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Published on March 3rd, 2014 | by Luke Turpeinen


March Kickstarter Updates

Well, it’s the beginning of another month and we have a new round of Kickstarter Updates! Here are the tabletop game Kickstarters that are currently drawing our attention.

If you want to head to their project page, just click the game name title bar. If you have a game that’s on its way to Kickstarter and want to make sure we see your game, send us a message on our Contact page or tweet at us on Twitter!


pairs pirates

Pairs! by Cheapass Games

As someone who goes to a weekly trivia night at my friendly local gamer bar, I understand the need for a quick and easy pub game. Pairs is a card game that takes only a couple minutes to play and is a simple risk taking card game not unlike Blackjack. What makes the Kickstarter really stand out is that because the game is so simple and the cards are so basic, the various stretch goals are really all about the art! As more people buy in, the more available art/themes there are. Those pirates look too adorable to pass up!


peasant buffet

Peasant Buffet

Another press-your-luck style game, Peasant Buffet is much more robust than Pairs. It looks like the creators were inspired by Munchkin and decided to put their mark on that idea. I love the art and the humor of the game, and at $20 (shipping within the US included) this one seems like an affordable buy-in as well.


tower board game


After seeing the success of Tiny Epic Kingdoms, I’m ready to agree with Nicole and say that this year will be the year of the microgame. Tower is a worker placement game without an overly large board and pieces in which players attempt to build the tallest tower possible. The art is all Golden Age of Islam as done by a great cartoonist, and really hits all of my buttons.


grand tactics

Grand Tactics

From the same studio that is making the Colony Crash board game comes a tactical miniatures game in the vein of Final Fantasy Tactics. The art style is very cartoony, more like Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced than its more serious older brother, but it holds up. Grand Tactics itself seems on the heavier side of the mechanics spectrum, and it may be too fiddly for some players, but it looks like a lot of fun.


dungeon scroll

Dungeon Scroll

When Paperback released its Kickstarter, I got really excited for a deck builder crossed with Scrabble. Dungeon Scroll looks like it took a similar idea and ran it into a dungeon crawling game! Construct words to defeat monsters and explore the dungeon!

kingdom builder

Kingdom Builder

The not-so-inventively named Kingdom Builder is back, this time with a Big Box edition. This is a recent trend in board game Kickstarters: you take a successful game that has a couple expansions and fund another print run, this time with all the expansions bundled into the same box to save on shipping. Kingdom Builder is exactly what it says on the tin, and if building a Kingdom sounds like fun, you’ll probably like it.



Character Meeples

Meeple Source has always been a great resource for buying custom meeples for board games but this Kickstarter is absolutely crazy awesome. Instead of slowly expanding their product line, they’re looking to blow it out of the water with dozens of new designs, including a full set to go with the recently Kickstarted Tiny Epic Kingdoms and male/female versions of meeples for Lords of Waterdeep.


town center board game

Town Center

As far as city building eurogames go, Town Center seems pretty straight forward. It’s a simple looking game, but that’s never stopped a true board gamer! $50 seems a little steep for something that is pretty low on the production value scale, but there are certainly people for whom that is not a significant barrier.


shipwrights of the north sea

Shipwrights of the North Sea

When I saw this game I immediately thought of Banner Saga, another Kickstarter success story. Shipwrights is a worker placement game with a heavy card element and AMAZING art. I love the stylization of the characters and the gameplay videos make it seems like a great euro style game.


migration board game


It might be mostly the theme but this is a hex-based area control game that I could get behind. The art and theme of Napolean Era animals waging war is amazing. The game itself looks like exactly the right balance of crunch and fast game play for me and the visuals are sure to please.

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