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Published on January 29th, 2014 | by Luke Turpeinen


Follow Forward – January 2014

For those that aren’t as heavily invested into Twitter as we are, Follow Fridays are a weekly occurrence where people use the hashtag #FF to share their favorite accounts to follow. In that tradition, we would like to share some resources that we have found useful as members of the board game community and suggest that you check them out. Some of these people are designers, others are just hobbyists and enthusiasts who give a lot back to fellow board gamers.

If you have any other blogs, podcasts, Twitter accounts or anything that you follow that are also related to table top games then please share those in the comments here or send us a link via the contact form. We’d love to feature that content in upcoming Follow Forward articles.




I would assume that most people who read this blog are aware of a man named Wil Wheaton and his YouTube show TableTop, hosted on the Geek & Sundry channel. Each show, Wil Wheaton (who is most famous for playing Wesley Crusher on Star Trek the Next Generation) gathers together some friends and plays through some form of table top game with them, explaining the rules as they go. At 30 minutes a pop the episodes are rather long, but it has an appeal similar to celebrity poker and if you’re unfamiliar with a game, it’s a great way to see how it’s played by others.


ladies against humanity
ladies against humanity

Ladies Against Humanity

Do you like the hit game Cards Against Humanity? If you do and are a lady, or ever noticed the lack of female-centric jokes in the game, have no fear! Ladies Against Humanity is a Tumblr feed that showcases some great card ideas for you to introduce into your Cards Against Humanity games. If you like Amy Poehler and/or Harry Potter references in your sex jokes then you’ll love this blog.


Cardboard Edison

Cardboard Edison

The folks over at Cardboard Edison are in the business of helping you get resources that will make you a better board game enthusiast and designer. They run a Tumblr micro blog that is essentially a stand in for an RSS feed and is bursting with helpful resources. Their Twitter account is also highly active and is a great place to ask for advice. Even if they don’t know the answer to something, they can probably shoot you in the right direction!


stonemaier games

Jamey Stegmaier

If you’ve heard me rave about the recent worker placement game Euphoria and the awesome Kickstarter that produced it, you only have Stonemaier Games to thank. A joint venture for Alan Stone and Jamey Stegmaier, the company has made two games via Kickstarter (Viticulture and Euphoria) with an expansion for the former on the way. Unlike many larger companies, Jamey writes frequent blog posts which are frequently related to the behind-the-scenes process of making games. Even more interestingly, he has compiled many of these posts into Kickstarter Lessons which he makes freely available via the Stonemaier Games website. Giving this info away for free isn’t typical in a world that generally tries to sell you books on how to save money, and these articles give a real sense of the huge amount of work required to bring your pet project to a publisher and beyond. If you have a project that you would one day like to Kickstart into something larger, do yourself a favor and read his blog.

today in board games


Today in Board Games

If you’re looking for a board game resource that updates frequently then Today in Board Games is one of your best bets. Every couple of days they issue a news post that includes links to current board game Kickstarter projects, designer blogs and tips, Board Game Geek contests where you can win free games, links to other blogs’ game reviews, and much more. Today in Board Games is a site I check as often as I can and it really helps keep me current and knowledgeable of what is happening in the industry as a whole. While they don’t offer a lot of depth in their posts, the breadth of their info MORE than makes up for it. Definitely a must follow.



These Twitter accounts are great in and of themselves and you should totally check them out:

@BoardGameHour – Every Monday board gamers of the world get together and talk about the subject of the week. Use TweetChat and the #BoardGameHour hashtag for a better experience.

@DragonBreathGmz – Mostly retweets of cool board game news or articles from around the intertubes, very useful!

@GeekyLyndsay – Board games, D&D, beer and awesome.

@RhiOchs – Rhiannon plays more board games than anyone else I’ve ever run into. A great account with live tweets of her board games and tons of pictures!

@DanielSolis – Art director, game designer and sharer of skills. He has some great ideas where game design and graphic design meet.



About the Author

Luke Turpeinen

was raised by lava wolves deep in the Vesuvian sulfur jungles. He played board games with his family often. The discovery of games like Risk led him to the 1993 TSR classic Dragon Strike which fueled a life long love of games. Luke tends to like games that have high production values, quick-to-learn rules and hard-to-master strategies. Current Favorite Game: Argent: the Consortium.

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  1. Roger Hicks says:

    Thanks for mentioning Today in Board Games! I follow a lot of these accounts / blogs as well – you’ve got some great suggestions here 🙂

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