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Published on April 20th, 2013 | by Luke Turpeinen

Some Things We’ve Seen

Week of 4/15/13

Here’s some of the cool things we’ve seen this week in the board game world. Follow Across the Board Games on Facebook and Twitter to get updates and news as we find it!

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Boy and Girl Scouts now offer “Game Design” merit badges

In March, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) rolled out a Game Design merit badge that scouts can put next to their “Rifle Shooting” and “Communications” badges in an ever-increasing and wide-ranging set of skills. The press release states that the Scout “must demonstrate an initial concept, multiple design iterations based on initial testing, and feedback from blind testing.” The Scout is free to make any sort of game with cards, dice, boards or “a smartphone application.”

Not to be outdone, the Girl Scouts of the Greater Los Angeles Area are collaborating with Women in Games International to design requirements and educational material for a Video Game Design merit badge. From all reports it looks as if this merit badge will have a narrower focus than the BSA “Game Design” badge, but also will have stricter requirements as far as actually producing software that functions as a game. “Creating this badge will get young girls excited in technology and science and let them know that they, too, can have a career in the video game industry,” says WIGI Vice President Amy Allison. -Via Ars Technica

bioshock infinite board game

Bioshock Infinite gets a board game tie-in

The newly released video game that explores racism, religion and nationalism in America through the lens of bloody ultra-violence is now getting a board game. From the official site, it does seem to have very high production values as most high-profile licensed games tend to. Interestingly, the game puts players in the role of the villains from the video game who are trying to control as much of the city of Columbia as possible, all while trying to kill the video game’s protagonist. Wait, does this mean players of the board game are all pretending to be ultra-racist, xenophobic, fundamentalist, Klan-style hate mongers and murderers? I might be hoping for too much when I say that I want this game to actually be tactful.

BSG box art

Last expansion to Battlestar Galactica game announced

In what seems to be the final update for their popular SyFy game, Fantasy Flight recently announced the newest Expansion, called Daybreak. The expansion offers new cards, new characters, an additional game board for the Demetrius, and plastic minis for the Centurions that take the place of tokens from the previous sets. A great gift for the toaster in your life.

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New online tool calculates the price of your board game collection.

A user over at BoardGameGeek made a tool that would take your game collection from your BGG collection list, then use BGG’s ebay tie-in to calculate how much you could get for your entire collection. Andrew should try this out, I want to see how far into four digits it goes!

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This week in Kickstarter

As we do more news updates, we will be highlighting some things that we find on Kickstarter. We share these as soon as we find them on Twitter, so make sure you follow us there!

Galaxy Defenders is a cool looking game that still has a month left on its run. As you may have guessed from the name, it’s a battle game about defending the galaxy from hostile aliens. What makes this game unique is that the players are all working together to fight against the invaders. This is, as far as I’m aware, the very first co-op strategy game. Check out the reward tiers, there are plastic minis and metal minis options and the art seems really high quality for a Kickstarter project.

If you like Dungeons & Dragons you may have come across Dwarven Forge while looking for accessories. Dwarven Forge is primarily in the business of making elaborate resin 3D dungeon tiles and accessories. Now they’re Kickstarting a cool project that uses much more modular approach to the tiles, allowing a greater variety with fewer pieces. Be aware that you only get the stretch goals if you buy two of the base sets.

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