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Published on April 27th, 2013 | by Luke Turpeinen


Some Things We’ve Seen

Week of 4/22/13

Today has been a really fun week on social media. Honestly, if you haven’t already then follow us on Facebook and Twitter, you get this kind of news and more that doesn’t make it here as we find it. Also, we’re really talkative on Twitter 🙂 There is a link to our Twitter feed in the menu on the right, and links to Facebook and Twitter at the bottom of every page.


King of the Nerds Casting

King of the Nerds still taking casting calls

Are you an International Nerd of Mystery? Does your geekiness run deeper and truer than most? Really, all the info you need is right there in the picture, but here’s the email address in text form so you don’t have to write it out yourself.



TweetChat is awesome and RPGChat is more awesome

As some of you who are open RPG nerds on Twitter may know, Thursdays are special days for RPG geeks. Every Thursday at 12pm and 6pm Pacific time, people into roleplaying games use the #RPGchat tag to talk games, mostly D&D, at the Twitterverse. The event seems to be mostly hosted by @d20blonde and @dungeonbastard and the Iluminerdy blog seems to go through and archive most discussions afterwards. Follow @d20blonde to get an update on the week’s topic, and for a reminder on when it starts. TweetChat, an app for Twitter, can be used to follow the hashtag more easily and the keep the flow of discussion going.


GeekGirlCon logo

Geek Girl Con tickets are now on sale

Are you a Geek Girl? Maybe the partner, friend, child or parent of a geek girl? Or maybe you’re looking for an inclusive con that’s explicitly women and queer friendly? Well, that would be GeekGirlCon and tickets for the 2013 show just went on sale. The con runs October 19 & 20 here in downtown Seattle at the Washington State Convention Center.


World of Darkness logo

World of Darkness PDFs on sale

If you like the “new” World of Darkness (is it still the “new” one after almost 10 years of being published?) then head on over to DriveThruRPG and check out the sale that they’re having on all World of Darkness PDFs.

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