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Published on July 20th, 2016 | by Nicole Jekich


A Menu of Sushi Choices

Our Review of Sushi Go Party!

I played Sushi Go in the past but at the time I felt I didn’t have enough words or interest to write up a full review. It was cute and was a good example of a simple drafting and set collection game with a great food theme (mmmm, such a tasty theme), but I was more interested in writing about “deeper” gameplay. Sushi Go just didn’t have the depth of gameplay that would keep me interested in playing it over and over again.

I forgot about Sushi Go until I heard that Sushi Go Party was coming out. The new game looked to re-invigorate the old game with 15 new cards and a new board complete with score tracker and menu tiles.  The new stand alone game features all the Dumplings, Wasabi and all the goodies from the first game too and all the new and old components are organized in a larger version of their signature tin box. You will have to see for yourself just how beautiful and colorful Sushi Go Party is, but I have included more pictures than usual to capture all the sushi-awesomeness.

Sushi Go Party

Plastic tray with slots to hold all the cards sorted by type.

Sushi Go Party

Sushi Go Party: more sushi, more party.

Beginner’s Drafting

Sushi Go Party’s basic gameplay is unchanged from the original. Each turn players will choose a card from their hand and reveal their choice simultaneously and add the card to their tableau in front of them. The player then passes their hand of cards to the left or right depending on the which round they are playing. This simple pick-and-pass gameplay continues until players run out of cards. A new hand is dealt to all players with new dessert cards . The objective: have the most points by the end of the game.

Sushi Go Party

Unlike the original game, Sushi Go Party has more unique dish options to choose from each with a unique scoring mechanic or other special ability. Sushi Go Party includes 15 new unique dishes like Tea, Fruit, Tofu and Onigiri and Eel to name a few. Players can pick and build the set of sushi that players will draft each game or refer to the rulebook which lists great menu combinations.

Sushi Go Party

Sushi Party For Two or Many!

SushiGo Party also adds in room for 2 more players. The game now comfortably seats a maximum of 8 people around the table. Usually games that can accommodate a larger range of players have failings with being unbalanced or less fun with too few or too many people. Sushi Go Party does not have that problem because of their custom menus and game setups that favor two or max players. The ‘Dinner For Two” recommended setup includes: Uramaki, Nigiri, Miso Soup, and more which makes the 2 player game still challenging. The “Big Banquet”is recommended for 6-8 players and includes Maki Rolls, Tempura, Dumplings, Green Tea Ice Cream and other cards that benefit having bigger groups.

Sushi Go Party


As seen above, the new board helps with a quick, customized setup and makes calculating points a breeze instead. Players can use a setup recommendation in the book or build their own with few exceptions. A game always consists of Nigiri, a Rolls items, two Special items, 3 Appetizers and 1 Dessert. I also approve the illustrated conveyor belt points tracker which surrounds the board and re-emphasizes the sushi theme.

I started to understand the variety of gameplay style available in Sushi Go Party when I played two different recommended menu set ups back to back: Points Platter and Cutthroat Combo. Both of these setups were wildly different. The Points Platter was a much more casual collection game where the Cutthroat Combo, as the name suggested, was much more difficult and emphasized timing and paying attention to your opponents. In Points Platter, I was soaring through the points where the Cutthroat Combo had me loosing points in some rounds because of my poor gamble or card denial from an opponent. If you really want to see just how different Sushi Go Party can vary from setup to setup I recommend trying them all!


Sushi Go Party

A lot of choices to customize each game!

Sushi Go Party
Hungry for More!

Sushi Go Party brought the game to a newer level of strategy and replayability for me. I couldn’t stop playing this game for about 2 weeks and if people need a quick, filler game before something more complicated, Sushi Go Party is my go to game suggestion. I brought it to the game store and played it with friends there. I took it to my day job and showed all the coworkers this cute and simple game. Sushi Go Party even made multiple appearances at our Fourth of July BBQ. It is a game that you will want to play over and over again because each menu combination brings a unique experience in the draft. Players can easily jump into a game with its simple drafting gameplay and the custom menus allow players to build a menu for novice to experienced players and change the menu to accommodate any number of players or taste.

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