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Published on June 17th, 2015 | by Across the Board Games Staff


A Mailbox Full of Miniatures

Luke and I Received 2 Kickstarters in 1 Day

Our Monday mailbox was overflowing with boxes containing a partial shipment of two campaigns that Luke and I had purchased separately. These campaigns are a couple years in the making so needless to say we were excited to open them up and check them out right away!

fairytale games

Fairytale Games: Sacred 40 Minis

by Nicole Jekich

I was very surprised to see the 40 Sacred Minis from Fairytale Games: The Battle Royale show up on my doorstep. This is a Kickstater campaign that I backed nearly 2 years ago. Like every designer’s worst nightmare, Artistic Justice had a lot of production issues which delayed their timeline significantly. Natural disasters, a breakdown in customer service and even the death of an artist and family member stalled the game’s production.

In addition to the unpredictable disasters, Artistic Justice Games also experienced all the challenges of biting off more than they could chew on their first campaign. The Kickstater campaign concluded in July 2013 and backers were promised a big box game, miniatures, alternate game versions, and a ton of add-ons, exclusives and unique art. The sheer size and quantity of the extras would be more likely to bog down the project. According to Jamey Stegmaier and many other Kickstarter experts–it is better to under underpromise and overdeliver.

fairytale games battle royale

I backed the game and exploding campaign anyways because the game featured a crossover fairy tale themed adventure for multiple players. I enjoy a good fairytale and love female action heroes who kick ass- Fairytale Games: Battle Royale is the perfect fusion between those two subjects.

Even under all this pressure and mishaps, this game is happening and I’m still just as excited for it now as I was when I backed the campaign. The basic set of Sacred 40 minis contains highly-detailed fairy tale creatures separated into different thematic groupings. In the full board game, these characters will have character cards and the ability to gather stats, items, etc. These formidable fairytales are ready for battle!

At the time of the campaign, I wasn’t very familiar with many big box games or any board game experience over 2 hours long. I backed the game because I felt that this theme and setting of a battle royale with fairytale characters would be a game that I would be interested in investing hours of play and replayability. In 2 years and many Argent the Consortium games later, I feel I can handle whatever game shows up on my door. This campaign also showed me that a great theme or story can convince me to try out a game I might have otherwise skipped over.

July 3 is coming up soon and will mark 2 years since their campaign officially ended. I’m looking forward to getting the full game hopefully before the end of the year; the positive side to this is I might have enough time to paint the minis before the game ships! Luke already got a head start on painting (see image and tweet above) and we’re rolling dice to divide up the different figures we get to paint.

Learn more about Fairytale Games: The Battle Royale and Artistic Justice Games at their company website.


toughest girls in galaxy

Toughest Girls of the Galaxy

by Luke Turpeinen

I originally backed the Toughest Girls in the Galaxy project on June 9th, 2013- so almost exactly 2 years ago. At first I had gone in for just $1 so I could take a peek at the updates they were putting out. I was very impressed at the speed they went from concept art to 3D render and then to a 3D print and finally a mold. While the project was obviously incredibly ambitious, seeing their turn around time I became convinced Raging Heroes could deliver.


Compare the minis: Raging Heroes figures on the left require some assembly, Battle Royale minis are ready to prime and paint!

It’s taken a while, and that’s no doubt. It’s a bizarre feeling with some Kickstarter experiences- getting the package in the mail was like getting a present from my past self. Usually I’d be irritated at a project taking so long to ship, especially when the problem is poor logistics or planning (like Tokaido Deluxe making those who backed the base game wait for the minis to be done, even though they won’t be getting any). But I told myself that I had placed my trust in the creators and it appeared that they were making progress, so I stayed patient while waiting.

For me, the reason waiting such a long time was acceptable in this case is because the creators were very straight forward about where possible delays would be. It seemed clear to me that this project was going to take a while, as a lot of the concept work was not finished yet, so I knew that if I backed then I’d be in for the long run.

I’m extremely happy with the minis Raging Heroes made. I can’t wait to paint them up and have a display of the Toughest Girls in the Galaxy, or to use them in the next sci-fi role playing game that I run.


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