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25 Games I Played When I Was 25

Today, this is my show. MY SHOW! As a birthday present to me, the other authors said I could let loose and write any article I want to– then I remembered I do that already! So instead I came up with 25 games that I played during my 25th year. Across the Board Games also recently celebrated their first birthday and during that year I had a TON of opportunities to play new games. So here is goes: 25 games with 25 short quips of what I loved about playing them! For those interested in purchasing any of the mentioned games based on my riveting commentary, click on the game titles to buy the game on Amazon.


Tokaido Board game


1.Tokaido– I played this at Geek Girl Con which is my favorite convention so far. I played as the young orphan character and she ate twice as much as everyone else in the game! I was so proud of her. Read A Full Review



Spyrium Board Game

2. Spyrium– Having just finished a game of Terra Mystica I begin to understand even more why Spyrium made such a good impression. Spyrium is a scaled down version of most Euro-style, cube-pushing games and gives a clearer direction with their use of patents and buildings. Read a Full Review by Me! 



Bora Bora Board Game

3. Bora Bora– I remember working really hard to make shell necklaces and to make sure there was one man for every woman. It didn’t pan out like I thought it would. Next time I play I want to make the island of Themyscira: secluded, full of women and weapons. Read A Full Review



yedo board game


4. Yedo– I specifically told an ATBG author that I wanted to play Yedo solely because I found out that geishas could double as assassins. After a couple hours of bartering, kidnapping and not nearly as many geisha assassinations as expected, I brought home a great victory to my family, Team Nabeshima. Yedo was one of five games I recommended for Lunar New Year




epic spell wars


5. Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: Duel at Mt. Skullzfyre– I played this game multiple times last year because I made it a goal to play as every wizard character- even though there are no power differences or magic advantages between the characters. If I have to pick a favorite Skull Wizard, it is definitely the giant who gains his powers from a wizard trapped in cage. This game is best when drunk 




Cards Against Humanity Box Open

6. Cards Against Humanity– I have a constant internal battle on whether I like CAH or not. After my second glass of wine, it’s hard to turn down a game with inappropriate humor. This is my guilty pleasure game that I recommend playing with close friends, but never with strangers. My favorite card? ‘Asians Who Are Bad At Math’.  Read a Full Review



cryptozoic deck builder7. Lord of the Rings Deckbuilder: The Two Towers– Play as Theoden and you will always win. Play as Frodo and you’ll never win. I really dislike the “breaching the wall” mechanic. All it does is cripple a random player in the game because of a bad card draw. I wish this version changed ‘breach the wall’ to a more tactical-driven challenge that’s less random- or just stuck with the basic deckbuilder elements from the first game. Want More LotR Games?



Locke & Key the card game

8. Locke & Key– I was very excited to see this very creepy (and popular!) comic turned into a card game by one of my favorite game companies: Cryptazoic. This was a spur-of-the-moment purchase and now serves as a great pick-up game. Trick-taking, betting, bluffing and creepy art- this game has it all. Read a Full Review



glory to rome board card game

9. Glory to Rome-This game went from ‘OMG, How do you play this game?!’ to ‘OMG, Glory to Rome is my favorite game ever’. Glory to Rome is very unique. Cards can be used as multiple resources or as actions. As each card has multiple uses, this opens up many different ways to win and it is difficult to formulate a linear strategy. Read our Beware the Ides of March article for more Roman-themed games!




ascension deck building game10. Ascension-A faction-based deckbuilder that isn’t your average fantasy fare (mages, dwarves, knights, etc). Late game can create some mind-bending combos. My favorite faction is the living construct faction, who have abilities that center around playing more artifacts. Near the end game of my first time playing I got 7 constructs out on one turn. Unstoppable! One of Luke’s Favorite Deckbuilders



nuts card game



11. Nuts– I thought the art was adorable and the “dirty jokes” part of the cards is very juvenille. But it is a much more interesting, fast-paced card game than Uno. Don’t get your kids Uno. Buy them Nuts instead. This is definitely a game my brothers would have loved as kids. Want More Adult Humor Games?





Urban Sprawl Board Game12. Urban Sprawl– I admit I only played this game once. Urban Sprawl felt like I was setting up a game the entire time instead of playing it. At the end I felt like I had just got all my building plans together and then the game ended. This game doesn’t need any more time tacked on to it though, it’s long enough already. I personally like my neighborhood building games more like Suburbia. It’s a Better Alternative to Monopoly



Robo Rally Board Game13. Robo Rally– Oh wow, I get to tell everyone my hilarious, total n00b accomplishment. My first turn of my first game I sent my and Luke’s robots flying off the board! I didn’t realize that we were separated at the starting gates and after that misstep I managed to do a 180, be in front of Luke’s robot and I went forward a bunch of squares! Instead of leading us into the middle of the board, I sent our characters careening off the playmat. I will never live that story down. Gregg Shares His Love of Robo Rally


7 Wonders Board Game

14. 7 Wonders– This classic drafting game is a favorite at the table and it is easy to see why it’s won so many awards. I played 7 Wonders a lot during this past year but had the best time introducing the game to a Ladies Gaming Night in Seattle. It quickly became a favorite of a lot of new players that day. I Wrote Even More About 7 Wonders


Mascarade Card Board Game

15. Mascarade– My go-to game for large parties fits up to 12 players and is a box that is almost as small as a novel. You’ll get good mileage out of Mascarade if you like a casual game of deception, memory and trickery. I recommend the more the merrier and always announce your title in a funny voice. Read My Guest Post About Mascarade on Board Stiff



Battle Line card game

16. Battle Line– If you want a two player game that you can get anyone to play, you’ll want to show them Battle Line. Mixing two of my favorite things (Rummikub and Alexander the Great) this game is very simplistic but has the strategy and intensity of chess. I am always ready to play Battle Line! Read a Full Review


dreaming spires oxford board game

17. The Dreaming Spires– A Kickstarter game from earlier this year, Dreaming Spires has players compete in the world of academia. I enjoyed building my own Oxford college and built many theaters and gardens to attract the best student: Michael Palin. I would love to see more games like this where I could build my own Hogwarts, theme park or zoo. Read a Full Review Here


Fish Cook Board Game18. Fish Cook– Do you like cooking games? Do you like fish? Well Fish Cook has both of those elements in a Cheapass Game’s fashion: a $15 game that is “incomplete” (meaning the owner must supply both dice and some type of money counter). It’s a great cooking game that feels like it’s for families and younger gamers. Not as challenging as I like my games, but I did feel like I was Cooking Mama for an hour. Visit Cheapass Games’ Website for More Games


suburbia board game

19. Suburbia– Rocking the Suburbs! During a week-long binge on tile games, Suburbia came out ahead as my favorite. Build your neighborhood and decide what type of structures are most important. It reminded me of my life growing up in Idaho? This is a wonderful time-sink of a game. Read a Full Review Here



Lord of the Rings LCG20. Lord of the Rings LCG– As the only new LCG I played this year, Lord of the Rings LCG did not dissapoint with its complexity in missions, cooperative gameplay and deck customization. First time players beware this is a hard game to just pick up and play. It takes a while to learn but could turn into a regular gaming campaign. I’m ready to explore the Dwarven mines now!  Visit the Full Recap Here



Euphoria Board Game21. Euphoria– A dystopian Euro-style game with competing factions does not hit any of my usual gaming buttons. But after seeing the art and playing the game multiple times, Euphoria shows that it’s a masterpiece of a game. It takes typical gameplay elements and sci-fi theme but upgrades both into a fast-paced resource management game that was a completely new experience for me. Easy to play, teach and learn: Euphoria deserves a space on your gaming shelf. Full Review of the Dystopian Future



Sentinels of the Multiverse Legacy22. Sentinels of the Multiverse– I always wanted to play in a superhero RPG but I quickly realized that Sentinels is even better than that already. There are tons of unique heroes, each with their own deck centered around their powers. Each has similarities to well-known licensed heroes. There are varying degrees of difficulty in villains and plenty of linked story lines, alternate futures and time-traveling adventures- all without having to spend years following a convoluted comic. I argue Sentinels is the game with the most replayability. One of Andrew’s Favorite Games


blood bowl team manager


23. Blood Bowl Team Manager– Football would definitely gain a lifelong fan if it was instead a blood sport played between orcs and elves. The Team Manager game is much different than the base Blood Bowl or the buggy Xbox arcade version. There isn’t as much face bashing as I would have liked, but competition was still fierce. This is definitely a game more for the fantasy sports draft crowd. Read a Full Review 




star wars xwing mini game

24. Star Wars X Wing Miniatures Game– These are the miniature battles that every sci-fi-loving kid has always wanted. Star War minis battle it out in space. I love escort missions, as dog fights take way too long to play. Also I always want to play as the Imperials since they can shout ‘DO a Barrel Roll!’. Pew-pew noises are totally acceptable. More Top 5 Two Player Games




cryptozoic deck builder 0625. DC Deck Builder: Heroes Unite– After more than a year of waiting, Cryptazoic finally followed up their DC Deck Builder with an expansion featuring more awesome heroes and better card synergies. Gone are the days of well-known superheroes- make way for Black Canary, Red Tornado and Hawkman! These guys are pretty mainstream compared to the outlandish villains whom also received an upgrade. Second box, twice as good! Luke Talks More About Expansions


There you have it. 25 games I played when I was 25 and all my little memories and experiences with these games shared on the internet. I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope I get to play twice as many games during my year as a 26 year-old! Happy Gaming!

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  1. I’m incredibly impressed by the sheer range of games you play, Nicole! Happy birthday, and I hope your next year in gaming is as good as the last.

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