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Published on March 13th, 2015 | by Across the Board Games Staff


Boards Games on NBC Nightly News…Kinda

There was a segment about board games on NBC Nightly News last night. It talks about the increasing sales of the board game market, but only mentions Hasbro games. There are a couple times where it looks like they’re going to mention that adults play board games too, but they never do. It’s mostly shots of people playing Monopoly, Operation and Sorry! There is a focus on how board game help bring families together, though. If you didn’t see the short clip, you can watch the video below:

Nicole’s Response

It is disappointing to see games like monopoly and scrabble mentioned in this report. These are games that everyone already knows about. Anywhere in the US you can stop by a Target, gas station or grand parent’s house and find these games probably next to a deck of cards. It’s low-hanging fruit and the real growth and success that is worth mentioning is the explosion of indie games. Kickstarter, Indie GoGo and a tightly knit community through board game geek, social media and conventions have helped create an ever-growing market for games.

While some people do enjoy collecting new editions of Scrabble, I am not that customer. I want something innovative and challenging. Foreign and nostalgic. Most importantly, I want to have fun with my friends. I know many of you share those similar interests and passions for and have found many indie games meet those preferences. We don’t want to see how many childhood franchises Monopoly can corrupt–we want to see more coverage of Kickstarters and the indie companies that created, funded and produced their own games.

I always try to share the indie games I’m interested in with people all the time. Indie games clearly don’t get as much of the spotlight as games from the established Parker Brothers. Indie games rely on their audience to share their games. The more we share our love for these indie games, the more indie games will get attention and maybe some more of the spotlight.

Luke’s Response

Well, I’ve never counted on the Nightly News for in-depth journalism so it didn’t surprise me when I watched this video and found it disappointing. The video had some obvious flaws, my least favorite of which was that they never let the people they interviewed say much of anything.

Instead they chose to spend their time on sales reports for the biggest name Hasbro family titles.Unfortunately this is really to be expected with any news coverage of a niche hobby. They named the games that they thought the average person who watches their show would know to hold their interest.

I would have liked it if they had mentioned anything about the absolute explosion of games from companies not owned by Hasbro, or anything about the recent surge in indie game companies. If they wanted to stick to the business side of things, there are a lot of avenues that they could have explored. Unfortunately the writers went for the easy route, and it shows.

Don’t want to play something besides Scrabble, Monopoly or Operation? We have an ongoing list of beginner games that our Across The Board Games authors recommend.



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