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Published on April 8th, 2014 | by Nicole Jekich


Accessible Games for All!

64oz Games is Making Blind-Friendly Gaming Accessories

Normally we lump all Kickstarters into one big article and let our viewers filter through them and visit campaigns that would interest you but today, we want to call attention to a campaign that everyone should donate to. Richard and Emily Gibbs are the husband and wife team behind 64oz Games and their current Kickstarter campaign: Board Games- Now Blind Accessible is about making games more accessible to blind gamers.

64oz games card samples

What Will Their Kickstarter Do?

The campaign will allow new blind-friendly card sleeves and other gaming accessories that incorporate braille text to be produced on a larger scale. Only a handful of games have been completely converted to be braille friendly which has limited the number of games that are accessible to blind players. 64oz Games’ Kickstarter will aim to make many more games blind accessible by having braille sleeves fit over game cards and have a printed braille aid sheet for game cards and components with a lot of text.

Who Is Involved?

According to their Kickstarter page, a lot of developers and game companies are on board to have braille accessories and braille supported aids for their games. All of these wonderful people are involved:

64oz game company logos


How You Can Help:

We ask that you go and visit their Kickstarter campaign page and donate even if you can only donate the minimum pledge of $1 to help games become more accessible (at $10 you’ll get some pretty cool wallpapers though!). If you have any further questions for 64oz Games you can visit their Kickstarter page linked above OR ask them yourselves tomorrow (April 9th) during the #BoardGamersAsk chat on Twitter starting at 2pm EST.

If you’re a gamer and love games you should contribute to this growing campaign to bring games to those that might otherwise would not be able to play them.

Thank You!

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