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Published on April 17th, 2015 | by Luke Turpeinen


Kickstarter Spotlight April 2015

There are so many great projects on Kickstarter right now that we had to show you just a little more of them. Most of these are accessories for some of your favorite table top games.

Millennium Blades

From the creators of Argent: the Consortium comes a board game about playing a CCG. Get all the joy of collecting cards, building decks and competing in tournaments all in one box!

RPG Dice Board

Do you remember the board game Trouble? There was that cool little dice rolling bubble, and this project wants to use those to roll your board game dice. The bubbles are easy to open (they screw on/off) so you can use them for any and every game. The wood that they are set in also comes in a really awesome design.

Grimoire Pro Tour Magic Deck Box

Great deck box that holds a standard and EDH deck, both sleeved, with space for sleeves for drafting. I like the several options for the wrap, and it’s good to see that they’re keeping it as small as possible.

Treasure Chests of Realistic Resource Tokens

For the board gamer who wants to upgrade their tokens to something a little more aesthetically pleasing.  From Stonemeier Games, this is their second run of the Treasure Chests and it looks like the quality has gone up from the first batch. The tokens don’t go to specific games, but fit in many worker placement style eurogames.

GNL Mats

If you do grid based roleplaying and have a hard time writing on your maps, this is a great tool for you. Modular, small square or hex shaped grids make it great for adapting to any table surface.

Fantasy Coins and Bars

While not all of the coins here are winners, there are some really great pieces. These metal coins would be a fun addition to any board game that uses coins.

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