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$20 Quick Pick: Zombie Dice

$20 Quick Pick: Zombie Dice Nicole Jekich



Do you have a budget on time and money? Then you should check out our $20 Quick Pick articles where our authors break-down a game that will give players the best bang for their buck. Today, I will be covering Zombie Dice: another Steve Jackson Games sensation for casual gamers!

The story is simple: you are a zombie. You LOVE brains and you HATE shotguns. The object of the game is to be the first zombie to collect 13 brains before the other zombies/players. Humans and their nasty shotguns will get in your way and thwart brain collecting on your turn–it is up to you, an intelligent and hungry zombie to determine whether to press on for the promise of more brains or to run away with your current stash to avoid further harm.

The gameplay is pretty simple too: on your turn, give the Yahtzee-style container a good shake and without looking, choose 3 dice out of the container and roll them.  Out of the results, collect all the brains and shotgun blasts and move them to the side. If the player rolled the “ran away” footsteps icon, he can push his luck and re-roll those dice in hopes of getting more brains or he can end his turn and collect the brains in his stash to score. If the player would like to continue forward, he may re-roll those “ran away” dice and choose more dice out of the container, making sure that the player will only be rolling 3 dice at a time. A player’s turn can continue in this fashion, but must keep in mind that if he collects 3 shotgun blasts at anytime, his turn is over and he must flee from his collection of tasty brains and immediately end his turn. No brains are scored and he must wait until his next turn to collect more.

The game continues by passing the container with all the dice to the next player. That player completes his turn and passes the container to the next player, etc. Players must remember or write down their score while other players take a turn. A game could last several rounds but ends once a player collects 13 brains. Zombie Dice is a perfect time-filler game. A game with 3-4 players takes an average of 20 minutes but Zombie Dice can accommodate 2, 5, 10 or more players. Last summer while waiting for burgers to cook my three siblings played a game that took 15 minutes which proved that this game is great for children and will even entertain hungry children! For those veteran Zombie Dicers, Steve Jackson Games even has expansion dice and new ways to play Zombie Dice listed on their site.

But, wait! Want to save even more money? Steve Jackson Games put Zombie Dice on smart phones. If you have an iPhone, iPad or Windows phone, Zombie Dice is yours for the even cheaper price of FREE! For 99 cents an upgraded version of the game is available for more features, including the ability to play with human players instead of the AI opponent. So now you can play this game anywhere or anytime: on the toilet, on the bus, at a boring wedding reception–the places are endless!

So next time you are waiting for dinner or laundry, roll up a game of Zombie Dice! We also recommend to check out other games by Steve Jackson Games as many of them are great for beginner gamers and are a modest purchase. Also, if you have a $20 and under game that you would like us to review, please let us know in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter.

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