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“You lost today, kid…”

“You lost today, kid…” A. J. Asplund

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Summary: Fourteen additional cards to add to your Fortune and Glory game. They add variety but definitely ratchet up the difficulty when these new cards make an appearance. Probably best for the dedicated fan.



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“… But that doesn’t mean you have to like it.”

Fortune and Glory, the Cliffhanger Adventure game by Flying Frog Games, has players playing out exciting pulp adventures in the style of the classic cliffhanger serials of the 1930s. Although there is a lot included in the main game box, frequent adventurers may be looking for new cards to liven up their play. Luckily, the folks at Flying Frog Games have created a web-only mini-expansion entitled Danger Pack #1.


There isn’t too much going on with this mini-expansion, production-wise. The cards are the typical Flying Frog heavily laminated stock, complete with pictures of people in ridiculous costumes engaged in silly behavior. In total, there are sixteen cards (12 new double-sided Dangers and 2 Common Items, in addition to 2 “promo” Event cards). There’s nothing new here in terms of production quality, but it stands up to the quality of the base game.


This mini-expansion, like several other Flying Frog mini-expansions, introduces new rules from upcoming major expansions. Danger Pack #1 introduces the Deadly Test, Dangers that raise the stakes considerably for the brave adventurers of Fortune and Glory. Players only get a single chance to successfully roll the check, instead of re-rolling all failed dice as long as there is a single success. The rules on exerting to add dice to the check change a bit too, making Deadly Tests a serious threat when they come up.

fortune and glory expansion Deadly Dangers!


An important part of games like Fortune and Glory is constantly having interesting things come up. Adding sixteen new cards to the game helps keep the game fresh and interesting. Like the original game, there are multiple versions of the same Danger but with different Cliffhangers on the back of the card, adding some of the suspense of not knowing what Cliffhanger is on the back.

As a new gameplay experience, Deadly Tests are a mixed bag. Typically, drawing a Danger with a Deadly Test inspires the same emotional response as drawing a Danger for which your character has no skill or ability. They tend to be difficult to beat. Nobody expects to succeed at a Deadly Test, which makes them frustrating.

fortune and glory expansion Deadly Dangers!


Although Danger Pack #1 is a fun contribution to the Fortune and Glory game, the limited scope and the somewhat high price point ($10) make it the kind of expansion that only the dedicated fans should seriously look at. It’s hard for a casual player to just spending roughly 70 cents per card for more of the same. That being said, people that like to play Fortune and Glory should take a look at the expansion. Expect your adventurers to get trapped in lava flows or crash out on high speed car chases more often.

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