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Published on June 16th, 2016 | by Luke Turpeinen


Glori Eternia

I love anime, and I have a soft spot for chibi style anime characters. I think it’s because I was brought up on so much Mickey Mouse, the large heads and eyes feel like a natural evolution of that cartooning thought process. Glori Eternia is a card game currently on Kickstarter that features some fantastic chibi art and a simple take-that mechanic.

The character and item art is absolutely my favorite part of Glori Eternia. Katherine Khudiakova‘s work is everything I ever wanted in chibi fantasy character illustration. The art is colorful and dynamic, with great silhouette value and just the right level of detail. I could definitely see these illustrations turned into a line of miniatures, a la Soda Pop Minatures’ line of chibi fantasy characters.

glori eternia

Glori Eternia itself is a very simple “take-that” card game. You have a hand of five cards, and play one card on your turn- either an Axe or Attack card. Axes are kept in front of you, and Attack cards either let you gain a number of points as printed on the card, or a different amount of points if you have an Axe in front of you. Axes and Attacks also each have special abilities on them, allowing you to combo cards together.

The goal of the game is to race to a score of 100 points. In order to stop other players you can play Death cards or Boss cards on them in order to slow them down. Boss cards take a fixed amount of turns to defeat, while Death cards require a card with the Rage keyword to be played in order to get rid of the effect. Until those effects are dealt with, you cannot score points.

That is pretty much the extent of the game. I personally found the gameplay to be too simplistic for my tastes. Glori Eternia feels a lot like a pub style game, and would do well in a casual setting. British Briefs’ website recommends the game for players 8+ years of age, and I’d agree that it would also do well as a family game in the vein of Uno.

glori eternia

As is, I probably wouldn’t play Glori Eternia again unless the depth of the game were expanded considerably. Luckily, the publisher has some sneak peeks of “Possible Additional Content” in the Glori Eternia rulebook (linked to on the Kickstarter). The additions listed would be: more complex Boss cards, Rival cards that simulate additional players, and Treasure cards that take up an item slot but have special non-Axe effects. If all of these card types made it into the base game, Glori Eternia would have my attention again.

Each one of these card types shores up weak points in the simplistic design of the base game. Boss fights weren’t interesting before, they were just speed bumps- if they were more complex then the game would be more interesting to play. Treasure cards make having or not having an Axe an interesting tactical choice instead of just being a flat out bonus. Rival cards sound interesting, especially for couples or groups of three who would like to simulate a five-player game.

As of this review, one Rival card has been unlocked in the stretch goals. The next stretch goal is three more Rivals. The more backers Glori Eternia gets, the better the game is going to be.

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