behind in my modern TV shows. I submitted those answers in mid October and received a shipping email for the November Kit on November 2nd. For a hand-picked kit, I felt this was a very quick turnaround and I soon had a package at my door filled with 4 games, promo cards and a handful of gaming accessories that I had never seen before.

I would also like to mention that I signed up for AQ’s Kit on October 14th and received the questionnaire and thank you from the store owners that same day. The quick response and friendly acknowledgement shows me as a customer that my order is important to them. I’d like to contrast that AQ experience with the Gamer Loot monthly service from Game Salute that I also signed up for. This Gamer Loot is a similar kit featuring newly release Game Salute games sent to reviewers and game stores. I signed up for Game Salute’s service on October 7th and I have yet to get a response or acknowledgement of that fact, though since then they have asked us for a quotation endorsing their services.

What Was in our November Kit

Get to the games already! Having a mystery box arrive at my doorstep was exciting and I had absolutely no idea what to expect. The picture above details all the prettily packaged goodies that were in the kit. I had never heard of or played any of the games in this kit and was excited that I had so many new items to try. At first glance I see that my suggestions and game preferences were definitely taken into account. The kit has card games for casual play and accessories that I could used with my current collection of games. Here are the contents in more detail:

adventurers quarter kit

Dungeon Raiders:

This game by Phil Walker-Harding (Sushi Go!, Elevenses) is a quick dungeon delver for 3-5 players. Of all the card games we received in this kit, this was the “longest game”. Players pick an adventuring character and win by collecting the most treasure after visiting 5 dungeons but players must avoid traps and defeat monsters too without losing life. Besides Dungeon Roll, I don’t really own many semi-cooperative dungeon delvers. My previous track record with Mr. Walker’s games have been positive so I look forward to this new shelf addition.


adventurers quarter kit

adventurers quarter kit

Lost Legacy and Cypher:

I’m lumping these two games together due to their similar game style. Both are packaged card games from AEG that last about 10-15 minutes a game. Just like Love Letter (another of AEG’s popular quick card games) Lost Legacy and Cypher are games that require multiple hands to win and they combine deduction with a well fleshed-out setting, though those settings add zero effect in-game. If you like fantasy, magic and ruins of a past civilization, Lost Legacy might interest you. Cypher is a similar deduction game and features a colorful cyberpunk setting by using social class conflict and futuristic clothing and tech on characters that outdo Coup’s box cover.

adventurers quarter kit

Brave Rats:

I admit it. I haven’t seen Braveheart. I still laughed and cursed my way through this clan conflict. With just 16 cards, Brave Rats still made a lasting impression on me and will be a great ice breaker game and one that I would like to bring home to my family. The two clans: the civilized Applewoods and the barbarian Yargs are locked in conflict trying take control of the Highlands. The art is whimsical take on Highland culture. Gameplay is a simple deduction game using a series of one vs one conflict in this 2 player game.

adventurers quarter kit

Chocolate Dice Sets:

I have a sweet tooth when I’m gaming and nothing sounds like a better reward to my natural 20 roll than a bite of a 60% cacao d20 die. There is definitely room for more gaming-themed snacks and confections like these dice sets. The white chocolate was creamy and the dark chocolate was a perfect blend of bitter and sweet. Yes, these dice do roll but the numbers are a bit difficult to see and I’m sure your DM wouldn’t want a streak of chocolate on their dungeon tiles.

It would be best to give these as a gift to your DM, fellow gamer or as a stocking stuffer for the kids or significant other for the holidays.

adventurers quarter kit

Box Bands:

Box bands is a product for a gamer on the go. Out of the 20 people who regularly attend our local gaming store, I think 1 or 2 of us own cars. City living allows for many pop up game nights, which also means transporting games via a backpack or canvas bag. Add to that walking or using public transportation, which could shake up your box or empty the game to the bottom of your bag. Most of the games we own are new and haven’t had any accidents like that; however, over time parts will shift, covers will slip.

Box Bands are soft and unlike rubber bands won’t break easily. The four arms spread comfortably to hold each side of a game box. We will definitely get more of these bands as a direct result of their being included in the bundle.

adventurers quarter kit

Munchkin Halloween Promo Pack:

If promo cards (usually exclusive to conventions, retailers purchases or game pre-orders) are available extras for the kit, I believe Adventurer’s Quarter’s Kit has an advantage on any competition. These Munchkin Halloween cards came in a pack for game stores to give out as their treats, and are typically available for purchase. But if AQ can regularly secure promo cards to give out, that could be very useful for them as they grow their business. Only time will tell.

Munchkin has been off my radar for a while as I have graduated to other games, but it continues to remain a relevant game for bringing in new gamers to the hobby. I look forward giving these special cards to  my two younger brothers on Christmas to extend their collection.

I Want More, More, More

There are multiple uses for a kit like Adventurer’s Quarter for reviewers and avid gamers. As a reviewer I’m rarely buying games for myself outside of Kickstarter. I focus on indie designers and their games and find them mostly through friend recommendations, social media and on crowdfunding sites. I am subject to game and theme bias like anyone else. I often won’t buy games unless I feel that I have an attachment to the theme, designer, or gameplay type so this bundle is a way for me to try games that exist a little outside my normal zone.

As a gamer, purchasing this kit regularly is difficult to justify. Even though the contents of the kit are worth more than $40, I know I can get a full game or a couple expansions for that price. The random selection is less than ideal and that is the one issue with all random or surprise kits: a customer may not like one or some of the products. With the customizable option AQ offers, I feel the kit will avoid many of the easy pitfalls of LootCrate and similar services if they can keep that option available.

As a reviewer, AQ’s Kit gave me a small selection of games and accessories that I wouldn’t have gone out of my way to buy. As a reviewer, even a game I don’t enjoy will still be beneficial to me, so the bundle is a great deal. As a consumer, I’m less convinced that this is a service that actually saves me money. At the end of the day, the Adventurer’s Quarter Kit will sink or swim based on the consistency of the games it ships and if it can leverage the “customized” aspect of its business model.

The Adventurer’s Quarter Kit is available on a bi-monthly schedule. To purchase or for more information, visit the official Adventurer’s Quarter website. Adventurer’s Quarter Kit has their own website and it looks like thematic kits (their science fiction themed kit is already sold out) will be available for purchase in the future!

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