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Published on July 31st, 2013 | by A. J. Asplund


Magic Rules Addendum: Landsoul

(Editor’s Note: In case you came here by a direct link, note that this article is an addendum to a post about making your own Magic the Gathering cards, which you can check out here.)

This is an addendum to the Magic: The Gathering Comprehensive Rule Document to support the introduction of a new keyword: Landsoul.

702.150. Landsoul.

702.150a. Landsoul is a static ability, written “Landsoul: [Basic Land Type],” that functions from any zone you could play the card it’s on. “Landsoul: [Basic Land Type]” means “This card may be played as a land. Reveal it and play it face-down. Treat the card as a [Basic Land Type].” (See rule 707, “Face-Down Spells and Permanents.”)

702.150b. When a card with Landsoul is played as a land, it counts as playing a land. (See rule 115, “Special Actions” and rule 305, “Lands.”)

Example: During the pre-combat main phase of her turn, Debbie reveals Last of the Legion from her hand and plays it face down, as a Plains. As she may only play one land per turn, she is unable to play any other land card during her turn.

Last of the Legion: W, Creature – Human Soldier, 1/1, “Landsoul: Plains; Last of the Legion gets +0/+1 while blocking.”

702.150c. A card with Landsoul is not considered a Basic Land nor does it have a Basic Land Type except for when it is played as a land, face-down.

Example: Charlie has a Grasslands in play at the start of his turn. During his pre-combat main phase, Charlie taps the Grasslands and sacrifices it. He may not search his deck for Last of the Legion as it is not a Plains card.

Grasslands: Land, “Grasslands enters the battlefield tapped.; TAP, Sacrifice Grassland: Search your library for a Forest or Plains card and put it onto the battlefield. Then shuffle your library.”

702.150d. A card with keyword Landsoul that is played as a land is treated, for all intents and purposes, as a Basic Land of the matching type while it remains in the battlefield. It loses all other types, cost, and keywords until leaves the battlefield.

Example: Adam reveals Last of the Legion from his hand and plays it face down, as a Plains. One Bill’s turn, he casts Stone Rain, targeting Adam’s face-down Last of the Legion. Adam places Last of the Legion into his graveyard.

Last of the Legion: W, Creature – Human Soldier, 1/1, “Landsoul: Plains; Last of the Legion gets +0/+1 while blocking.”

Stone Rain: 2R, Sorcery, “Destroy target land.”

702.150e. Clarification: A Landsoul card in any zone may be played as a land if some other card or effect allows the player to play a land from that zone.

Example: Adam plays Destructive Renewal on his turn. He may then, as his land play for the turn, play a Landsoul card from his graveyard.

Destructive Renewal: R/G, Sorcery, “You may play a land from your graveyard. Exile Destructive Renewal.”

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