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October 2014 Kickstarter Update Part Two

We are completely overwhelmed with the number of Kickstarter tabletop games that are going on right now. We’ll only be able to cover a handful, but I highly recommend scrolling through the numerous campaigns and finding a game that interests you. Here are 10 Kickstarters worth checking out right now:

Eternity Wars:

Eternity Wars features large scale combat, strategy and building of a war game in a much cheaper card game format. This two player, epic battle is customizable as players choose their faction, faction leader, army units, buildings and upgrades. Players are competing to take out the other player’s capitol city or stronghold to claim victory. I’m very excited to see the Animal Kingdom as a faction which means players can have an army of armored crocodiles, lions and gazelles!


Seeing fresh ideas come out of the zombie survival game genre is rare, but thankfully we have designers like Pete of Mind the Gap Studios. ZtoZ is a party game that aims to weed out zombie impersonators in the group. Draw a card and speak the phrase in your best zombie impression to the person to your left.If either of you smile or laugh, you are clearly revealed as not being zombies and are devoured by the horde. Last one standing is the true zombie and victor!  It’s also one of our favorite zombie games.

Broken Alliance:

This stand alone expansion from the Alliance series by Golden Egg Games is all about world domination, building alliances, cunning and betrayal. Up to 4 players compete to have world domination for themselves and their allies. In addition to new cards, it will feature new canine characters as the commanders and yes, that means, dogs smoking in military uniforms and playing cards. I’m throwing my support to the smug, cigar-smoking pug nation.


Another two player strategy game with influences from Go, Cartography is all about building the map and claiming territory as the map grows. Players  build the map from randomly drawn tiles and attempt to block their opponents and building the map in a way that best benefits themselves. It looks about as complex as Carcassonne but unfortunately isn’t as focused on the theme so tiles lack interesting color and pattern.

Dragon’s Ransom:

If you enjoy solitaire and solo games, Dragon’s Ransom is a game designed just for you (it can be for two players too!). Players take on the role of a dragon and battle those pesky D&D style adventurers to prevent them from stealing even a coin from your gigantic horde. To combat these adventurers, a player will place chains or matches or runs to affect and damage the adventurer in their respective rows, but you will also need to react and counter the adventurers’ own attacks to survive.

War Mage: Apprentice Edition:

This next game by Roan Arts features apprentice mages competing for dominance in a recent disruption of their order. It has the complexity of a battle card game like YuGiOh but also combines the more accessible features of a deck builder like Ascension AND one set of this game can fit up to 9 players! If this first Kickstarter is successfully funded, War Mage will see more expansions and additions of spell cards and more. The print and play as well as a digital simulator is free on their Kickstarter page if you’ve like to try War Mage in advance.

Dead Drop:

This is the third game in Crash Games’ pub series. Dead Drop is a very quick game for 2-4 players that focuses on the power of information and deduction. Each turn, players can share, exchange or sell their cards in hand in hopes of gaining all information of the cards in play without revealing too much to their opponents. There is one card or information in the center which players are competing for and will hope to claim at the end of the game which all depends on your ability to deduce the identity of the card from players’ hands. It feels like a solid card deduction game like the ever-popular Love Letter.

Dicetiny: Lord of the Dice:

I couldn’t resist the allure of Dicetiny, which is everything I love about tabletop adventures games but featured in a digital format. Explore a map, gather treasure, kill monsters, avoid traps and become the destined chibi barbarian hero you’ve always wanted to be. Coming to Steam, Dicetiny is a dungeon delving digital board games in which you play the typical fantasy heroes and races and prepare for the eventual boss battle at the end of the game. The demoed assets, art and humor are well presented and even though the idea of a digital dungeon delve game isn’t original, Dicetiny looks like a hell of a lot of fun.

Age of Conan-Relaunch:

Speaking of barbarians, the Age of Conan game  is coming back with a bigger box to include a new expansion! Play as one of four factions and build your kingdom through bloody war fare, sorcery political alliances and staying out of the way of the traveling badass that is Conan. If you love this world, this game is full of thematic elements including art heavily inspired by Frank Frazetta. I can’t wait to play this while quoting the Schwarzenegger.

Millennium Blades:


millenium blades

Last month Level 99 Games revealed to the backers of Argent: the Consortium that their next game would be Millennium Blades, a CCG simulator board game. We are very excited for their coming Kickstarter and wanted to preview it in this article Here it is in their words:

As we finish up our most recent project, BattleCON: War Remastered, we’re gearing up to start the next big thing: Millennium Blades.

“Millennium Blades is a board game about a group of friends who play a collectible card game called Millennium Blades”

This is a game that celebrates everything we love and hate about collectibles, and it will be coming to Kickstarter in December/January, shortly after you’ve received your copies of Argent. I look forward to sharing it with all of you!

For more information on Milennium Blades, follow the Level 99 official website.

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  1. Solid wrap up. We are really hoping for ZtoZ to come out on top. Has a ways to go right now at under $1000 raised of it $5000, but hopefully will knock it out the door within the next 28 days.

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