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Published on August 11th, 2014 | by Gregg Miller


Curse of Naxxramas: Military Quarter

The launch of Hearthstone’s third Naxxramas wing, the Military Quarter, went quite smoothly.  The next wave of enemy Heroes to fight came out, and brought interesting cards and mechanics to the game.

Instructor Razuvious is the death knight martial instructor, and he starts play with a pair of 0/7 Taunt minions called Understudies, and a Hero power that lets him deal three damage anywhere on the board (similar to a Mage) for two mana.

In reference to the raid in World of Warcraft, the player starts with an additional card in their opening hand.  Mind Control Crystal is a one mana card that states:  “Activate the Crystal to control the Understudies.”  You can use this right off the bat, for turn one, and this may be the best opening move.  In Razuvious’ deck is at least three copies of Massive Runeblade, which for three mana is a 5/2 weapon that states: “Deals double damage to heroes.”

hearthstone wow world of warcraft mind control naxxramas
massive runeblade

Gothik the Harvester is the second boss in this wing, and in the MMO was a fight that involved dividing up the raid to deal with a special mechanic that was a major part of his fight.  With a Hero Power that lets him draw one card for two mana, he’s pretty much running a kind of Zoo deck, but with a twist.  There are three minions that make you want to plan carefully around what you kill or don’t kill.  Unrelenting Trainee is a 2/2 Minion for one mana with a Deathrattle of:  “Summon a Spectral Trainee for your opponent.”  This minion is a 0/2 that states:  “At the start of your turn, deal 1 damage to your hero.”

Effectively, you trade off killing potentially two damage per turn, of a minion that sits on your own side of the board, dishing out one damage to you.  Decks built around buffing Minions can get some better use against these Minions, helping you turn the tables.  The other two Minions are Unrelenting Warrior and Unrelenting Rider, who generate a 0/4 and 0/6 minion with the same text as the Spectral Trainee.

The Four Horsemen, represented by Baron Rivendare, is the final boss of the Military Quarter.  This hero only has seven health, and has a Hero Power that lets them draw two cards for five mana.  In addition to the above, the hero starts play with three 1/7 Minions; Lady Blaumeux, Thane Korth’azz, and Sir Zeliek.  All three minions have “Your hero is Immune” on their card text block.  Runeblade is a 1/3 weapon in the deck for three mana, but with the added text:  Has +3 Attack if the other Horsemen are dead.

The class challenges this time around are for the Shaman and Warlock.  The Shaman deck has to face off against Gothik, while the Warlock goes head-to-head with The Four Horsemen.  In the Gothik challenge, your deck is filled with fantastic Deathrattle cards to take advantage of of Reincarnate.  This new card that costs two mana has you Destroy a minion, then return it to life with full Health.  Nerubian Eggs, Feugen, and many other cards are setup to show you an optimal method of using this card.

The Warlock gets to use their new demon, and builds a decent demon themed deck. Voidcaller is a four mana 3/4 minion that has a Deathrattle:  “Put a random Demon from your hand into the battlefield.”  About half the minions in the deck are Voidcallers, but the other half is a good who’s-who among the Demon roster for Warlock decks.


One card I saw that I’m interested to see how it comes into play, is Lord Jaraxxus.  This is a Warlock legendary that costs nine mana, is a 3/15 and has a Battlecry: “Destroy your hero and replace  it with Lord Jaraxxus.”  Other demons brought into play with the Voidcaller ignore the Battlecry costs to normally bring in other demons, so I would assume if that card is brought into play by that method, you now have a large health Minion, instead of a super charged alternate Hero.

The other cards from this wing are not as impressive to me, and seem to be rather weak.  Dancing Swords is a 4/4 Minion for 3 mana that would be amazing, if it wasn’t for it’s Deathrattle:  “Your opponent draws a card.”  You may view this as a pseudo taunt, forcing your opponent to sink cards against this minion to both reward themselves, or to throw minions at it to prevent you from having a cost-efficient Minion on the board.

Spectral Knight is what Fairy Dragon grows up into.  For five mana, you get a 4/6 Minion that can’t be targeted by Spells or Hero Powers.  However, just like the Fairy Dragon, there are plenty of alternate method to remove this minion. Deathlord is another incredibly tempting card, but you need to consider it carefully.  At three mana, this 2/8 Taunt minion can be a long slog for your opponent.  However, this Minion’s Deathrattle effect can make certain players just smile and laugh at you.  When Deathlord dies, your opponent puts a minion from their deck into the battlefield.  This can be good, as certain Battlecry effects get ignored.

The crown jewel of the entire wing is Baron Rivendare. He is what many view as the ultimate card in a Deathrattle deck.  For the low cost of four mana, this 1/7 minion states, “Your minions trigger their Deathrattles twice.”  Pair this card with a Shaman Deathrattle deck that uses Reincarnate, and you should have some fun.

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