Hellas Custom Magic Set

Hellas is the name of a set I started making a couple years ago as part of a custom Magic project. I used some of those card ideas as a basis for this fan-made set that first debuted several months ago at our custom Magic nights. This set uses sacrifice as a main mechanic in a couple different ways and went over well in our group.

hellas_Acheron the River of Sorrowhellas_Andromedahellas_Arachne Mother of Spidershellas_Atalanta the Swift Princesshellas_Athenshellas_Avatar of Areshellas_Avatar of Athenahellas_Avatar of Dionysushellas_Avatar of Hecatehellas_Avatar of Hermeshellas_Chosen of Areshellas_Chosen of Athenahellas_Chosen of Dionysushellas_Chosen of Hecatehellas_Chosen of Hermeshellas_Circe the Sea Witchhellas_Cocytus the River of Lamentationhellas_Corinthhellas_Elysian Fieldshellas_Folly of Icarushellas_Garden of the Hesperideshellas_Golden Fleecehellas_Heras Scornhellas_Hills of Pelionhellas_Labrynth of Knossoshellas_Lethe the River of Forgetfulnesshellas_Lurehellas_Medusa the Mortal Sisterhellas_Mount Olympushellas_Mycenaehellas_Nemean Lionhellas_Phelgethon the River of Firehellas_Pythia Oracle of Apollohellas_Spartahellas_Styx the River of Hatehellas_Tartarushellas_The Great Zeushellas_Thebeshellas_Trojan Horse

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was raised by lava wolves deep in the Vesuvian sulfur jungles. He played board games with his family often. The discovery of games like Risk led him to the 1993 TSR classic Dragon Strike which fueled a life long love of games. Luke tends to like games that have high production values, quick-to-learn rules and hard-to-master strategies. Current Favorite Game: Argent: the Consortium.

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