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Published on August 1st, 2014 | by Luke Turpeinen


Kickstarter Updates August 2014

Is it the first of the month again already? Today we have another round of board game Kickstarter projects that are active and waiting for your help to get funded! Like always, click on the title of the game to get to the project’s Kickstarter page. If you’d like us to feature your Kickstarter in a future article, please use our Contact Page.

Trekking the National Parks

With a map that reminds me of Ticket to Ride and a great, family friendly theme, Trekking the National Parks looks like a lot of fun. I was a Boy Scout growing up, and I’ve been to several of the parks listed, so this game especially sparks my interest. I like the deformation of the map to make it more spherical too. Can’t wait to see this game when it’s in my hands!


Wanted: The Outlaws

Another wild west game enters the market! You get to live on a frontier town in the American Old West, and as outlaws you pull off amazing heists. It looks like the game even has a solitaire mode, in case you have some time to kill by yourself. The packaging and components looks especially delicious on Wanted, with laser cut boxes and foam molds and EVERYthing!



This is a very interesting looking casual game, great to play before or after a longer, more complicated game. ChronoSphere is essentially a trivia game, but there is more of an emphasis on bluffing your way through not knowing the answers than it is about getting the facts straight.


Fate Tokens

As those who have read our posts on tabletop roleplaying games know, we are huge fans of the FATE Core/Accelerated RPG system. Fate Tokens are an accessory that can be used to track your Fate Points while playing a game. They are marked with official game branding and look to be very high quality, with many different metal options. While you can use anything for Fate Points, these tokens seem exceptionally good quality. They do ship from Australia though, so be prepared to pay for shipping.


n30n city rumble

N30N City Rumble

Neon City Rumble is to side-scrolling beat-’em-up video games what Yomi is to 2D fighting games. With cover art from the ubiquitous Genzoman and a plethora of interesting looking characters (inspired by Darkstalkers), this is shaping up to be a pretty neat looking game. I can’t wait to see what happens when you pit the mummy woman against that Rock-em-Sock-em Robot!


distant outposts board game kickstarter

Distant Outposts

It is soooooo easy to find fantasy miniatures and play mats for those into fantasy RPGs or minis games. What is not so easy to find are well done space themed sci-fi maps for use with miniatures. Distant Outposts is an extremely affordable set of sci-fi maps for just that purpose. They’ve already unlocked stretch goals that give all backers additional modular tokens, like vehicles, so the value keeps getting better and better.

Tavern Brawl

Even though it’s a yet another D&D style fantasy game set in a tavern, Tavern Brawl looks like fun. For only $20 you get a melee game full of generic fantasy characters drawn as cute Playmobile figures that have a fight to the death because that’s apparently what adventurers do in taverns. The game looks fast and fun and the mechanics don’t look daunting, a nice battle game to add to your collection.

Wizard Dodgeball

I had the pleasure of playing this game at our recent Unpub event and I can tell you that it was a ton of fun! Wizard Dodgeball is a two player game featuring everyone’s favorite competitive recess sport, dodgeball. Embrace those nostaligic grade school memories! Players manage a team and try to be the last one standing with gameplay that unites classic dodgeball rules with the added strategy of magic spells which can freeze, slow down and alter individual plays.

Compounded: Geiger Expansion

Players can now enjoy a radioactive experience with this expansion to Dice Hate Me’s Compound base game. As scientists, players work together to find new compounds while keeping accidents and now radiation from becoming a danger. We need more games about science that takes a very academic and high-brow subject and have it as an approachable, playable format for kids and adults. If you missed out on the base game, the second printing is available for purchase through their Kickstarter.


A well-known designer is now on a mission to bring high-quality card games to your shelf. Fidelitas is a card game where players take on the role of average citizens in medieval times trying to spread their influence and uncover the corrupt authority. Players have maneuver around to gather information and gaining credibility while working towards an end goal. The stylized art and design of the cards is reason enough to invest in Fidelitas.

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