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Published on March 14th, 2014 | by Luke Turpeinen


March Kickstarter Updates Part Two

It’s time for Round Two of the Kickstarter notifications this month. I love seeing so many new indy games being made and published!

If you want to head to their project page, just click the game name title bar. If you have a game that’s on its way to Kickstarter and want to make sure we see your game, send us a message on our Contact page or tweet at us on Twitter!


twilight anyaral

World of Twilight: Travels through Anyarval

A miniatures skirmish game set in a world with only lizard people, Twilight looks very interesting. It’s refreshing to see a game with almost no familiar visual elements, in fact no humans.


steampunked time machine

Steampunked Time Machine

Exactly what it says on the tin: neo-Victorian/Vernian sci-fi mad scientists competing to build time machines before the other players. Base game plays two people, there are expansions as add-ons that takes the max number of players up to six.


tokaido collectors edition

Tokaido Collector’s Edition

If you haven’t bought Tokaido yet, this is a great chance to grab an amazing game! At the $75 pledge level you get the base game plus the expansion with new graphic design, real coins and character minis. If you choose the $115 level you get even more minis and they come pre-painted, plus you get a digital art book. See our Tokaido review.




While I’m not entirely sold on the mechanics of the game from the intro video, Inceptor is very striking and has a solid theme. The gameplay might be more complex than it looks, and that would be a good thing.


alchemy! board game


This looks like a really great resource management/timing game with good art direction and a fun theme. For a $25 buy in with a lot of potential upgrades and add-ons, this is really worth checking out.




Instead of making yet another minis game, the creators of Duelga invented a 1v1 tactics game based on cards/tiles. The mechanics are simple but immediately imply tons of tactical variations. As someone who loves tactical RPGs more than any other type of video game, Duelga has got me excited!


arcadia quest

Arcadia Quest

Self-described as “a World of Warcraft raid descending onto a hapless NPC city”, Arcadia Quest brings tactical squad based combat into a new area. Players control competing guilds, all trying to be the first to kill the boss at the center of the NPC city.


100 deluxe dungeons

100 Deluxe Dungeons

We don’t usually share RPG supplements here, but this one seemed unique. It’s a list of 100 interesting dungeons, a paragraph explaining what makes them weird, a picture in an Adventure Time style, and a map. It’s system agnostic, evocative and should be a welcome addition to anyone with a fantasy RPG on their shelf.

demigods rising kickstarter

Demigods Rising: Clash of Heroes:

The God of War is weak and has all but been destroyed by the long era of peace. As one of his children you play a demigod looking to fight your way past the competition and claim the title of God of War for yourself. The creators took inspiration from many skirmish sources like Heroes of Might and Magic and MOBA games like League of Legends. While the contents and game setup appear superb and would really fit that niche of gamers who like skirmish games, I’d love to see what gameplay looks like. I also wish that we could get away from generic humans, elves, orcs and dwarves combo of fantasy races.

tuscany viticulture expansion kickstarter


This is the long-awaited Viticulture expansion from Stonemaier Games, the creators of Euphoria. Tuscany offers EIGHT expansions each of which are unlocked or rather ‘uncorked’ by the victor after series of complete games. This unique experience lets players customize gameplay and test out different ways to enjoy Viticulture. Don’t have the base game? Well you’re in luck because backers can add on Viticulture to their pledge at any pledge level and will receive the 2nd edition printing of the game later this year!

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