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In case you came here by a direct link, I recently posted about making my own versions of Magic the Gathering cards re-imagined as science fiction tropes instead of fantasy, this project is called Space the Convergence. You can read all about that here. Also, as I said in the original article, I got almost all this art from places like Instagram or other image boards so I don’t know who the artists are. If you do know who the artist is for a piece (or if you are the artist!) feel free to comment below or tweet at me @turp206. I’d love to credit you and toss a link to your site/portfolio on this page, or take down the card if you would rather not have it up here. I would have asked permission first, but I didn’t know who you were! Just let me know.

Xthalu the Genemaker Thresher Queen Two-Person Speeder Overwhelming ForceCommander Rentola Applied Phelbotinum Digital Decoy Nueral DeckingJackie Sparkplug Stevens TANSTAAFL Son of Liberty Biotic ChargeLt. Col. James OHara 82nd Airborne Division Armored Assault Desert Munitions GuardSpace Battleship Musashi Hacked Ramses XI Cyber Warfare Suite Deep Cover OperativeMiniMech XK-40 Synth Samurai

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