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Published on February 21st, 2014 | by Luke Turpeinen


Follow Forward – February 2014

Follow Forwards are a monthly occurrence on our site where we share some resources that we have found useful as members of the board game community. We really hope you check them out!

GeekGirlCon logoGeekGirlCon

While the Penny Arcade eXpo is Seattle’s most recognizable convention, GeekGirlCon is making waves in the national geek convention scene by being explicitly ran by and for women. Now, that doesn’t mean that men aren’t invited- it just means that the panels tend to be ran and organized by women concerning issues that women want to discuss. About half of the panels seem to be relating to or specifically concerning women’s issues (either in the media we enjoy or the culture that surrounds that, and often both), the other half are non-gender specific and are places to celebrate whichever fandom the panel covers.

GeekGirlCon has a great blog as well as an awesome Twitter feed that both give links and original material that should be of particular interest to feminist and LGBT geeks.


EvilHat Productions

Evil Hat Wiki

As I was looking for a form-fillable PDF version of the Fate Core character sheets, I stumbled across this gem of a site: the Evil Hat Wiki. I’m linking directly to the Community Fate Core Extensions, which are fan-made resources like character sheet variants, “rules-lite” versions that are different from Fate Accelerated Edition, links to especially productive forum discussions (some of which the writers and designers participate in), full scale setting conversions, and more.




While you can learn to do a lot of things for free on YouTube, sometimes you need a more dedicated course on a subject. Skillshare is a site where you can pay a (generally) small amount of money to gain access to some really cool tutorials. I’ve used the site to learn how to tie spreadsheets to InDesign documents to make managing the card design for the game I’m putting together more efficient.

What’s great about Skillshare is that if you have a skill that you would like to share you can make your own video lessons and sell them to earn some passive income. It’s a great way to encourage sharing trade skills with others over the net, as everyone wins!

My favorite font/typeface site is a bit different from GameIcons: its resources are not necessarily free. Many of the typefaces hosted at are free to use in a non-commercial fashion, and only cost money to license once the project is commercial. If you’re making a game for personal use only or are willing to pay royalties for what is great typefacing, this is a great way to get exactly what you want on your project.

This one is pretty straight forward: is a bunch of black and white vector icon designs. They are public domain, released by their makers for purposes unknown. You can download the vector files, or rasterized versions if that’s your thing. They’re great for prototyping at the very least and the site lowers the barrier of entry for making well designed rough copies of a game.



@GeekyFriedRice– for her awesome tweets about general geekery. There always seems to be something crafty or cosplay-y going on.

@TheOneTar– for consistently great table top tweets and great advice on digital gaming.

@SpooningMeeples– is the joint YouTube channel of @TheOneTar and @RiOchs where they talk mostly about digital board game resources.


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Luke Turpeinen

was raised by lava wolves deep in the Vesuvian sulfur jungles. He played board games with his family often. The discovery of games like Risk led him to the 1993 TSR classic Dragon Strike which fueled a life long love of games. Luke tends to like games that have high production values, quick-to-learn rules and hard-to-master strategies. Current Favorite Game: Argent: the Consortium.

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